RE8 Theory: Why Chris shoots Mia (Spoilers)

1 : Anonymous2021/02/25 00:01 ID: lrr02c
Ok, first off this is completely a THEORY. I'm not saying this is true but it make a lot of sense to me so I believe it's highly likely, but if I'm wrong please don't send hate.

Alright, at the end of the first trailer, we see Chris shooting a woman believed to Mia Winters from RE7. There's a lot of proof backing this because the man who see's Chris killing Mia is Ethan Winters also from RE7. The woman also is very much Mia based on how she looks, also in the following trailers it's revealed that Mia Winters is in the game, so I'm pretty sure it's Mia, or is it.

Look, in RE7 Chris saves Ethan and Mia from the Baker Plantation. Yes Mia was infected with the E-Type Mutimicy, but she was cured by Ethan if you chose the True Ending. So even if she wasn't fully cured, it's not Chris's style to do this. So why Chris would do this is completely unknown. wasn't Chris.

Listen, we haven't really had clones of RE Characters except in the RE movies, but I don't count those as canon (But you can if you want). However, we do have werewolves in the game and werewolves are known to be able to shape shift. Also in the trailer Chris is wearing a big black fur coat. Now usually in RE games Chris wears a lot of tactical gear, and (here's spoilers so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled)

>! In the leaked footage Chris is seen to be wearing tactical gear and no fur coat in sight. Also in these leaked vids Mia is shown to still be alive, also she's not wearing the clothes she was "killed" in.!<

Ok, no more spoilers. And there's a main werewolf king called Hiemlstein (sorry if I miss spelled it) who is believed to turn into a big Werewolf like creature. I think Hiemlstein is the one pretending to be Chris. And I think other werewolves are pretending to be the masked soldiers. Also this is a bit farfetched but I think that a werewolve is also pretending to be Mia but idk.

And that's pretty much it. Ethan could also just be imagining things but (SPOILERS) Chris looks through pic of the crime scene in the leaked footage so I think not. Welp that's it, we'll see if this is true in May I guess.

2 : Anonymous2021/02/25 03:26 ID: gonyaqm

Or it was not actually Mia. According to the leaks.

ID: gonykx7

The Mia who gets shot?

3 : Anonymous2021/02/25 13:08 ID: gop8wue

They cloned ada in re 6, but I doubt the vampires have that virus, I guess however unlikely maybe Chris had something of it but again highly unlikely,

As I said in my theory, I still think umbrella is shady af, they ain't going good

Also I stant by the whole I think they are still infected with the mold infection, however it's repressed due to the death of evie, yes not a hero and end of zoe would most Likely disprove it but again its a theory

Also I'm with you, I don't look at the movies as important, the live action ones at least

ID: gopgtxg

Yeah, I forgot about RE6. Also, >! In the leaked footage Chris see's Mia's body still in their house on a security cam but then he finds her in a jail cell under the castle and she's not wearing the clothes she was wearing when killed and I doubt she changed.!< So I don't think it's the E-Type Mutimicy that allowed her to survive but it's still possible.


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