Finally 100% RE7 in preparation for VIIIage! Bring on the Village of Shadows!

1 : Anonymous2021/03/25 03:16 ID: mcol4p
Finally 100% RE7 in preparation for VIIIage! Bring on the Village of Shadows!
2 : Anonymous2021/03/25 12:51 ID: gs5xrek

That looks great, man. Do you have any tips for Ethan Must Die? I seem to be struggling in that mode.

ID: gs62tnv

The traps and enemies are always the same and in the same place. Using traps to kill enemies is the way to go to preserve ammo for the marguerite fight. Explosive crates have a ticking noise when you get close to them, also they have less tape around than the loot crates. Once you get to the marguerite fight what I did was to stay in one room and shooting when I could since she would go around the house setting all the traps and damaging herself. Apparently there is an easy way to deal a lot of damage if you manage to get a lot of enhanced ammo with the Albert pistol, but I find that way too risky. It's a lot of trial and error until you find the right path. You can either watch a video on youtube showing where all the traps are and how to deal with them or you could die to them and use it as a reminder of how you died for the next time. Best of Luck!!!

ID: gs650am

Helpful man. I'll be sure to take advantage of the traps then. Thanks for the advice!

ID: gs6e4x8

I see someone gave you some more tips but the mode is just hard af and kind of RNG. Some basic tips are to either listen for bombs in boxes or the faster way is look at the tape on the box. If there’s only one piece of tape its guaranteed to be a bomb.

If all goes according you should have before fighting Marguerite the Albert-01 or 44 Mag, if you have the Albert make sure you have enhanced ammo. One shotgun with ammo hopefully and also bring one more weapon. Just let her run into traps and hope for the best haha. My final loadout was Albert with 10 or so enhanced bullets, the M21 with like 6 shells and I think the m7 pistol. Its a tough mode

ID: gs6ex03

Hey, I appreciate the additional tips. This is like passing the torch to someone else.

Hope I can finally beat it, thanks!

3 : Anonymous2021/03/25 03:18 ID: gs4pu37

Im not usually a big fan of horror games but RE is one of my favorite franchises since I played RE4. RE7 got me more into the universe 🙂

This game was easily worth the price of admission, I bought Gold edition and the DLC took the longest to 100% but they were really enjoyable

ID: gs5che2

Very envious of you, getting all achievements on this game is harder said then done, especially the DLC ones like the food game and end of Zoe? Congrats! I got like 4 left I’m go give it a whack again.

ID: gs6djh8

Jacks 55th was harder than i would’ve ever guessed for a mini game haha it was tough but those were some of the last few achievements i got.

All the hard modes for the story DLC were hard af. Joe Must Die and Not a Hero Professional were excruciating

4 : Anonymous2021/03/25 12:04 ID: gs5sxyb

Congratulations! It took about 90 hours to get this game platted for me, how long did you complete the whole game with all the DLCs?

ID: gs6emae

I think I got the game on xbox game pass when it first came out. Its been maybe like 4-5 months? I took a long break from playing it though cause i dreaded getting all of the achievements and had 1 secret achievement i didnt know what to do hahaha

ID: gs6giz1

So, do you remember what achievement it is?

5 : Anonymous2021/03/25 12:56 ID: gs5yad9

I platinumed RE7 in VR on PS4 and am geeked up to play both 7 and 8 on Stadia....was holding out for the possibility of RE8 being VR as well, but with that not a reality it'll be Stadia

ID: gs6fbti

Im sure RE8 will be on VR eventually just like 7. Tbh im sure ill be plenty scared to play even without VR haha. Im making a pact to only play it at night with headphones!

6 : Anonymous2021/03/25 14:47 ID: gs6cigp

The game is great, but I'm apparently too much of a coward to finish it...

ID: gs6ewvi

Dont worry i was scared af to play this too. Not really into horror games but i just sucked it up. The main story is really scary and you just kinda gotta trudge through it xD the DLC arent that scary though imo


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