Valve, please fix

1 : Anonymous2021/03/12 11:08 ID: m3fdd6
Valve, please fix
2 : Anonymous2021/03/12 12:18 ID: gqokyki

That is true though. I’ve gone from a 40+ kill game to bottom fragging like a total dipshit. It’s a weird game.

ID: gqoto40

or go from 25-0 to 2 - 25 on the next map lol

ID: gqpo7pu

Cries in TF2 bot plague

ID: gqp5shh

Been playing since 1.0 and it's always been this way for me.

Clutch, grab an ACE, win a match.

Next match - bottom frag, yolo into 4 enemies, miss every single shot in a clip.

20 years of this bullshit and I keep coming back.

ID: gqpntvv

I think I was a lot more consistent in Source, but I was also younger and had way more time to play.

ID: gqovp1j

Same in Battlefield games for me. I sometimes play so good I literally cannot even force myself to play worse, it just keeps being easy, yet other times my K/d is like 15/40. Legit annoying.

ID: gqpew4c

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam. Load up the heli with two engineers who do nothing but blowtorch the heli so it stays up. The gunner and the pilot can have a very long run. Sometimes it was only ended when they figured to snipe the pilot. Gosh I loved that game. Any MP game where you're allowed 1v1 between a helicopter and a pistol is my kinda game.

ID: gqp6vjo

And then the battle medics come out and so do the camping supports...........the flashbacks are coming back

ID: gqp8jw9

God I love those games where the enemy seem to be trying to run their heads into my crosshairs...

ID: gqpb1t3

Yeah and then you only use two bullets for the kill. Better try and reload.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/12 13:51 ID: gqotqpb

There is no better feeling than being accused as a cheater when you are popping off.

ID: gqov9lm

Not so much when you get banned for it from your favorite server.

ID: gqow1ws

I didn't get banned but once my teammates decided to kick me because opposite team's accusations.

ID: gqp7jyt

I was playing CSGO casual yesterday (started playing two days ago) and a guy got accused of cheating for having 14 kills in a whole match.

ID: gqpi67m

Yesterday I was accused of cheating while we lost the game, it's a meme at this point.

ID: gqp0kfw

Years back I was playing online with a colleague. We both got messages and he read his first saying "some prick just said he reported me for hacking!" I checked mine, and the same guy said he'd reported me for insufficient skill, GTFO noob.

That really cut me deep, I don't know if the guy knew we were playing together, but my work mate thought it was hilarious.

ID: gqoyz3v

And then you get reported thousands of times because you try to play cs with prior shooter experience and everybody mge and lower reports you. Then you have an account with thousands of dollars spent, huge inventory, no cheater friends, no vac ban - but you only play with toxic people who get automuted and cheaters and the occasional other player who got fucked by trust factor for no reason.

Man I hate matchmaking. 99% of my matches are just a waste of time.

Edit: I even tried emailing them about it but they didn't even respond. For fucks sake I bought the index and have 2k+ hours in rocket league, pubg and apex. But cs still thinks I'm a cheater in disguise after 1k hours.

ID: gqp5c9l

Hey that's me! I put 3k+ hours into CS in high school, didn't play for 3-4 years and came back. Now I get placed in gold and get reported constantly, ending up with nothing but shit tier lobbies of leavers, trolls, actual cheaters, etc. Pretty much why I've switched to Valorant.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/12 14:37 ID: gqoz0zc

The revenge is small and petty, but makes me feel good... ScriptKidHacks, on Youtube, creates fake CSGO (also PUBG) cheating software that just fucks with the users, and then automatically uploads the replays to him. Some of the "hacks" this tool contains are:

Plays a fake gunfire sound when using a sniper rifle, but no round is fired. When attempting to disarm, cancels the disarm at the last moment and plays a fake disarm sound. When planting, it cancels at the last second, but plays a fake planting sound. When throwing a grenade, it causes the user to throw it straight down and slows their movement so they cant get away. When attempting a crouch-jump, it causes the user to move slightly backwards. The user sometimes gets fake flashbanged and throws all of their weapons in random directions. At certain points in certain maps, the user gets fake flashbanged and throws themselves off of a ledge.

This is his latest video:

EDIT: A google search has informed me that he is on Reddit as well, I will try paging him as maybe he can explain his tool better than I can. /

ID: gqp6dne

Now that's incredible.

ID: gqpqsd8

Our Server Admins had tools to do this kind of stuff to players they were spectating. Nothing quite like your rifle getting knocked out of your hands right as you're about to take the game winning shot, or get slapped off a ledge, or get turned into a timed explosive as your teammates all run away from you. It was always just for shits, we were a casual server but I gotta admit it could be anger inducing if you were taking the game seriously at all.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/12 13:57 ID: gqoueka

*Cries in TF2 bot plague*

6 : Anonymous2021/03/12 12:30 ID: gqolxjk

Even the logo is spinbotting

7 : Anonymous2021/03/12 13:54 ID: gqotzsk

Laughs in tf2

8 : Anonymous2021/03/12 14:33 ID: gqoylkl

Played a game of csgo with some new acquaintances a few month ago. First game had a dude on the other team blatantly using autoaim. Felt pretty bad to be new and be "that guy" and suggest the dude was cheating because my acquaintances didn't believe he was. Sure enough, the dude got vac banned for cheating after a couple rounds.

ID: gqphsgz

the dude got vac banned for cheating after a couple rounds.

Lie, VAC can't detect cheats.

But seriously, the timing must be perfect for that to happen because VAC bans in waves and those come every week or two.

ID: gqpk6fs

VAC detects cheats that have been added into its database. It wont do live banning (detection).

ID: gqplor3

Oh maybe it wasn't vac then? I remember seeing that the dude got kicked by the server for cheats. Remember, I don't play csgo too much so I don't know all the outs and ins.

ID: gqp9ggz

Auto aim is what is hard to detect nowadays, 'cause every single old already shoots pretty much like unhuman, so the obvious aim is smth like dude bhopping over a map and flicking in head every shot... These guys get VACation quickly.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/12 14:48 ID: gqp0b3d

Meanwhile Valve’s other title, TeamFortress 2 is being massacred by hacker bots flooding every possible server and being ignored by Valve. What a time to be alive.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/12 11:28 ID: gqohcbk

Lol, you never know!

ID: gqohyll

Valve hacks

11 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:03 ID: gqp29ny

TF2 has it worse when it comes to cheaters, you'd rather have that? lol

12 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:18 ID: gqp42py

lmao so funny seeing csgo players complaining when tf2 has been like this for ages now but got neglected even more

hey at least they tried with the whole trusted mode system

they didn't give a shit to f2ps in tf2 and didn't solve the problem at all

13 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:34 ID: gqp66me

TF2: *laughs in spicy Texan music and bot crisis*

14 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:37 ID: gqp6l3h

Nhl not nearly as bad as the tf2 situation

15 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:52 ID: gqp8j83

TF2: a skeleton on a seat under the sea

16 : Anonymous2021/03/12 14:45 ID: gqozzae

Volvo pls nerf aimbot

17 : Anonymous2021/03/12 14:51 ID: gqp0o8n

And sometimes your opponent just happend to have a spinbot and your anticheat can't even detect that by itself.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/12 14:55 ID: gqp16rc

We know he just no scoped you through a wall but maybe he’s just having a good day ya know, nothing gonna break his stride.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/12 17:03 ID: gqpi65j

V. A. C In TF2: *wheeze Hey. I banned that guy from 4 years ago. What's a bot?

20 : Anonymous2021/03/12 17:11 ID: gqpj6x7

How about TF2, where we are still being swarmed by bots.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/12 18:03 ID: gqpq8l6

I almost got banned from a CS:S server I'd played on for years because I was having an abnormally good night, punctuated by a round in which I single-handedly wiped the entire opposing team. I had to plead and plead and plead before they gave me another chance.

We were on de_prodigy, my team was picked off and I made my way back to CT spawn. The last of my teammates was trying to flank the T's by heading down the long hall toward the outside, and he was gunned down so I knew the T's were out that direction. I got behind a cable spool with my P90, waited a few seconds, then hucked a flashbang into the hall. I jumped the gun in my excitement and blinded myself, so i just strafed back and forth holding down the trigger. When my vision came back, I was just finishing my magazine and my last bullets were hitting a T in the head. I look around, and all 6 of them are down. They were running in a tight pack and I literally spray-n-prayed them all dead with a single P90 mag. I was down to 11hp.

My team was cheering when alltalk was switched on but then the other team started calling BS.

It was a total fluke.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/12 18:19 ID: gqpscup


23 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:06 ID: gqp2k55

its impossible to start playing csgo as a new player.

there are atleast 2 obvious hackers on every server. they dont even try to hide it. they turn on their aimbot and run around the map and instant headshot everyone.

ID: gqp4czi

WTF happened to VAC? Back when I was playing hackers on Valve games were nearly non existent

ID: gqp5oqc

It got old, it's so incredibly easy to cheat in source engine stuff.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:02 ID: gqp21i4

I really think valve needs to support anti chest for all games on steam. I play call of duty WWII and there's a stupid amount of cheaters in that game they don't even hide it. I actually like cod ww2 but cheaters ruin it and the in game cheat system is kinda useless

26 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:06 ID: gqp2l96

I stopped playing csgo 2 years ago because it was clear to me valve did not care about improving the anti cheat. They dont care about content, only new skins.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/12 15:13 ID: gqp3fsj

i don't see what's wrong here, your opponent is having a really good day, he isn't being banned by VAC that day

28 : Anonymous2021/03/12 16:36 ID: gqpej11

I am pretty sure that there's another valve game with more vac problems than that

29 : Anonymous2021/03/12 16:58 ID: gqphimj

One game you 15-0 them and next you get 15-0ed

30 : Anonymous2021/03/12 17:13 ID: gqpjkjj
31 : Anonymous2021/03/12 17:56 ID: gqpp9p4

git, gud

32 : Anonymous2021/03/12 18:17 ID: gqps68s

I miss when i used to blow out my ears playing CS 1.6? before CS:GO. I would sit in a room looking at the walls knowing people are spectating me and just following the footsteps, then BOOM kill them lmao. I got kicked so many times. I cant even aim now lol.

33 : Anonymous2021/03/12 18:27 ID: gqptfop

I understand the cheating is a problem, but I wish HVAC would die in a fire. As a Linux user, it is painful to try to get absolutely anything running that has it.

34 : Anonymous2021/03/12 19:08 ID: gqpyvb7

Also tf2 VAC can’t see people cheating on Lennix so all the bots are on there...

35 : Anonymous2021/03/12 19:20 ID: gqq0fk1

It's true though. It's a regular happening to pull off some crazy shit that looks suspect.

36 : Anonymous2021/03/12 13:13 ID: gqopqds

Ah a man of quality I see. 3kliksphilip ftw

37 : Anonymous2021/03/12 12:08 ID: gqok5rl

l2p, nb


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