At least he got 10k

1 : Anonymous2021/03/17 13:38 ID: m70lut
At least he got 10k
2 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:24 ID: gr9ars1

At least he didn't get sued

ID: gr9ug30

If it was Nintendo, then that would be a whole different story

ID: gra6jsr

Nintendo would still have sent out a cease & desist letter & kept their shittier code

ID: gratdu7

Nintendo are real **** when it comes to anyone doing anything with their games. But everyone comes to their defense like they're the white knights of games. They pull just as shady stuff as EA and Activision. But because Mario, Zelda, & Pokemon gives em a free pass. But I guess they don't have lootboxes right guiz?

ID: gr9unnt


3 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:22 ID: gr9akge

Pog Wattson?

ID: gr9wvhe

Zats a silly fence

ID: gra6vsb

That’s an angry fence

ID: gra0sb0

Just adding a petite touch of Paquette here

4 : Anonymous2021/03/17 15:39 ID: gr8wmjo

This will keep GTA5 going for another 8 years.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/17 14:51 ID: gr8qfe2

It's already on the game or Rockstar didn't updated yet?

ID: gr8sv5n

Rockstar pushed the update with it last night, EU time.

ID: gr96c1j

Is it noticeable? I have 4 buddies I play online with. With R*s dog shit connection sometimes it could take us half a fucking hour to all get in the same game due to load failures and painfully slow load times.

ID: gr9iay3


ID: gr9rwvx

He gets 10k, Rockstar makes 10Mil on the returning player base. Life is fair amirite?

ID: gr9n9jy

10k is not even pocket change: it is the lint in the pocket. The good PR they are getting over this and all the talk generated is worth infinitely more.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/17 15:04 ID: gr8s1oz

Wait, so is this fixed now? If I go play I won't have to wait 15 minutes for online to load? Or has it not been implemented yet?

ID: gr8t6gv

Rockstar has pushed an update with the changes.

ID: gr8ugpm

Cool thanks.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/17 14:07 ID: gr8l0gw

Ten thousand to fix a bug in a game that pulled 6 billion.

ID: gr8vjrh

He should be happy he even got any money. Most companies would probably include some throwaway line in the patch notes like "special thanks to

for finding the source of this and this bug" and nothing else.

ID: gr8yi3v

Those guys that made the unofficial Skyrim patches should be getting royalties tbh.

ID: gr9euys

Even worse, some companies might have even tried to sue him for it.

ID: gr976qv

So they really fixed the load times? Shit, I might actually play again. Which alone tells me this dude deserves more than he got.

ID: gr9jb1e

Also probably looks great on his resume.

I know that sounds like a BS "exposure" thing, but I've actually read that a lot of modders are able to leverage them to get into the video game industry.

ID: gr958aj

He's lucky he didn't just get a Mega Shark Card or whatever they're called

ID: gr9mjtc

As a designer, I'd kill for 10k per bug fix.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/17 16:21 ID: gr92acf

Big question for me is if soemone outside of the company could fix it, why wasn’t rockstar looking into fixing it back when ya know, online was launching

ID: gr9j7t3

You can only fix it after you know about it.

Projects are incredibly resourced constrained and many of the lead talent who wrote core modules will have left by now and not be on maintenance.

Therefore the skeleton crew doesn't really know what they can safely fiddle with and every fiddle costs a lot of time because they need to figure out how everything works.

So yeah, I would have loved it if someone used a code profiler to look at the loading times and went "Huh, JSON parser takes 70% of the load time? Seems weird." and then DID something about it. But I reckon they just don't do that on a regular basis.

TL;DR: Rockstar needs fix-it Fridays.

ID: gr9qj1b

Long enough load times are usually considered bugs, the fact that they never ran a profiler (or never did anything with the results) points to some serious problems with their priorities. The fact that some random single person on the internet could do what a giant game company couldn't do in 8 years is fucking ridiculous

ID: gr9e3to

Consodering their relentless efforts in preventing modding, I'd guess they didn't really care

9 : Anonymous2021/03/17 16:45 ID: gr95j62

Now that I'm a dad, it's rare to get more than 1 hour at a time for gaming. Because GTA takes ~12 minutes to load on my PC, I stopped playing it. I can't waste 25% of my playing time. Maybe now I can play again.

ID: gr9p8bm

Tell me more about this experience. My child you arrive in one month and I would like to know if I should sell my videogame or if I will have some time to play it. ^^

ID: gr9r3ev

You can have time, just have to sacrifice some sleep to do it. My son is 5 now and can play some games with me.

ID: gr9vblz

Nah, just launch the game 12 minutes before you plan to play.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:59 ID: gr9vrxg

Did they pay this guy in cash or GTA online money?

11 : Anonymous2021/03/17 13:56 ID: gr8jpnf

tbh I think the guys should've gotten something more than 10k

ID: gr8pv89

They already made an exception and gave him more than the usual amount through the bug bounty program.

ID: gr9p2qw

10k is good money for a couple of weeks work, but it's obviously worth far more to the company.

ID: gr8l76n


12 : Anonymous2021/03/17 15:12 ID: gr8t2cy

I don’t play GTA online, did it make the loading times significantly faster? I’m just curious. Also, I think the guy should have got way more then 10k.

ID: gr9b9m4

It used to take me 5+ minutes to load in, now it takes about 2.

ID: gr9ms3e

Wow, that's massive.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:58 ID: gr9ffc1

Loading screens in Apex Legends and GTA have the same energy, except Apex Legends loading screen can be infinite

14 : Anonymous2021/03/17 18:39 ID: gr9l0x5

Fuck these companies

15 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:46 ID: gr9tzz3

It’s ironic that you used an apex character because there is currently a bug where there is a 5 minute loading screen

16 : Anonymous2021/03/17 20:42 ID: gra1hxe

Pog wattson

17 : Anonymous2021/03/17 15:05 ID: gr8s3di

I do not understand the topic.

ID: gr94b7u

GTA V has a really long loading screen for GTA Online. It has gotten worse over the years.

It was found a line of code was very inefficient and causing the super long loading. As more items got added, the inefficient code was getting even more inefficient. Average load times were 5+ minutes for most people, some having to wait 15 minutes.

A fan ran some code to see where the inefficiency was occurring. He did a dummy patch and found it sped up the loading by 70%. Rockstar is now implementing this fix after 8 years. They thanked the fan coder with a bug bounty reward of $10K.

ID: gr9crny

Thank you!


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