Backlog Talk: What to play & specific recommendations

1 : Anonymous2021/03/02 11:01 ID: lvzi08

Want to talk about your backlog? Not sure what to play next? Need to narrow down a list of games to play? Looking for specific recommendations in a genre?

Share your issue here and let the community help you decide!

2 : Anonymous2021/03/02 17:25 ID: gpfoj4x

Looking for a game that I can play while listening to music or podcasts. Preferably a game with no storyline I would have to follow.

ID: gpfw37l

Any 4X turn based strategy game would work. Although many of those have very good soundtracks themselves.

ID: gpfpns4

Rimworld is very good for that

ID: gpfpy5l

Factorio is a good game for this. Build a giant factory and chill.

ID: gpfrfis

Deep Rock Galactic works for me right now.

ID: gpgam44

I play these very often in that situation:

Lonely Mountains Downhill

Creeper World 3

Zuma Deluxe


ID: gpfp9w9

Destruction allstars, COD multiplayer, any driving game

ID: gphqy0g

Mark of the Ninja uses visual sound indicators so you can play it in silence if you want without losing anything. Also there's subtitles for the story parts.

ID: gpk3tvz

Factorio easy

ID: gpt4lp7

Elite: Dangerous

Definitely a learning curve to the various systems but it’s also a lot more user friendly to beginner players now. Very fun to kick back as a space trucker to a podcast.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/02 21:32 ID: gpgn7n6

Finished Alien Isolation. Brilliant brilliant game. Now my second most favourite game after Bloodborne.

Now playing Titanfall 2. Such a great FPS shooter. The weapons and movement have such a great feel.

ID: gphf5v9

The campaign of TF2 is soooooo good!! Its one of my favorites of all time

4 : Anonymous2021/03/05 05:53 ID: gpqts80

Looking for a RPG game with a good magic systems and not too outdated graphics, example for something like this would be like ; Dragon's dogma, Dragon Age : Inquisition, Skyrim, DoS 2.

ID: gpxtsnl

If you don't mind its difficulty, the Dark Souls series has a decent magic system I'd argue. I'll admit it could be better, but it could definitely be worse. I've tried running a magic build on Dark Souls 3 before and it went alright, I liked that it made me be creative during boss fights with how I use magic.

On that note, I'd recommend Dark Souls 3 more than 1 and 2 if you're looking for decent magic. Not because the previous games have no good magic, but instead because 3 has an MP bar whereas 1 and 2 have limited spell uses. I prefer the MP bar more but if you prefer spell uses then the option is there with 1 and 2.

I wouldn't recommend Bloodborne, not for magic anyway as to me personally, I find its magic to be a little disappointing when compared to how many other weapons there are in the game, not to mention most magic in Bloodborne is also easy to dodge, at least in my opinion.

ID: gpriysy

I just feel obligated to respond to that. I've been playing DoS2 co-op on and off for some months now. It's a fun game, winning a tough battle is very exhilarating, but... I am not a fan of the magic system at all.

You don't earn skills by leveling up like in every RPG ever but instead have to acquire them from tomes that are among the most expensive items in the game. So you either embrace your inner kleptomaniac or, if you don't, you can go shopping after a large mission that took hours to complete and ended with an insane boss battle, and splurge all your earnings, and then you can afford maybe 3 of these. Forget how realistic it is to only be able to acquire spells via overpriced textbooks, and to have to manage your entire finances around that expense; realistic or not, it's miserable. I hear it eventually gets better but I'm like 20 or 30 hours into the game and haven't hit that spot yet. The limiting factor on using spells in combat is not Mana or spell slots as per usual, but turns spent since casting that specific spell. First of all this makes no sense and completely breaks immersion. "Phew," says the mage, "I'm winded from casting that minor sparkle of zapping, gotta recharge before I do that again. Oh well, I'll cast a Gigantic Lightning Storm of Overkill instead!". Second, it leads to many turns spent just idly standing in place like an idiot because all your skills are in cooldown, which in turn leads to bizarre choices when developing your character. Obtaining spells and skills is a priority over improving your existing skills because you want to delay that inevitable turn where your character just stands there uselessly (or at least that's been my experience). "Magic armor" and "Physical armor" are separated, so if a mage spams magic at an enemy until its magic armor is depleted, only another mage can finish the job; send the warrior and their axe will chip away at the enemy's orthogonal "Physical armor" as if the mage had done nothing. This doesn't strike me as very realistic, either (I suppose you could make up a just-so story about how there's some sort of consumable anti-magic tech... that every creature somehow carries, down to the lowliest bog slime), but again, never mind the realism angle; It's miserable. It creates a perverse incentive to have parties of all-melee fighters or all-casters (FAQs and guides will outright tell you to do that, and say that mixed parties are much less viable). Seriously, what? 7 different spells to cause Ice damage and apply chill, but no charm person or minor illusion or unlock chest. A weird elemental system that all spells are shoe-horned into so that Healing is a "water" spell, Haste is a "fire" spell, Teleportation is an "air" spell and your character has to spec accordingly. Want to create a healer? Congrats, you're putting points into your water magic skill and since those points are at a premium, that choice out of necessity makes you a waterbender. Now go learn those 7 different spells that cause ice damage and apply chill, and put points into your intelligence because that's the relevant modifier for these spells.
5 : Anonymous2021/03/04 00:17 ID: gplijwv

This is my backlog right now. I am currently working through Resident Evil 6 on PC in anticipation of Village. I tried tackling Xenbolade Chronicles 2 but it just seems way too messy a system. At some point I do want to play it but I'm kind of forcing myself right now just to play a JRPG. Initially I was working through my backlog through amount of hours put in. So the shorter the better. But I do want to start tackling the JRPG's in my backlog.

What do you guys recommend?

ID: gpomjf9

Man I have the stupidest smile on my face looking at your backlog. Hello from the other side. If you haven't played the following already, also consider: NieR: Automata, Return of the Obra Dinn, Life is Strange, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. And if you don't play through the entire list you posted, definitely do not skip Disco Elysium or Zero Escape 999. Elysium is a literary tour de force, an imposing outlier; and 999, as goes that quote - "highly recommended, can't tell you why."

I wish I could recommend a JRPG that'd fit the time frame you're looking for, but these just aren't well known for their brevity. I deduce you already played Persona 5 (since you listed Strikers in the backlog) so you know what I am talking about. It might be just me, but I feel JRPGs as a genre are somewhat strict in their design, vision and target audience; there's an FPS for every taste and a platformer for every taste, but in some fundamental sense every JRPG seems to come out of the same factory that makes all the JRPGs. Your beloved village burns, 70 hours of coming into your true power by helping old ladies cross the street, Lysanderoth betrays you and you unlock your true potential in a burst of rage, (a) God is the final villain, etc. Maybe we're due for an explosion of variety in the genre now that we're past the "fuck it, we're remaking FFVII" moment.

ID: gpmi1vo

If "Hitman Trilogy" means the most recent 3 games, I really can't recommend them enough. They're all pretty short, just to do the missions and see the story, but there's a ton of replay value in the sandbox-style levels, if you're so inclined. They're some of my favorite games to come out in the past several years, and they're just really, really fun.

ID: gprcblu

Definitely play life is strange. One of my all-time favorite game. Such a good story

ID: gpyck23

When you’re ready for another JRPG go for FF6. It’s a classic and meaty without being TOO long.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/04 19:14 ID: gpopd1o

Finished The Witcher 3 on PS4 a while ago, so I'm gonna start the Witcher 3 DLC's

ID: gpoyaz6

Heads up:

Play Hearts of Stone first, Blood and Wine second. Blood and Wine by the end has this all "fin; our play is completed" vibe and features all sorts of tropes from the "this is the final arc, all bets are off" playbook. It'd be weird to go through all of that only for Geralt to go back to his old life doing what he does in Hearts of Stone.

Hearts of Stone kind of meanders a bit in the beginning. It's an exciting new monster contract! No, it's a reunion with an old friend and/or love interest! No, it's a disaster and you'll have to improvise your way out of prison in a foreign land! No, wait, you got saved by this asshole, and he wants you to help him deal with the other asshole by running a bunch of opaque errands! You might get a certain sense of fatigue and of asking yourself "it's one damned thing after another, why do I even have to deal with any of these people", especially if in the main storyline you got the ending where Nilfgaard conquers the North and Ciri takes the helm. The turning point is when you finally get a sense of the two assholes and the nature of their "deal", and who's the worse asshole between them, and you start to understand piece by piece what you need to do to climb out of the shithole you've somehow fallen into. One sequence in particular, including a certain mind screw boss fight, gets very artistic and touching, and if you go for the "Best Ending" then figuring out the final coup Geralt must pull off to outsmart the Alpha Asshole is very satisfying, so stick with it.

In Blood and Wine be aware that if you come into it with any notion of your own moral compass and "I'll figure it out on my own" you will get an extremely tragic ending. You want a good ending? Remember the blonde healer mage from your favorite JRPG who is friend to all living things and believes in the good in everyone and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't just get along, no matter how much blood has been spilled and how much suffering been wrought already; and raise her to the power of twenty -- that's the person you have to roleplay as to avert complete tragedy in this arc (what this person has to do with Geralt, I don't know). There's plenty of fun quests to do and you will be showered with opportunities to spend way more Gold than you have for Grandmaster equipment, "rune words", and one other big thing I don't want to spoil.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/02 15:27 ID: gpf8kmc

Anyone have any 4X recommendations? Looking for something sci-fi or fantasy themed. I like the Civ series but I never seem to be able to actually complete a match, or if I try to come back to one I can't for the life of me remember what I was doing.

ID: gpfh7yo

If you're into Paradox games, Stellaris is highly recommended. Wait for a sale though.

There's also Sins of a Solar Empire, which is a real-time 4x game. It's $1 right now on Humble Bundle and it includes Fallen Enchantress, which is another 4x w/ fantasy, but I don't know much about it. I got the bundle, so I'll be playing it soon-ish.

Some older games I've enjoyed:

Master of Orion - I played #2 a lot as a kid Alpha Centauri - basically Civ on a foreign planet

And then there's Europa Universalis 4 w/ A Song of Ice and Fire mod. I love EU4, but I haven't tried this mod, but it gets really good reviews. I'm not sure if it'll scratch that fantasy itch, and EU4 is quite "love it or hate it."

ID: gpfar29

I've found Endless Space 2 to be the 4X with the strongest unique identity. Unfortunately it does also suffer from long turns in the late-game, more so even than the Civ series. Optimising your various fleets for a variety of combat situations, optimising your Star Systems for different types of production, optimising for different races to inhabit the individual Systems, optimising the individual planets for optimal racial bonuses... Empire management starts out fun but get tedious once you control a large number of Systems with diverse populations.

Still, highly recommended. Every race is highly unique, which in my opinion is its best selling point.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/03 11:26 ID: gpiuf6n

I love Hades so want to give Supergiant games' other games a try.

I've checked out reviews for Bastion, Pyre and Transistor but I'm not sure which to pick up first.

I think I'm leaning more towards either Bastion or Transistor first as Pyre looks like it's RTS which I don't have a lot of experience with. It still looks intriguing however.

Any thoughts or recs on these 3 appreciated!

Edit: Thanks for the recommendations. I picked Transistor first and played a chunk last night. Slowly coming to grips with the game play but it's a very pretty game.

ID: gpixp6o

Haven't played Bastion yet, but Transistor is one of my absolute favorite games ever. You can't go wrong picking it.

ID: gpjh82q

I would start with Transistor. I really liked Bastion when I played it, but that was in 2011 or 2012 and I am not sure if I would feel the same way about it now. From what I remember, Bastion feels a bit more like Hades in the way its combat works. If you already like Hades it might be nice to play something a little more different.

ID: gpmigb9

I'd vote Bastion. Transistor is a fantastic game, and you definitely should get to it very soon, but I think going back to their first game is a great way to see where a lot of their structure and narrative choices come from. I also just really adore Bastion, and it has some of the best storytelling of any game I've played.

ID: gpj143x

I've only played Hades and Transistor, so all I can say is that you won't regret giving Transistor a shot

ID: gpjbvl3

I enjoyed Bastion, especially the narration while playing. I haven't played the others, but I've heard Transistor is an even better game. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

ID: gpiz0l5

Transistor is my vote. I haven't played Pyre, but I like Transistor better than Bastion in general.

ID: gppie7e

The ability customization in Transistor is really on a whole other level. That alone, to say nothing of the amazing art/music/atmosphere, is worth a playthrough. Highly recommend.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/03 08:04 ID: gpihrqo

I just finished Death Stranding and am trying to decide between playing Final Fantasy 7 remake or the Bioshock collection. Haven't played either game yet but heard good things about each one.

ID: gpisa3u

Well the FF remake is relatively new so from a patient perspective I would recommend the Bioschock games.

ID: gpyd50j

Did you play the original FF7? If so and you enjoyed it go for FF7R. They did an incredible job with it.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/02 13:46 ID: gpewi0v

Anyone have a recommendation for a game with good dungeon design? I've played a bit of Skyrim and AC Odyssey, and while they have "dungeons," they seem to be samey, with a linear path to a chest at the end. I'm looking for more clever design. Recommendations from all genres accepted. Thanks!

ID: gpfr81f

Why don’t you try a rogue like ? Like spelunky or enter the gungeon or binding of Isaac?

ID: gpfwb9f

If you don't mind going REALLY old school: The Bard Tale Trilogy Remastered

ID: gpg8t8j

Might and Magic 6: the Mandate of Heaven. Party-based RPG one step forward from classic dungeon crawlers. You'll want to get the patch for modern PCs and possibly controls (the default control scheme will take some getting used to).

If Japanese weeb aesthetics (if you know what I mean) don't bother you, I thought Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk had interesting dungeons and plot.

ID: gpexfj6
Dungeon Souls
ID: gpf96bx

Have you played any of the Soulsborne games? They (I'm mainly thinking of Dark Souls 1 right now) have pretty good dungeon designs. You'll also need to spend quite some time underground.

ID: gpiz8s5

Have you tried Morrowind? I remember it having a lot more variety in dungeons than Skyrim by far.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/02 14:51 ID: gpf40ui

I'm currently finishing up F.3.A.R. but once I'm done that, I'll be hopping on that $1 for a month deal with EA Play on Steam so that I can start playing Jedi Fallen Order and NFS: Heat.

Any other games to check out while I have my subscription? I'll have to check through my Steam wishlist for applicable games but I may check out some of the newer Battlefield games since the last one I played was Battlefield 4.

ID: gpfhnvu

Unravel is a little heartwarming platform with a great art direction, you should absolutely try it. Orher games that I recommend are Dragon Age Origins, Burnout Paradise (the graphics is a little dated but it's a great arcade game) Shadows of the Damned (if you like crazy games) and SSX

12 : Anonymous2021/03/02 19:55 ID: gpg9iuf

Total War Shogun 2 or Warhammer 2?

Never played a total war game before. I've heard WH has a fairly steep learning curve. Both settings seem cool, so can't really differentiate based on that.

ID: gpgpyvg

Would you like to prefer playing something more grounded in reality or something fantastical?

In Warhammer 2, your leaders/heroes are often demigods who can wade into and solo entire enemy units. Shogun 2, on the other hand, is more realistic in that your generals and their corresponding units are more like elite (but not godly) units who will die if exposed too long.

I own and enjoy both, so I'm not sure you can really go wrong if you're okay with both settings. Shogun 2 is probably the easier entry into the series while Warhammer 2 has more unit variety (unsurprising given the two settings).

(Feel free to ask any questions you have about either game!)

ID: gpi8nxw

If you don't have a SSD, I can't recommend Warhammer 2 unless you're willing to sit through horribly long load times. That being said, I still put probably 150 hours or so into Warhammer 2 without a SSD and loved it, and it's actually what ended up spurring me to splurge on a SSD.

Shogun 2 is probably my absolute favorite Total War game of all time and IMO an absolute masterpiece, but every faction basically has access to the same units so there isn't even remotely close to the variety Warhammer 2 has.

If you have a SSD, then Warhammer 2.

If not, then Shogun 2.

ID: gpifh8t

Shogun is a very small scale game, VERY good but small. Its extremely well polished and actually has an interesting mid/end game. Its one of their best historical titles (Rome 1 is my favorite). Warhammer is the exacr opposite, MASSIVE in scale and also very good. If youre at all a fan of warhammer fantasy then its a no brainer. Its not historical (obviously) but it takes everything and cranks it to 11. Think the diversity of RTW but on crack. Want to see dragons vs T-Rex's vs zombie pirates vs tanks vs giant robo skeleton with laser eyes? As someone who had 0 knowledge of warhammer beforehand i didnt know i wanted this but i sure do now. I think the most impressive thing about the warhammers is that it got me so into it with 0 knowledge of warhammer. Yes it is a lot to learn (doesn't necessarily have to be, units still smash each other) and a lot to pick up if you want it all (between wh1, 2 and all the DLC its well over $100). But its so much fun. If you just want to try one of the games I'd recommend WH2 and play as the elves (basically standard historical faction + dragons).

TLDR: if you want a small scale historical game that is very well polished, shogun. If you want a massive scale crazy pants game warhammer.

ID: gpubtd7

The most important question, I think, is whether you prefer history or fantasy. I’m in the historical camp, so I would go with Shogun 2. Also, I think that Shogun 2, being an older game, has systems that would be easier for new players to understand. The first time someone plays a Total War game it can be a little overwhelming.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/02 23:28 ID: gph1wyz

Which Mega Man in the Legacy Collection should I play next? I've beaten 2 and was going to go onto 3 but maybe there is a better order?

14 : Anonymous2021/03/03 00:51 ID: gphbn87

So I'm wanting to play a Final Fantasy game. I'm trying to decide between 7 or 9, but I'm really not sure. I haven't played many FF games, just the remake of 7 and 10 - I loved both.

ID: gphqrgn

FF7 is a beautiful experience, I loved it back in the day and it's the one I am replaying next.

ID: gphhcy3

My favourite was 8, actually. But if I were you I’d go 7. I’ve never played 9 much

ID: gphl52o

That’s tough, I feel like 9 holds up better in a lot of ways, it was the last PS1 FF after all.

But 7 is so much more iconic, and is overall a better experience in my opinion, it doesn’t hold up as well as 9, but the characters and story in 7 are legendary.

I’m gonna have to say go with 7, because I honestly feel you will get a better appreciation of FF moving forward if you play it’s most iconic entry, especially when you move into Remake Part 2, 7 in my opinion at least is also more interesting from a setting standpoint, the sci-fi steampunk world of FF7 is so cool, and at least in my opinion, is more interesting than 9’s heavier look on fantasy.

ID: gphf37l

9s graphics hold up the best. I actually would recommend 6 instead. Each character has the spotlight at some point and the main villain is one of the best in the entire FF franchise

15 : Anonymous2021/03/02 11:44 ID: gpelpbw

Well, after months of consideration I finally did that conversion trick from Xbox Gold to Gamepass.

I've been conflicted since I have very little gaming time myself due to the kid being home all the time. But Gamepass also has a lot of family games I think my kid will like.

Anyway I'm already having major choice paralysis with playing stuff because so much is offered.

ID: gpfe28j

Here’s a few co op games that you might enjoy:


Bridge contractor (not co op but could be fun building bridges together)

Golf with your friends

Moving out

Unravel two

16 : Anonymous2021/03/02 17:30 ID: gpfp6th

I’m starting Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time on my PS5 I just never got around to it, any tips? Would b appreciated:) ty

ID: gpfpskt

Mix it up and use all the tools you get. It is very possible to make it through the game by just spamming arrows at everything, but you'll have much more fun if you actually use all the different weapons.

ID: gpiuq5a

If you have the DLC I recommend doing a bit of it before completing the main story. I completed the main story then did some DLC and the gear I got early on in the DLC would have helped me. Speaking of I still need to finish the DLC

17 : Anonymous2021/03/02 19:45 ID: gpg84si

I need to pick from any of these:

The walking dead season one episode two: finished EP 1 a day ago and idk not feeling much motivation

Rainbow six siege: would only be playing by myself but still fun

Battlefront 2: I'd be playing this with friends anyway, should I play solo too?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: I'd be playing this with a buddy, but it would be nice to catch up to his character

Dishonored 2: only played about an hour or two of this months ago

Ratchet and Clank: Same thing as Dishonored except a year or so ago

Final Fantasy VII remake: ps plus, never played one before. I'm not looking for an in depth RPG though, but idk much abt this game.

Anything on the ps plus collection is fair game too.

Just looking for general recommendations.

ID: gphi3l9

Dishonoured 2 was actually really cool, that is until I got stuck at a certain part and gave up

ID: gpj92ho

R6 has a pretty steep learning curve Like it's really to get upset when you get killed from any angle But once you know what You are doing It's the best shooter

18 : Anonymous2021/03/02 21:20 ID: gpglil0

I've recently gotten into the kart racing genre after trying out Nickelodeon Grand Prix 2 from the past weekend's Xbox free play days and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed from an old Gold giveaway.

I really enjoyed them but I know they are far from the best in the genre. What games should I be checking out next? I have most modern consoles.

ID: gphei99

Crash Team Racing, no questions asked. Had a huge assortment of tracks, a high skill-ceiling, and is mechanically super satisfying to play.

ID: gphhu4a

Mario Kart, without a doubt

19 : Anonymous2021/03/03 02:14 ID: gphlaop

I'm in a rut with three Final Fantasy games at the same time; I want to finish at least one of them, but I find myself starting and finishing shorter titles while these three just sit there:

Final Fantasy Tactics: I'm 22 hours in, but I get in this cycle of over-planning my party members, avoiding it for months, and trying to remember everything once I pick it up again. FFTA is one of my favorite games, so I got my ass handed to me in the early game trying to play casually like I could with FFTA and I've over-adjusted.

Final Fantasy 7: I'm 14 hours in, but I lost a lot of progress when I lost my latest save state. I just crossed the ocean for the first time and I'm a bit lost as to what to do. The story's been great, but I don't like the materia system.

Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World: I'm 11 hours in and enjoying it. I'm stuck trying to beat Number 128 with Cyan, Gau, and Locke. I spam Flurry with Cyan, set Gau to Soldier for free random healing, and attack/heal with Locke. I probably just need to look up some strategies and/or grind.

Any suggestions? Which one do you think would be the best to try completing?

ID: gpie14p

I don't know anything about Final Fantasy but it sounds to me like if you have to pick one out of the three, it would be best to go forward with FF6. Your problems with other two sound much more meaningful than "crap can't beat this boss". Just look up how to cheese him and go from there

ID: gpt10hs

Check out a FF7 strategy guide. I struggled with the materia system first time I played, then replayed later with a strategy guide and it made a lot more sense once I saw how they can be chained together to great effect.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/04 16:30 ID: gpo29tr

What other games that plays like deep rock galactic, outriders. What I like about deep rock galactic is everything and it has this procedural generation map so it doesn’t get boring playing the same thing over and over again like left 4 dead series and vermintide 2. But at the moment I’m waiting for 40k darktide and back 4 blood though these games is not procedural generation map but I need a good shooting down the horde shooters. Outriders demo well it’s a looter shooter and the fact that I kinda like it more than destiny 2, borderlands, warframe, division 2. But hopefully doesn’t get shut down like anthem

ID: gpsi4sd

Gunfire Reborn is similar

ID: gq2aecm

Have you tried Killing Floor 2? Not procedural but its another good co op horde shooter.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/02 16:57 ID: gpfkqni

I'm looking for a game with some type of settlement aspect where you go out and do missions or explore and return with resources to upgrade settlement and gear etc. I'm not too keen on survival games, couldn't get into Subnautica.

ID: gpftzzc

Fallout 4 fits the bill for this, especially modded runs.

ID: gpgasn3

Not exactly patient, but I think you would like Loop Hero. It has a free demo on Steam so you can try it out and see how you feel.

ID: gq2aqcg

How about Moonlighter? Fun little indie game, you run a shop by day, buy upgrades for it and yourself, and go dungeon crawling for loot by night.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:45 ID: gq0ubsv

So I am a patient gamer who also enjoys playing some of the newer games as well. I have a PS5 and played through a few of the games that have come out with it, however with the ps plus collection and the free games every month I have quite the back log that I've been enjoying going through. I just beat Rise of the Tomb Raider and am looking for some suggestions.


Days Gone

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (never played a FF game)

Days Gone

Shadow of War


Or any other games you would suggest? I enjoy a wide variety of games and am willing to try anything out! Thanks!

ID: gq2syu5

Would definitely recommend Bloodborne if your into action rpgs

ID: gq2lum5

If you are really patient. Bloodborne is pretty fun.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:22 ID: gq3kc52

My backlog is pretty massive (over 150 games) and I have no plan to finish them all. Here are some of the games I’m interested in from my backlog.

Final Fantasy XV


Kingdom Come Deliverance


Persona 5 (Original)

Until Dawn

Resident Evil Biohazard

The Last Guardian


Arkham Trilogy

Metro Redux

Fallout 4

Crash N Sane Trilogy

Cyberpunk 2077 (Sorry I was a little impatient but I have put it in my backlog until it’s playable without crashes on PC)

ID: gq5ax32

I vote Bloodborne. Atmospheric, beautiful, and rewarding to play.

ID: gq5jwdl

I've just recently completed GTA V & Metro Redux (2033 & Last Light), brilliant games I can strongly recommend. GTA V has some amazing missions that really get the blood pumping. FPS mode isn't terrible either. The Metro games are really good too, the story is great and the action is well paced and overall pretty exciting.

Hope you enjoy when you get round to them

ID: gq6x06f

I really enjoyed Persona5. I'm only going to start playing P5:R because I was playing P5 on a friend's system and they moved. Forgot to get the save data. Was about 90 hours in so I thought I'd play the upgraded version.

Also it was the exceedingly rare PS3 version and I'm not shelling out that cash. x.x

ID: gq3raqd

Kingdom come deliverance is a great medieval RPG

24 : Anonymous2021/03/02 16:01 ID: gpfd4ek

So I've been looking for a particular game or something that's basically about resource stocking/acquisition/whatever that I don't know how to describe without going back to examples. For instance, in Quake 2, my favorite part was actually finding all the ammo for my various weapons and stocking up. Back when I played Resident Evil: Revelations, I remember liking the parts where I gathered herbs and other, well, ammo. Similar sentiments can be found in REmake, except with more inventory management due to, well, limited item space.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can recommend games that are focused on that, I'd appreciate it.

ID: gpg7pjv

A long shot but Dark Souls/Bloodborne? I loved going through the beautiful levels just picking up everything I could. Some items are in plain sight but reachable in roundabout ways.

ID: gpgtn3i

Why don’t you try a collectathon or a 2D platformer?

ID: gphhv8e

How about the metro series games. In any difficulty above easy, resources are scarce and you need go find ammo, guns and other consumables by looking for them in the environment and also managing what you have. The games are very immersive and also the resource collecting and managing make for good tension

ID: gpim8ng

Banished and Surviving Mars each have stockpiling mechanics. The first has you coordinating the construction of a remote medieval town and its survival in a harsh environment, with no end goal other than growing your town and surviving. The second is about setting up a colony on Mars and overcoming a randomly selected (or custom) challenge. Each game allows you to play on a map for as long as you like and it's possible to stockpile infinte amounts of resources if you so desire.

ID: gpmr7jw

Have you tried any open-world games geared around survival or some of the more recent games that use some Assassin's Creed mechanics? From the first category, things like Ark, Astroneer, maybe Raft, Subnautica, Terraria, or even Minecraft. From the second, games like Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Immortals Fenyx Rising have a lot of collect and craft mechanics involved, and though I wouldn't call it a primary objective, it is ever-present.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/03 07:33 ID: gpifqdc

I've been out of the gaming world for a while and just got back in during covid. I've been binging halo on mcc, and total war, but I feel like I've missed out on a lot of the games from the past 5+ years (ie. Witcher 3, gears, etc.). What should i add to my massive catch up list? I'm down for just about anything except horror.

ID: gpjclkx

Check out the essential to games list on the sidebar. Some things I'd add that I think aren't there:

Yakuza 0 Sleeping Dogs Ya series - I've played 1$2, currently playing Origin The Talos Principle

I don't know your available consoles, these are for PC. The list linked above has those other consoles.

ID: gpimf55

What platform? What genres are you favorite? Do you prefer good storytelling over good gameplay elements or vice versa? We need a bit more to go on if you want more than just 'you should play my favorite game X' replies.

ID: gpjrdt6

If you enjoy exploration and mystery type games, definitely check out The Outer Wilds at some point (not to be confused with the Outer Worlds).

26 : Anonymous2021/03/06 14:27 ID: gpyfokf


ID: gpz6cub

Depends on whether you get genre fatigue or not. I don't think I'd be able to stomach Persona 5 immediately after FF7, I'd get a Japan overdose. But if you don't mind that, or you even like genre marathons, then sure Persona 5 can work.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/05 20:18 ID: gpt8vp4

I feel like I'm stuck in a rut of sorts with my library. I feel like I've shrunken down my comfort zone to just 4 games - Slay the Spire and Risk of Rain 2 solo, and Apex and Overwatch with friends.

In the last three days I've booted up several games I got through freebies: 10 Seconds Ninja X, The Adventure Pals, Aegis Defenders, Bomber Crew, and Remnant From the Ashes. I completely bounced off the first 4, and I'm at best 50-50 with the last one (Remnant).

ID: gpuqd98

I hear that's the problem with roguelikes/lites; insanely addictive but there's no obvious point where you should stop. Personally I cut off Slay the Spire once I beat it once with every character (OK, with Watcher twice because the first time was with alpha beta omega cheese and I wanted a stance dance deck). You might end up in a cycle where you find a roguelike you fancy, run it to the ground and then eventually your sense of obligation kicks in, "come on I can't keep playing this until I literally die", exert yourself, exit comfort zone, find another roguelike, rinse repeat. Maybe you should try mixing it up with a more traditional single player experience that has a campaign with a well defined ending. These are generally the rule rather than the exception for games typically recommended in this forum; check out the essential games list in the sidebar. I'm not familiar with any of the games you got through freebies, so I can't really say anything based on the fact you bounced off of them. If you'd said "I tried God of War, Persona 5, Dishonored 2, Celeste and Detroit: Become Human and bounced off all 5" then we might start suspecting that the traditional single player experience is not for you. If you really dig the "roguelike-like" experience and want something similar that still has a well-defined campaign, you don't have a ton of options but I can recommend anything out of the Diablo series or maybe Dark Cloud.

ID: gpu5nxr

Both of these have good free demos. They are some of my favorite games. I am not sure if they are what you are looking for, but if you want to give a try to something a little different I think you can't go wrong with just trying a demo:

ZeroRanger (full game is on Steam, but demo is only here)

Disc Room

ID: gpv3b9d

My advice would be to do the opposite of a roguelike - a visual novel or walking simulator. Roguelikes are intensely mechanical experiences, to break you out of your comfort zone you want something that operates on an entirely different axis.

What Remains of Edith Finch, Firewatch and Tacoma are some good walking sims to check out.

13 Sentinels, Raging Loupe are some good visual novels.

Hypnospace Outlaw defies genre but is a masterpiece.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/05 21:11 ID: gptfvab

Got my first Xbox recently (Xbox Series S) and I'm looking for whatever exclusives I might have missed on this side.

ID: gpvqkjc


" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
nailed most of them, but just to throw some opinions in there:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the big one if you're remotely interested in FPS games. I'm biased, but I grew up on Halo, and it's my absolute favorite series. My buddy and I just started the first game (2001) last night for that matter. Definitely worth checking out, and the multiplayer is fun of course too. 6 games total there to play! Sci-fi setting with awesome music, cool enemies, etc.

Gears of War is another big shooter Xbox has, but its third-person. Games are a bit brutal (main gun has a chainsaw), but it's a really fun series. All have co-op campaigns, but solo is still fun. I'm not super into third-person shooters compared to first-person, but I always like playing the campaigns of these games.

Forza Horizon 4 is another. I'm not a big car guy, but man, the Horizon games are just fun. Beautiful open-world, lots of different cars, plenty to do.. it's just a fun time. Bonus points if you're with friends, but it's still fun regardless.

Absolutely agree with Ori as well. Both games are phenomenal.

The Medium if you're looking for a bit of a horror fix. I just recently finished it, and I really enjoyed it overall. Awesome soundtrack, and as someone not very good with horror, it wasn't too much for me. Story was interesting enough to help balance out any fear. Lol short game too (6-8 hours).

If you don't mind playing games a little bit older, the Fable games were another one of the big exclusives Xbox had. Hopefully the new one is great, but until then, the old ones are still fun. Fable 2, in particular, seems to be most people's favorite from what I've read on here.

Halo Wars if you like strategy games. I'm admittedly not real into them, but I played these as a fan of Halo interested in the story. I can't give a super in-depth opinion here since this genre isn't really for me, but it's another exclusive.

Sea of Thieves potentially if you have others to play with. It's not something I got super into, but for the stretch my buddies and I played, we had some pretty memorable/fun times. This game has a pretty dedicated community though that love it, so hey, it may hook you too!

Again, like /

" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
said, there's a plethora of games on there that aren't necessarily exclusive to Xbox, but worth checking out if you haven't played them.

Edit: Missed SoT! Might be missing more, Idk.

ID: gptt7op

They're not exclusives anymore, but the Ori games are absolutely fantastic. Game Pass is also great to have with Series S. Most of Game Pass is available on other platforms, but the Game Pass library has a ton of great games. Some good ones that are exclusives/console exclusives/former exclusives: Forza Horizon 4, the Gears of War series, New Super Lucky's Tale, Outer Wilds, Rare Replay, Hellblade, the Fable Series, and I'm sure there are plenty of others I didn't think of.

29 : Anonymous2021/03/06 11:40 ID: gpxg5us

I've got the Dead Space games and the BioShock (remastered) series to choose between. I've only recently got into horror games after playing metro 2033 & last light and immensely enjoying them

Which would you go for 1st?

P.s please, no spoilers

ID: gq5k9pi

So, I went with BioShock to start. Loving it so far! The story is good and the action is great. Thanks for the recommendations!

ID: gq5lv8x

Haven’t played Bioshock in years and only recently played Dead Space 1, but I would go with Bioshock. Both are drenched in atmosphere, and the gameplay probably holds up a bit better in DS, but Bioshock is the more compelling piece of storytelling. I liked Dead Soacs, but it a horribly predictable story that was artificially padded into a (on my run through) 15 hour game. I had to put it down for a few weeks and then return to it. Bioshock is an innovative (and gripping) deconstruction of the types of narratives that games like Dead Space tell. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty essential story in the canon of video game writing imo.

Though, if you want to play a grimy game about being a space miner with a suit that looks like a trash can who cuts up aliens not with a gun but with a mining laser, then Dead Space is your game (at least, the first one is). I love how dirty and industrial it’s art style is. I personally haven’t gotten around to DS 2 just because it kind of ditches it’s industrial look.

Either way you’ve got a couple good games on your hands at the end of the day.

ID: gpxsd3y

My response will be a bit biased as I've never played Dead Space up to this day, so I'd say BioShock. Without getting into spoilers, I think they all have good stories and the first one scared me a bit more than the 2nd one with its atmosphere, and personally Infinite just didn't feel all that scary, much less a horror game than anything. Infinite I would argue is more of an action FPS than a horror driven experience like say the first one, but the story is still really good so I'd recommend it still.

I still haven't played Metro Last Light, how is it compared to 2033 without any spoilers if I may ask?

ID: gpybhp6

Bioshock is a classic. Play the first and then the second if you like it. Take a break and play something else before Infinite. It’s a great game but very different than the others.

ID: gpza8ry

Dead space but I'm biased because I've never played bioshock, in fact I refunded it before getting a chance to try it as I wanted to save up for another game

30 : Anonymous2021/03/06 12:46 ID: gpxvmc7

If anyone has a PS3 i highly reccomend to play Sly Cooper: Thieves in time, how this game was/is so sleept on i dont know. Pure nostalgia of the PS1/2 "cartoonish" type of games, i haven't played any of the previous games and i still liked it instantly.

ID: gq68dvf

I actually have the Sly Cooper Collection on Vita. I might have to dig it out and give it a go.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/08 12:39 ID: gq7cuvh

I'm looking for a game to play kind of mindlessly, that still has progression to it. Roguelites are more than welcome. Diablo-likes are welcome too, but has to be playable on PS4 and offline.

A couple of titles I'm considering:

- Diablo 3, I've played this one a ton when I had a computer I could play on, but I'm not sure the purely solo experience will be as fun, especially on PS4.

- Curse of the Mad Gods, maybe a little less "mindless", the thing that scares me the most is how long the runs seem to be.

The games I like that sort of fit the type of thing I'm looking for : Binding of Isaac, Spelunky 2, Torchlight 1 & 2, diablo games.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/03 15:19 ID: gpji0sd


ID: gpjuf3j


ID: gpm7138

Are you sure about that?


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