The remake I want to see the most, Legend of Dragoon.

1 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:52 ID: mftvkw
The remake I want to see the most, Legend of Dragoon.
2 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:53 ID: gspe2z2

This post is for our boy Lavitz. Never forget.

ID: gsq8e7n

RIP Lavitz, gone too soon.

Thankfully Drake the Bandit died just in time

ID: gsqprdb

In every legend of dragoon post this is the top voted comment. I'm sick of it, stop making me cry!

ID: gsql0et


3 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:12 ID: gspgjjw


ID: gspk4mn

Madness Hero!

ID: gsppcan


ID: gsqpvw2

First playthrough I didn't know you could change these...verified the game is beatable on double slash.

ID: gsqme1u

Burning RUSH

4 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:56 ID: gspef2u

As often as I see this kind of post, I'm surprised that none of the Sony teams have found out yet.

ID: gspfv4s

Yeah, it's probably one of the most requested remakes after FF7. I wonder if there are IP/license issues.

ID: gspllqu

You must not be familiar with Sony's new CEO. Jim Ryan hates old games.

ID: gspeq5u

Even worse, it's not available on the ps4 Playstation network. Only the ps3 psn.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:11 ID: gspwdtp


6 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:55 ID: gspe9pf

Loved this game!

7 : Anonymous2021/03/29 20:56 ID: gsqa2o1

I just want a new Legend Of Legaia

8 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:54 ID: gspe7iy


9 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:01 ID: gspn6eb

Lost Odyssey is the last game I played that gave me the LoD feel. Fuck... That game is almost 15 years old now

ID: gsprptp

That battle theme of Last Odyssey..fuck....

The gun Barrel of battle. What a masterpiece

10 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:16 ID: gspx3ye

Quick ! Someone post something about Lavitz for free karma! (Repeatable every month, YMMV)

11 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:51 ID: gspluul

Yes sir

12 : Anonymous2021/03/29 21:33 ID: gsqesqo

Only played a demo and never found the full game. Loved what I played though.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:19 ID: gsphhcl

As much as I want it to be real, the reality is that I'd probably feel a little disappointed.

The FF7 remake stops where it stops, from what was/ is a huge game that original players got in its entirety for their purchase.

LoD was just as huge, or at least very close. The same treatment would be applied, wherein I'm paying full game prices for a section of the game I want to play. I'd be expected to pay full game prices for every section that was released.

Do I want an updated additions system? Absolutely. Do I want to pay full game prices for cross sections of classic games I love? Absolutely not.

The business model of "relying on the super fans to buy up each release in order to fund the next section", I fear, is going to lead to some half finished collection of remake titles for a single game. I'm very interested to see how long/well FF7 is completed before I push for remakes of my childhood in earnest.

Edit: a few words for clarity.

ID: gspo94y

Xenosaga is another example of this. It was meant to be 6 episodes, but was cut down to 3 after episodes 2 and 3 didn't sell as well as expected. Which I should add was receiving 7/10 and 8/10 scoring instead of 9/10...

They still told a complete story, but there was somewhere around 2x the content planned that never got made because the budget dried up.

ID: gsqkjov

I didn’t play the FF7 remake. Is it really only a portion of the original version?

ID: gspijzg

I agree completely. My friends and my SO don't understand my aggravation about the FF7 Remake, but to me it just feels like a really long demo. At this point I'm planning on ignoring the whole thing until they release all the parts and I can play the actual full remake instead of this piecemeal nonsense.

Would rather wait another 24 years for a full remake tbh.

ID: gspl3w3

Don't get me wrong; FF7 remake LOOKS great. It really does and there is a tangible depth to the city I didn't feel in the original.

But not getting to race or raise chocobo did bum me out. Even more so when I restarted FF7 classic and realized just how much FF7 they still have to remake, considering the next two titles will basically be an in-depth prequel and an overstuffed side story.

When I think of how long it's going to take before they release something with the Golden Saucer, or even until they introduce the first Weapon, let alone the actual final battle.. it really bums me out.

I'm with you in opting for a decade long wait time for an actual complete remake over buying it in pieces.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/29 16:57 ID: gspejma


15 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:28 ID: gspimqx

I used to play this game all day long. I dont even need a remake, but please let us play on newer consoles

16 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:33 ID: gspjc3q

Did you have a dream that you could fly ?

ID: gspkahj

Did you feel each moment as time goes by?

17 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:33 ID: gspjd8w

Everyone keeps asking for this instead of the Uber classic Redneck Rampage for some reason.

ID: gsq35za

Honestly I'd rather have Redneck Rampage. Dragoon wasn't bad by any means, but I don't have any especially fond memories of it.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/29 17:52 ID: gsply00

the green dragon dude had a combo that was FUCKING HARD TO GET RIGHT! i later found out it wasn't cause i sucked. his combo's timing was what was fucked. the proper timing would sometimes land on an impossible frame so you could miss it even if you were perfect. fucking bs..... but i still love that game! hahaha.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:00 ID: gspmz2p

Still havent finished this one D:

20 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:15 ID: gspp26o

It doesn't even necessarily need a remake as much as it needs a re-release. The only way to play it currently is on PS1 or emulator.

ID: gspu8vl

It's currently on PSN if you have a PS3. You'll have to get it soon though because the PSN store is being removed from the PS3 on July 2nd.

ID: gspvd9u

It's PS1 with original copy, PS3 playstation network and emulator. I'll be ok if it gets added to the PS4 PSN but would love to see the graphics updated.

ID: gspvv5z

I tried it on an emulator years ago and the timing was messed up, couldn't do the battles properly

21 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:44 ID: gspstt8

Let's go! Would love to see this as well.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/29 18:57 ID: gspum1r

why not a new game in the same universe?

ID: gspvh14

I mean sure. Would love both. Even if it was just adding the original to the PS4 PSN or a graphics update I would be happy.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:05 ID: gspvkm9

If it's not the same type of game play...I'd probably just get hyped but go play the original.

24 : Anonymous2021/03/29 19:57 ID: gsq2e67
25 : Anonymous2021/03/29 20:08 ID: gsq3vys

Such a great game, I hope this happens!

26 : Anonymous2021/03/29 20:41 ID: gsq83l9

Four years ago I got this game off amazon and after finishing the first disc I realized that disc 3 was missing and it was too late to get a refund.

Last week I finally tracked down an ebay post for a disc 3 replacement. I'm finally gonna beat this game.

ID: gsq8r9o

Ah man that sucks, glad you finally got disk three. Personally disc two is my favorite. I just started a new play through this weekend.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/29 20:55 ID: gsq9zh6

This + xenogears, do both of them and sell for $150 as a package, ez.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/29 21:18 ID: gsqcxti

I have never wanted any game remade as much as I do this one

30 : Anonymous2021/03/29 21:49 ID: gsqgp9o

Let me turn off the god awful voice acting and I'm on board. I love anime and jrpgs but god damn I dont need to hear you call put the name of your move every. Fucking. Time.

I'm looking at you too, Tales.

31 : Anonymous2021/03/29 22:40 ID: gsqms7f

GTFO of my head OP. I was thinking the same thing not 5 days ago.

32 : Anonymous2021/03/29 22:57 ID: gsqos9d

The remake I'm most afraid of...

Maybe it's just me but I think the wonky translation and awkward polygons more charming and worry a remake is just gonna be boring.

33 : Anonymous2021/03/29 23:05 ID: gsqpqbe


34 : Anonymous2021/03/29 23:14 ID: gsqqrlz

I still have my original copy. Just recently purchased an original ps1. Already on the 2nd disc. Crush dance!!!!

35 : Anonymous2021/03/29 23:26 ID: gsqs1v4

Oh dear God yes please. Its been so long but I remember the "rabbit" dragon killer thing. The really big one that acts as a sort of miniboss. The first one is near some caverns/lava? Anywho I remember those fights are what got me into difficult games. Now I'm addicted to darksouls. Thanks l.o.d

36 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:02 ID: gsqw40d

Still never got to finish the last cd because my brother scratched it on his play through... what a great game

37 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:12 ID: gsqx6no

It's funny I don't scroll this sub much and just started a new play through of LoD this weekend and posted this out of nostalgia but it makes me kinda happy thats the case. Sorry for another LoD post everyone!

38 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:15 ID: gsqxhx1

Man, I grew up on that game as well, but LoD does NOT stand the test of time.

If they did a major overall like FF7 remake then I would be down, but in the cold, sober light of 2021 this game would be a chore to play through these days!

39 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:19 ID: gsqxzzl

My disk 4 got scratched up and would not load up for the end of the game so much time and effort and not being able to kill the boss and see the end credits. Great game sad memories

40 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:35 ID: gsqzqy1

Nah I want a remake of parasite eve 1.

41 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:45 ID: gsr0t4a

Chrono Trigger deserves it waaaaay more.

42 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:52 ID: gsr1krr

Why is it one or the other? We can have both in this world, but I think Square is suuuuuper hesitant about remaking the Chrono Series.

43 : Anonymous2021/03/30 01:24 ID: gsr58ia

I've seen this same LOD post over a dozen times... But I will upvote it every time because this absolutely needs to happen.

44 : Anonymous2021/03/30 00:32 ID: gsqzddb

I haven’t been reminded this was a game everyone liked for almost 7 minutes


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