Made an origami ancient dragon from dark souls, from a 70cm square of paper (no cuts or glue)

1 : Anonymous2021/03/25 16:21 ID: md231u
Made an origami ancient dragon from dark souls, from a 70cm square of paper (no cuts or glue)
2 : Anonymous2021/03/25 16:25 ID: gs6qzry

Video of process?

ID: gs7264c

Yes. Please.

Do it again! And this time, film it!

I very much want to see the 'how'.

ID: gs7go5l

thank you ! I did not film myself doing it unfortunately, but here is the video of someone folding a similar design :

3 : Anonymous2021/03/25 16:45 ID: gs6tzcv

impressive, most impressive

4 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:10 ID: gs7w58k

Here be dragons

5 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:30 ID: gs7qqya

Nice! I recognize the design by Satoshi Kamiya =)

ID: gs7wrqc

I see you're a man of culture as well

6 : Anonymous2021/03/25 22:11 ID: gs83x4o

How many arrows do I need to shoot to get its tail?

ID: gs84sr1

How many origami arrows can you fold under pressure ?

ID: gs87r3w

I’ll use toothpicks XD

7 : Anonymous2021/03/25 17:45 ID: gs72qo6

broke my mouse on the upvote button

8 : Anonymous2021/03/25 16:37 ID: gs6st97

Nifty. Did you use a wet fold technique? Looks like you may have.

ID: gs7kg1w

I didn't actually, the paper was a bit too thin for that. Thanks for the interest !

9 : Anonymous2021/03/25 17:18 ID: gs6yxlv

holy cow looks amazing

10 : Anonymous2021/03/25 17:23 ID: gs6zod8

looks dope as fuck

11 : Anonymous2021/03/25 17:47 ID: gs7314c

Wow , now it remains to be done, Gandalf is near, and Bilbo Baggins 🙂

12 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:01 ID: gs7du1r


13 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:09 ID: gs7nuc4

Nice one

I made an origami mouse pad once

14 : Anonymous2021/03/25 22:28 ID: gs865dn

No glue are you f Ing kidding it’s to good

15 : Anonymous2021/03/25 22:41 ID: gs87npv

There has to be a market for that.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/25 22:48 ID: gs88hwj

He scream

17 : Anonymous2021/03/25 22:48 ID: gs88kmn

Now that is a work of art man!!!

18 : Anonymous2021/03/25 21:34 ID: gs7zbjz

Good job

19 : Anonymous2021/03/25 22:01 ID: gs82ra8


20 : Anonymous2021/03/25 23:12 ID: gs8bfb6


Bet their weight is that of a duck. Check 'em!

21 : Anonymous2021/03/25 23:28 ID: gs8dczx

SOOoooOOoo mUcH TaLenT!

22 : Anonymous2021/03/25 19:35 ID: gs7iwf4

Nice work, deplorable source material.

ID: gs7yl94

You Died

ID: gs87s3m

You’re miserable

ID: gs8atg6

Yes I know. It's ok really.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/25 20:43 ID: gs7shiu


ID: gs7wupu

Why not ?


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