Sorry Aerith

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 17:10 ID: m2v6we
Sorry Aerith
2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 19:40 ID: gqlwl2n

I know someone who pretty much level-capped her in the original. Probably has a blast with achievements nowadays.

ID: gqmamx7

She actually does have a level 4 limit break in the original that can be obtained before she dies, even though that would be ridiculously early for any other character's level 4 limit break.

EDIT: I put spoiler tags over the text "she dies" so people unfamiliar with the game won't accidentally learn that Aerith dies.

EDIT EDIT: At the suggestion of a fellow Redditor, I also put spoiler tags over the text "she dies" in the first edit.

ID: gqmct8d

I was one of those kids that in the original, after having played it the first time and knowing her fate, made sure to use her in all parties to get her to her level-4 limit break before she dies.

If she's going out, she's going out god-tier.

ID: gqmqk7n

her lvl 4 limit break is so incredibly OP. it's a Remedy-all, Megalixer and invulnerability all at once

ID: gqmrhzl

She was a main for me on my 1st original run. It made the event even more impactful though. My 13 year old self was blown away and fucking genuinely hated Sephiroth.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:14 ID: gqlkp3s

Youre not gonna need them where youre going.

ID: gqly03k

To Brazil?

ID: gqm0oxf

Has some of the most beautiful life-streams in the world!

ID: gqm8mvg

To Belize.

ID: gqm4cx6

Final Fantasies Rio

ID: gqm9t22

I have a sneaking suspicion Aeris doesn’t die in this version.

ID: gqmb15d

Spoilers ahead: The whole ending act was Sephiroth talking about changing Fate, and challenging Cloud to do so. I’m assuming Sephiroth will still attempt to kill her, but maybe we save her this time. But because we save her, we doom the planet another way. Didn’t we “kill” Fate at the end of part 1?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:26 ID: gqlmdff

I was gonna say, we’ve already seen one character supposedly avoid their previous fate. Not a far stretch that she could as well

ID: gqm2evn

I get the feeling that SquareEnix will want to pull off a massive twist to their fans, so either they will delay Aerith's death from the original timeline or they will cut it completely and have some other pivotal character die.

This is not a complete 1:1 of the original story so I get the feeling they have something very unexpected coming up imo that will blow fans minds apart.

ID: gqm36rl

They have to make you think she’ll survive/ be save-able. That way they can emotionally devastate you all over again. If you just think she’s gonna die, you won’t invest emotionally.

ID: gqm8dv8

Watch them kill Tifa this time. People would riot.

ID: gqlradk

Aren't we at least at 2?
Zack and Biggs are definitely alive.
It's hinted that Jessie lives as well.
Wedge could have been saved as well

ID: gqlrsyt

I thought it was hinted that Jessie died cause they're talking about avenging her at some point? I think? Been a while since I played it

ID: gqma23m

I saw Biggs and Wedge playing blitzball in FFX.

ID: gqm6t4q

If Aerith survives, or if we get to bring her back somehow, there should be narrative consequences. IIRC she's the one that gave Holy that extra boost to destroy Meteor, and unless I'm mistaken she was able to do that because she was in the Lifestream, so unless she's able to boost Holy without returning to Gaia, I suspect that Aerith living could lead to a World of Ruin scenario. Not necessarily the full destruction of the planet, but a not-insignificant measure of desolation could ensue. And obviously, Midgar and anyone still in it would probably be reduced to molten slag.

ID: gqmb4r7

I always thought that Holy was working for the benefit of the planet, and in one of the last big "twists", it tried to kill off humanity by working alongside the meteor.

The only reason humanity gets saved is because Aeris had enough of a will to prevent being absorbed by the lifestream, and worked with the spiritual aspect of life to prevent the physical destruction of life.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:32 ID: gqln6vp

Watch Square Enix pull a fast one on us and not kill off Aerith in the remake.

ID: gqlt0uh

Cloud jumping in front of the sword and dying along with Aerith would save the production team the time of making part 3 for the PS6.

ID: gqlz1rj

Thanks to your comment I've realized what I want. I want remake to be a 10 part series, and each part be on a different console. So we won't get the finale until I'm like 80 and on the playstation 14

ID: gqm55me

I mean, spoilers for Remake Pt. 1, but it's already spun off into a completely different continuity because you've killed the keepers of fate by the end of it. Zack is already alive again too. I honestly feel like the whole point of this project is to stop everything sad from happening and take control of your own destiny Kingdom Hearts style.

ID: gqm5y4p

is that why they're not going to pursue Genesis' story?

6 : Anonymous2021/03/11 19:06 ID: gqls0b1

All thet Gil and hes too cheap to spare a single Pheonix Down.

ID: gqm11nr

That's one thing I loved about Final Fantasy Tactics, you're trying to reanimate a robot, and he punches the engineer working on him and knocks him out. The main character Ramza sees this and runs around with his arms in the air yelling somebody get a Phoenix down.

ID: gqm5o5v

I see love for fft I upvote, them’s the rules

ID: gqml9uu

FFT will always be my favorite final fantasy title

ID: gqmkfi6

I believe they even talk about that Sephiroth's sword has a property where magic items can't heal the wounds it creates. You end up finding a letter from Zangan (Tifa's martial arts master) where he mentions that he is the one who found Tifa after Sephy cut her down as a teenager, and he kept trying to cast Cure but it wasn't working on her and he had to run away with her and heal her through traditional means, over a long time.

I think I may have dreamed this, though.

Edit: found it, it's from the secret letter when you get her limit break:

"Putting you on my back, I headed down the mountain to the village. I used the Cure spell on you many times, and started to head for Midgar to look for a doctor for you. I don't like that city, but my Cure spells weren't helping"

I always took that to insinuate something was crazy about Sephiroth's sword, because why wouldn't Cure work?

ID: gqm2767

Phoenix Down doesn't technically work on death though, it works on KO.

ID: gqma4o4

But then again, the Death spell KOs you if it lands.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:50 ID: gqm648v

Inb4 they don’t kill Aerith in part 2 and kill your most feared and over leveled party member instead

ID: gqmhu9c

Please don't jinx Tifa

8 : Anonymous2021/03/11 18:42 ID: gqloj26

She was in my very first play through primary line up... leveled like a maniac and she decideds to quit the fucking team? GTFO Aerith.

ID: gqm1984

Exactly. Lara Croft gets a hole through her abdomen in like the first 15 minutes of tomb raider. She doesn't miss a beat.

ID: gqm6kr3

even wading through waste/ scum filled water up to her neck less than 48 hours later. Literally with that hole open to the septic flow.

Lara is... inhuman.

ID: gqm9how

Exactly what happened to me. Aerith and Tifa dream team then she just up and leaves me like that. I didn't care so much because I was totally team Tifa, but she was a pain to replace. I think in the end I went with Vincent.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:20 ID: gqma97d

Funniest story related to this when I was younger and this game just came out and me and a couple friends were all playing it (on our own)

My buddy was talking to his gf about it and said he named character after her.

I asked, which one?

He said "Aeris"

She said "Awww that's so sweet!"

My other buddy and I both spit out our drinks and tried to hold back a laugh, then looked at each other with a big smirk. I asked him how far he got in the game and he just said "Past that part"

ID: gqmet1h

Ok, that is hilarious.

ID: gqmzss9

Back when it came out my mom was a baby sitter and all the little kids liked to gather around and watch me play games. They had watched my entire playthrough up until that point and were so into it. When he dropped from they sky and impaled her all the little kids started crying and yelling lmao.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:18 ID: gqm9y5x

There really is an XKCD for everything.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:53 ID: gqm6hde

I just got the free Final Fantasy VII on ps4. Its my first game in the series and i have no idea what its about. Im happy i at least understood this meme

12 : Anonymous2021/03/11 17:57 ID: gqli84l

I fucking loved her limit breaker. Saved a ton of mp.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:16 ID: gqm1kvg

Fool me once, shame on me.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:05 ID: gqm84ph

Phoenix Down throughout the entire game: “I gotchu fam.”

Phoenix Down during that one cut scene: “aight I’mma head out.”

15 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:05 ID: gqm881g

Bastilla "we've escaped detention block and retrieved our gear. Why aren't you giving me my saber and robes?"

16 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:27 ID: gqmb2q1

Man, that was rough. I was very into this game, and really enjoying the experience. Arieth's character was just becoming kind of OP, and I was super excited to continue playing with her in the party. Then bam, it was all over. That was one of the most impactful deaths I have ever experienced in really any medium. I was shocked. Still am a bit, even 20+ years later.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/11 20:16 ID: gqm1h3x

Wont you be surprised when they kill off Cloud instead and make Aerith the main character


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