Re4 Change Suggestions: There should be more rewards for exploring in Re4

1 : Anonymous2021/03/04 16:50 ID: lxp5hu

I've beaten Resi4 way more times than I can even think of, and started some runs that I haven't finished. Over the many years I've played this game and been exposed to it, I think around 6 to 8 or something, there are small things about it that I wish a remake could change... and now there is that possibility with the inevitability of Re4 Remake some time within the next few years. This is one of the small things that I wish existed. I'm thinking about posting a few of my ideas here every few days or something like that.

More rewards for exploration: While there are some small rewards for exploring, they're normally small and insignificant or easy to find. For example, at the second novistador part in the castle where the Hive is and Ashley gets kidnapped. If you jump through a window you can climb a ladder and get a butterfly lamp. Yay, woo-hoo, that was... too easy. I want a hard treasure to find, or to be rewarded for thinking about things in a different way.

There is a part in the village near a waterfall where you get the round insignia. What if there was a platform with treasure that would open if you insert the round insignia back in its place? However, there is something blocking this treasure that would be too tall for Leon to jump or climb. So after saving Ashley, what if you could take the Round Insignia back to that waterfall; Insert it back in its place, and climb the fence guarding the door by piggybacking with Ashley to grab the treasure.

Small things like that could be cool. Do you agree that they should put more stuff like that in the game? Can you think of any other places something similar to this could occur?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/04 16:52 ID: gpo5bvs

The broken butterfly is one example of what you're talking about, I missed the free one so many times before I realized what it needed. Which was cool, and there should be more of that.

ID: gpo5p3e

Yes, I love that! Especially since they had enemies respawn in the room before that, the one with the wine painting. It's a subtle hint that you may want to backtrack and see if you missed something. Another smaller and subtle example is the Lynx Statue on the island, the Elegant Mask in the village, and to a smaller extent the Thermal Scope in the Freezer.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/04 18:00 ID: gpoevpi

Yeah man, you’re right. The achievements they added in the “newest” (more or less 😉 ) versions of the game... don’t feel like actual achievement, because some of them are, like, proceed in the story during your first run, and others are like the hardest things to accomplish into a lifetime.

ID: gppehy1

Were there any trophies for mercenaries? I tried getting the Pro trophy but I gave up halfway through. It was stressing me out too much. I thought the bottlecap trophy would be hard but when I played Pro I ended up doing the shooting challenges for the Pesetas and it wasn't too bad to get the whole row. Don't know about the later ones though

4 : Anonymous2021/03/04 19:16 ID: gpopr1h

I agree with this

5 : Anonymous2021/03/04 22:13 ID: gppephr

I wouldn't mind little hub areas kind of like RE3 Remake. Hell, I'd love a longer game. Just because I love re4 so much. It's already a great length but if they could add more I'd be so happy

ID: gppgpdq

I don't think they should necessarily add more mandatory stuff into the game. I think that there should be more optional stuff. One really cool thought I have though is about the ending. Instead of killing Salazar with a rocket launcher, what if you destroy the parasite with the P.R.L. instead? Then it extracts the parasite out of Salazar and you have to fight an overgrown parasite or something like that.


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