What type are you?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:13 ID: m4u7yh
What type are you?
2 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:18 ID: gqw5zq0

Find some iron to make a pair shears.

ID: gqwb3tg

But then the sheep will get it cold.

ID: gqwo93h

Do they go Brrrr ?

ID: gqy421w

What if I then take the sheep inside to warm them up?

ID: gqxtl7s

Like civilised human being.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:22 ID: gqw69wt

Killing a village to sleep in their bed and eat the sheep meat.

ID: gqwh075


4 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:18 ID: gqw61n6

Stole your friend's bed

5 : Anonymous2021/03/14 15:11 ID: gqwihd5

Keeping a sheep in a 1x1 prison and automating the shearing to have a ready supply of wool just in case I decide the bed I already have needs replacing.

ID: gqy74i9

I have so much wool now... Auto farms are great until your chests are filled.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:06 ID: gqwcctm

Shears sheep to get wool to make a bed, getting 2 iron usually doesn’t take long.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/14 15:00 ID: gqwhdax

Trading with piglins in the Nether for string

8 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:21 ID: gqw67kg

Go hardcore and never sleep

ID: gqx4sst

I almost always sleep, I hate phantoms.

ID: gqxvdvl

Turn them off in the world options, makes night something you don't just have to sleep through

9 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:33 ID: gqweot3

I prefer killing cats for the string

ID: gqwfurh

Catgut bed. I hate it.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:43 ID: gqw7tb3

No sleep

ID: gqxuipj

Phantom has entered the chat

11 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:40 ID: gqwfdvr

mod the bonus chest loot table so you start with shears and don't have to kill an innocent sheep.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/14 15:00 ID: gqwhblk

I go fishing for string to make wool to make a bed

13 : Anonymous2021/03/14 15:58 ID: gqwnlpd

I actually had to do this once because sheep and spiders refused to spawn lol

14 : Anonymous2021/03/14 16:00 ID: gqwnszj

using a bed from a village

15 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:05 ID: gqwvshm

I dont make a bed

16 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:14 ID: gqwxh73

just dont sleep

17 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:17 ID: gqwxz0h

Gotta schweep!

18 : Anonymous2021/03/14 18:32 ID: gqxa9k9

Go to a manson and loot some wool.

ID: gqy4eq7

Charles or Marilyn?

19 : Anonymous2021/03/14 18:34 ID: gqxam58

All four all at once

20 : Anonymous2021/03/14 19:08 ID: gqxg7h0

Im faking omega apple, i look for stronghold librarry to get string 😐

21 : Anonymous2021/03/14 19:22 ID: gqxinla

get two sheep to make babies. only kill the babies for wool. make the original two sheep reproduce forever in a small, enclosed, fenced in space. right beside where the cows are. where they are also forced to breed so i can use their offspring for meat and leather.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/14 19:23 ID: gqxirmu

.....make some shears....

23 : Anonymous2021/03/14 20:12 ID: gqxr23h

Whatever happpens first

24 : Anonymous2021/03/14 20:40 ID: gqxvaus

I kill a bed

25 : Anonymous2021/03/14 20:47 ID: gqxwdv5

go to a stronghold, find a library, and use string from the cobwebs and the planks in the walls to make a bed

26 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:31 ID: gqw6x0j


27 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:04 ID: gqwc84u

Snow White Poison Apple: Finding an active village to kill cats for string to make a bed.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:36 ID: gqwf0j1

Eh, whichever is fastest and most convenient

29 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:56 ID: gqwgwvr

I'm either the first or second one (depends if I can find a village early on).

30 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:21 ID: gqwynrc

By the first night I am usually set for a rough house with a quick farm from a couple of seeds. From there I can start a mine. I keep track of how long I am down and come back up in the day, usually with enough iron for shears, a bucket and an iron pick.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/14 12:52 ID: gqw8gsc

go mining the first night and craft some shears for the wool for the bed once im out with a full inventory of resources

32 : Anonymous2021/03/14 14:02 ID: gqwc1cs


33 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:10 ID: gqwwn0l


34 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:10 ID: gqwwnlt


35 : Anonymous2021/03/14 17:10 ID: gqwwo3m



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