So I briefly decided to check out Valheim

1 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:26 ID: m75n01
So I briefly decided to check out Valheim
2 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:07 ID: gr9gnom

Loved the game to death for 40 hours. Then i beat the bosses and am left wondering what to do..... no interest in building more than i need.

ID: gr9hgr7

That's pretty good. I hit the 50 hour mark around the same time I found the stone for the third boss. Was well over a 100 when I found the 5th bosses altar. Of course this wasn't helped by the trader being next to the literal edge of the world.

ID: gral17t

There's a trader!?!?

ID: gra88kp

Eh, 40 hours of fun is pretty good for a $20 game.

ID: gr9n5fx

Me and my friends stopped just before the 4th boss because we know we'd be way more unsatisfied having nothing else to do, rather than being able to come back and have more fun if we want.

ID: grag9lz

mostly the same.. killed the 4th boss, started making this amazing base in the plains... then just stopped and thought.. "I'm going to make this base and literally never use it because I'm done once I kill this next boss".

Was a bit of a bummer, but man I had a blast in my 100 hours up to that point.

ID: gra4i1g

Actually same spot my buddies are in right now. It was an un-said thing, but that's where we are at.

ID: gra6gda

And that's what it comes down to. If you're in it for bosses and story based content there's not gonna be much. The meat and potatoes of its content is in the survival aspect. Materials, crafting, building and exploring. It's not gonna be everyone's type of grind but that's what the game is meant for. It's basically Norwegian Minecraft with a dash of Rust. I've played 100 hours and haven't even seen the 4th boss yet. I still feel like I have another 100 to go before I'm done with the early access content they have so far. But I fucking love building in that game.

ID: granq0c

I think 40 hours is fair enough. Not everything has to be 1000 hours. The only game I have more than 100 hours in is CS:GO, and I stopped playing that anyway (too old, my reflexes are gone).

ID: gra88me

40 to 50 hours of gameplay for $20 is pretty damn nice.

ID: gr9j7gu

Better than me, I finished the Swamp and decided that was enough for me.

ID: gra8xif

Swamp hasn't been nearly as much of a pain for me and the Plains with those little flying dickheads.

ID: gr9vnx5

It's a very early game, there are a handful of biomes in the game already that do nothing, and a good number of items that drop are just dead ends that do nothing. I don't think it's to the games detriment that it is currently short, it's the sort of game I will be happy to play again later with more content.

There was enough content to know I love the game.

ID: gra8i5f

I don't think there's many items that do nothing. I only know of 3, flame metal ore, crystals and the item the last boss drops. The more glaring issue is some of the benches don't really do anything yet. They clearly intend for you to be able to build stuff at them but they are currently empty.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:34 ID: gr9kdzu

Is it just me or does the dude look like he's not wearing pants?

ID: gr9lb8y

He hasn't crafted leather pants yet

ID: graboh9

I don't even see legs in the 4th panel.

ID: grau06y

he hasn't crafted legs yet

ID: gramfsf

Played so long, his legs fell off.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:46 ID: gr9u2qu

If you want an adiction go for factorio with all the bob's and angel mods.

ID: gram4cz

Or check out Dyson Sphere Program if you like exploring the galaxy while building your multy system planet spanning factory.

ID: gramd03

Sound cool i'll check it out

ID: grapknb

Ive been playing Satisfactory today, is it similar ?

ID: grare12

Or check out Stellaris, if you like to explore the galaxy and commit genocide.

ID: grap0e2


ID: grar5yw

I downloaded the Factorio demo last week, and the first night of playing I stayed up til five. And then again the next night. I'm afraid of buying the full game now.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/17 22:41 ID: gragif9

yeah boi, its one of THOSE games. That game where you say "I won't commit too much" and then you're halfway through building a lifesize replica of Winterfell.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:11 ID: gr9hb68

I get so much enjoyment out of just sailing around...

So many things in that game hit just right. And if you happen to be in to experimenting with physics based building you can easily waste days doing nothing but messing around.

ID: gr9q1ti

My nephew and I began breaking birch trees early by building a fighting arena for trees and smashing them together until birch logs break.

We are professional lumbercrashers.

ID: gra8ov4

I was watching a streamer who kept kiting trolls (aka "Interns") around to do his tree cutting.

ID: gr9mhtb

Just chilling listening to the music is great lol

ID: graixz6

The sailing is so fucking fun. I have 100 or so hours and I've only just now started working on working on a second boss because I've been too busy mapping out coastlines.

ID: grajkl2

We need our own sub!

or something...

ID: gra0uod

"There is nothing- absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

7 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:42 ID: gr9lexy

I'm over 100 hours easy. When you have a few friends to help out and coordinate with it takes the game to another level.

I'm not so concerned about bosses as I am just exploring and building little communities and outposts. My friends are the ones going off and beating the next guy and I'm just at the base hunting and cooking.

And every now and then I jump in the boat and sail off with a few others just to see what's out there. I've never played a game like this so I hope it sticks around.

ID: gr9qnfu

I hope it stays too. They already have a full roadmap of juicy features announced for 2021. I really hope they can achieve it all!

ID: gracl62

I can’t wait for it to come to mac so even non-”gamers” like myself can play it.

I sent them an email and they said if enough people ask them for it they’ll make it happen. The problem is that they don’t actually have a mac computer to test it on at the moment.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:00 ID: gr9nxun

Why’s the deer in the last panel?

ID: gr9vy4k

life uhhhh finds a way

ID: grahj3t

I thought he played so long he ended up making a computer in game, and thus being stuck in an endless loop

9 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:49 ID: gr9uitz

Kinda reminded me of this ancient penny arcade

10 : Anonymous2021/03/17 23:02 ID: graiy3h

Started with a simple longhouse in the meadows with a half dozen chests right by the first boss.

Then we moved to the top of a hill in a black forest, in a small meadows biome right in the middle of it and built a split level house with a mead cellar and a bridge to a portal tower over the road round the house to the farm. This was the main base and much time and effort was spent making a winding road down the hill to a dock to cart ores up.

From then on, we would make tiny outposts along the coast of biomes we explored, with just some chests and beds, and slap a portal on each one, and continue working out of the main homestead.

When we got to the plains and needed to start farming there, we took down aboit 6 stone pillars and flattened a portion of the plains so that most of it had a natural cliff-wall, and then I went overboard making a covered stone rampart around the whole tuning and a large 3 story house with individual bedrooms for both of us. This is now our primary base. We're now going back to the old bosses to get another set of trophies for the main stairwell, and while mapping out more swamps for iron, we stumbled upon the plains boss arena before finding the locator stone.

One of my favorite things is logging my way up the mountain behind our plains compound. It goes from plains to black forest to mountain, and I've de forested the whole thing, rolling the logs all the way down to the plains for bulk collection. Used to be that you couldn't actually see the mountain through the black forest. Now there is no black forest.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:21 ID: gr9imc9

I thought this was an animal crossing comic for a second

12 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:56 ID: gr9nay2

I've wanted to play Valheim but my computer is ass. So I discovered Ark on Xbox and this has been my life outside of work for the last month, hahaha

13 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:13 ID: gr9pl5l

130 hours, prepping for 3rd boss

ID: grag6qz

I beat 3rd boss on day 300 in game and probably around 140 hours in...we are cut from the same cloth, friend.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/17 22:53 ID: grahwrb

Josh with Let's Game It Out did an amazing review of this game

15 : Anonymous2021/03/17 22:29 ID: graf56c

hey, i remember when this was a PA comic. and Mike's artwork was barely any better than this, all the way back when.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:09 ID: gr9h0c0

It always starts so innocently...

17 : Anonymous2021/03/17 22:39 ID: gragbqb

I have 150 hours invested in this game and completed Moder (4th boss) on Saturday. First few nights reminded me of playing Minecraft, Factorio, Ark, NMS, DayZ, and Terraria.

I like the progression of Valheim, but I am finding my self complaining that the game is too easy, not in mob fights, but resource collection and wasteful in tech upgrades. What am I supposed to do with a box of Graydrawf eyes and weathered bones.


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