7 years ago I hosted the first Halo combat evolved LAN party is Tanzania, only my friends showed up but it was expected cause no one else knew what Halo was… some people showed up for the free energy drinks then left, Good times. BTW most of the PCs on that picture had 2 Gigs of Ram.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:29 ID: mccwmr
7 years ago I hosted the first Halo combat evolved LAN party is Tanzania, only my friends showed up but it was expected cause no one else knew what Halo was... some people showed up for the free energy drinks then left, Good times. BTW most of the PCs on that picture had 2 Gigs of Ram.
2 : Anonymous2021/03/24 19:19 ID: gs310lk

I think the guy on the left is kicking the other three's asses. He's smirking all badass and the other three are all intense.

ID: gs33llw

100% correct assessment i think

ID: gs3i3iz

He's using the mouse on his leg to better teabag from the hips.

ID: gs3pi0z

"See, that's where you're wrong. Teabagging doesn't come from the wrist, it comes from the hip!"

ID: gs322db

Dude is even one-handing it.

ID: gs3a6na

Naw, he is using his mouse on his leg.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:51 ID: gs2wz9r

Good to see that even in Tanzania gamers block out the sun and outside world with curtains.

ID: gs30ffd

Give them time, their eyes will atrophy and direct sunlight will be unbearable.

ID: gs3f53e

Basically why dark mode was created

ID: gs3l2qu

Are we all Falmer?

ID: gs3k7f2

Is this actually why I squint basically 24/4 on a sunny day?

ID: gs3rdeg

bruh everyone in africa blocks out the sun have you felt that mf around the equator?

ID: gs4enhm

Do not touch the sun around the equator or anywhere else, it doesn't like it and it will hurt you

ID: gs3ydsr

Pretty much this classic meme

ID: gs36mvu

Those curtains are fantastic tbh

4 : Anonymous2021/03/24 21:09 ID: gs3go7h

Hey man I don't know if youre still into this sort of thing, but I'm from Tanzania too and we have a small gaming community here where we play games such as csgo and fifa online and occasionally on Lan.Hit me up we are looking for more gamers man!.

ID: gs3grka

Message him bro

ID: gs3us3o

Messages aren’t worth karma. This your first day on Reddit? Sheesh. /s

ID: gs491ri

He is probably more likely to see a top post than a message. A lot of people don’t notice or check their messages, then since this blew up he is probably getting some random/spam messages.

ID: gs3r093

Fuck I’d love if latency wasn’t a thing. Playing CSGO with a bunch of Tanzanians would be tight.

ID: gs3skad

Yeah man how we wish for that too... Ping is a nightmare here.We play csgo on SA servers where the player base is not that big and ping isn't great.

So we pretty much ended up hosting our own servers where we do scrimmages over the weekend... Pretty fun stuff

ID: gs3l57b

I would love to be a Tanzanian now.

ID: gs3pccv

I'd be worried about all the Tanzanian Devils.

ID: gs3przl

What are the odds that any two Tanzanians run into each other in life?

I know nothing about the country, except that it looks quite large on the map.

ID: gs3s4ox

Haha random tanzanians meeting.. Odds are decent.

Tanzanian competitive pc gamers on reddit meeting.. Odds are pretty freaking low!

5 : Anonymous2021/03/24 19:06 ID: gs2z26o

Man, that's really awesome.

I only was able to have a LAN party once (in my college days) but those are memories I'll cherish forever.

I hope you were able to keep it up and the LAN party still goes on.

Game well, my brother.

ID: gs3belr

We had a floor in our dorm for engineering students and they would set this up a couple times a month. It was the only time the sports athletes would hang out with them.

ID: gs3dq86

As opposed to the non sports athletes?

ID: gs50ftc

I started college in 03, so way before esports scholarships were a thing, but I used to organize LANs and even tournaments for the college. From there I formed my own team. It really was interesting how it brought people together. I was in marching band all through college, and our other 3 guys were a punk/emo skater kid, a bodybuilding pothead tech nerd, and the starting fullback for the University football team.

ID: gs3is4k

This is what I miss most about college. Our entire residential college (dorm) was on the same network. So we could have giant LAN parties between the whole building. I'm pretty sure my life peaked when I won the Halo 3 tournament within our whole dorm. Had a crowd of people looking in from the hallway. Good times...

ID: gs3n7b3

Fun fact about the Halo Combat Evolved PC Demo, for years and years and maybe still is the most played demo ever. It allowed people to LAN or online multiplayer on a small amount of halo maps for free. It is the most downloaded demo because of this. A universal, amazing fun experience anyone who built or got a computer could get into. Probably the most impactful thing Bungie has done was release that demo with those capabilities for free.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/24 20:00 ID: gs36ycp

Oh man wish I knew. We're you in Dar Es Salaam?

ID: gs3f2hj

Yeah, changanyikeni... I think back then it was still unknown but know cause of Uni and that huge super market near by its a very popular place

7 : Anonymous2021/03/24 19:32 ID: gs32way

Even for me this callback seemed full of emotions. Cheers mate.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:57 ID: gs2xrfo

Nice! Tanzania LAN represent!

ID: gs3eh9u


9 : Anonymous2021/03/24 19:01 ID: gs2yd03

I miss doing stuff like this.

ID: gs3ewgq

Seriously! Online isn’t the same.

ID: gs3fc6h

Yep. Because every game has online multiplayer and you can play immediately with another person.

Back in the LAN days it was RARE to get to play multiplayer, which made it very special.

Now I’m just complaining about good things in life because I’m old! But for real LAN parties just hit different.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:55 ID: gs2xggg

Better get on

and get a few more players 🙂

11 : Anonymous2021/03/24 19:27 ID: gs328ec

I bet the lil shorty, 2nd from the left waxed everybody

ID: gs3f4va

He is still asking for a rematch till this day.

ID: gs3jfk6

do it bro, keep the LAN party alive

12 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:52 ID: gs2x0mb

That's awesome bro

13 : Anonymous2021/03/24 20:37 ID: gs3c70w

How nice to see that no matter how "different" we are in different parts of the world, the love of gaming is lived in the same way. Greetings from South America! I hope you and your friends continue well.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:30 ID: gs2tvnv

This is awesome. Halo lans are good times

15 : Anonymous2021/03/24 18:52 ID: gs2x4al

Is the guy on the left using his leg as mousepad ? Thats hilarious!

16 : Anonymous2021/03/24 20:16 ID: gs39b77

What are you all drinking? The bottles look cool as hell!

ID: gs3fa9a

The cheapest energy drinks you could find, it was almost poison wity the amount of sugar they pumped into those bottles.

ID: gs3g4km



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