Is there an RE explanation of how an infected human can gain so much mass in minutes without consuming anything?

1 : Anonymous2022/03/04 16:40 ID: t6n20u

For example, in Code Veronica, when Steve is infected, he goes from about a 140lb kid to probably a 500lb+ monstrosity right before your eyes. Any background or Umbrella file info to make this and other kinds of insane growth seem a little bit believable?

2 : Anonymous2022/03/04 17:50 ID: hzccpzh

Breaking conservation of mass is a series staple. It's a handwave they give for the sake of cool design, and they rarely explain it.

3 : Anonymous2022/03/04 19:32 ID: hzcsbkf

Nanomachines son

Wait wrong game

ID: hzdarbk

Well I WAS going to play Horizon tonight, but you talked me into running through that one again. Thanks, I guess?

4 : Anonymous2022/03/04 17:25 ID: hzc8se9

Idk, I don't think they expect most players to look into it that much. Maybe it slows the metabolism to such a ridiculously impossible level or something.

I have quite a high willing suspension of disbelief though. The only thing I really can't tolerate is plot armor on the level of what they gave Jill in RE3R, because her walking off dozens of situations where she should have been severely injured if not killed was just stupid.

ID: hzc99w6

Jill is just Sarah Conner on steroids. Maybe she has some special plagas in her.

ID: hzca0pa

In my headcanon, she wore heard about Lara Croft taking about the same amount of Damage and decided to wear basically the same outfit.

ID: hzcbu7r

Layering a "realistic and practical" blue tank over a white tank with some combat boots does indeed give you magical armor. It is known.

ID: hzd3osw

I know right. She drives a car off a building and barely has a scratch. I once slid off the road and hit a tree going 25ish and I couldn't move my arm for a month.

ID: hzds15l

Both remakes do a pretty bad job of this. There's so many moments in RE2R where action literally stops for the sole purpose of the characters needing to speak or move somewhere.

A great example is when Mr. X - an emotionless being with literally no feelings or care - decides to wait to crush Leon while he literally has Leon's head in his hands. All so Ada can drive a car into him.

Or how about scumbag Irons pointing a gun at Claire saying "Okay now Claire, don't come for Sherry wink wink" ?

I feel like that's much worse that RE3R having Jill be a tank. Damage wise, RE has always played fast and loose until you get to RE7 or 8.

5 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:47 ID: hzd45bo

I like how in re6 simmons transforms into a dinosaur and then back into a man. That must have been a bitch to animate.

6 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:58 ID: hzd5v63

Nah, there's no logic behind it. Remember, it's a game where the common enemy are dead dudes that came back from the dead

7 : Anonymous2022/03/04 21:54 ID: hzdenty

It’s all puss pockets. They’re just giants sacks of stretched skin and water.

8 : Anonymous2022/03/04 22:00 ID: hzdfoxc

It's the same thing as the Hulk. Where does all that mass suddenly come from when he transforms and where does it go when he reverts back?

You're not supposed to think about it.

9 : Anonymous2022/03/04 21:35 ID: hzdbq5j

Maybe mass replication of cells paired with other genetic mutation?

10 : Anonymous2022/03/04 20:21 ID: hzd01hw

I assumed that T-Veronica was stretching Steve in that transformation as you can see holes opening a bit along his hunched neck-throat area in the art.

Aside from that though there isn't much of that aside from the rare Irregular Mutant that'd arise during T-Virus outbreaks (Yawn, the Centurion, Grave Digger, ect.) until like 4.

11 : Anonymous2022/03/04 17:27 ID: hzc959y

Would imagine the virus afflicts people differently.

ID: hzcw7xj

That is not the issue being discussed

ID: hzd0dxm

“He gets infected at 140lbs and is now 500lbs” I’d say it is.

12 : Anonymous2022/03/04 19:57 ID: hzcwdry

I always assumed it was mass displacement

13 : Anonymous2022/03/04 22:11 ID: hzdh9n3

the only way that is possible if instead of gaining mass their muscles swell up and all of the fat and organs go into like lookin like a monster , so maybe inside their like hollow and everything inside them jsut kinda has to come out as they mutate

14 : Anonymous2022/03/04 22:21 ID: hzdiucq

In reality there are several infections that can cause cell growths, for example the HPV virus which can be responsible for warts or cancer. Several types of tumors are either caused by or linked to viral infections.

A good description of tumors in general I found is this:

In general, tumors occur when cells divide and grow excessively in the body. Normally, the body controls cell growth and division. New cells are created to replace older ones or to perform new functions. Cells that are damaged or no longer needed die to make room for healthy replacements.

If the balance of cell growth and death is disturbed, a tumor may form.

I don't remember a specific document in the RE-verse right now, but my suspension of disbelief has done pretty well going from "real life viruses can cause real life growths such as tumors" to "fantasy viruses can cause fantasy growths such as lots of gigantic tentacles".

You could also add in some stuff about the virus(es) rapidly producing growth hormones and/or altering the function of the pituitary gland (which does just that).

Overall I've parsed most viral effects in the RE-verse as "the base mechanic behind this exists in real life, we're just turning it up to eleven".

15 : Anonymous2022/03/04 23:11 ID: hzdq44z

Probably not in the lore but Jack Horner's theory on how dinosaur's bone structure changes as they age could account for the change in bone mass. As for muscle, the mutations caused by the virus could have a rapid tearing and healing cycle to build up muscle mass.

16 : Anonymous2022/03/04 23:18 ID: hzdr6rf

My least favorite example of this was leon’s final boss fight in RE;6 absolutely ridiculous …

17 : Anonymous2022/03/04 23:29 ID: hzdsome

There isn't. It just looks cool. Maybe you can argue that Birkin just ate a bunch of shit in the sewers but otherwise, they sacrifice science for design in that aspect.

18 : Anonymous2022/03/04 23:34 ID: hzdtdsp

The RE explanation is basically "yeah fuck it, shit looks cool" lol


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