Hit 4000 days on Wii Fit! Just shy of eleven years!

1 : Anonymous2021/04/02 12:45 ID: mijm4s
Hit 4000 days on Wii Fit! Just shy of eleven years!
2 : Anonymous2021/04/02 13:20 ID: gt4zfjy

1000 lbs lost

ID: gt5z1cm

It's interesting to think about though...3500 kcals burned in theory is one pound of fat. By tracking how many calories you've expended you could actually try to reach 1000 lbs lost in a fitness challenge.

ID: gt60u8w

I think its impressive enough he logged into wiifit everyday hahaha. But yet that would be an interesting challenge

ID: gt659l0

I remember calculating once as garmin used to run cumulative reports that I burned a crazy number of calories/lbs from running and BMR I burn like around 300 lbs a year.

I remember responding this to someone's 'my weightloss journey' thread and nobody was impressed. It's technically the truth that I lost 300 lbs in a year... I just ate 300 lbs back.

For numbers wise I have an activity + BMR rate of around 3,000 per day (probably on the low for bmr I think as it's just a regular formula). 3,000 x 30 = 90,000 / 3,500 = 25 lbs or so x 12 = 308.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/02 12:49 ID: gt4wkcf

4000 day streak or 4000 days of owning a Wii?

ID: gt5gtkx

4000 days since the first day he played wii fit. That’s the screen that shows regardless of how many days you’ve logged in.
Edit: so yeah just to clarify, this user could have logged in once, 4000 days ago and then logging in today and the same screen to be shown. This means nothing.

ID: gt5sqqt

Op would never do this to us though.....right.... right?

ID: gt5ql8l

They could also just change the system time, could they not?

ID: gt5ymfq

Thinks makes way more sense. No way someone did this 11 years and not miss a day because of travel, illness, power outage, forgetfulness. It's just an absurd claim.

ID: gt616mc

I would imagine his mii gained over a hundred pounds then

ID: gt5fxww

Big difference right, curious too which. Cuz there’s a wee bit of a difference be 4000 logins of working out and 4000 days owning a wii lol

4 : Anonymous2021/04/02 14:36 ID: gt57id3

My WiiFit stopped counting after day 1999, but I see you have Plus, so maybe they fixed that haha

ID: gt5kxoe

Mine too - 1999 days max.

Guess it was indeed fixed in Plus

ID: gt630mg

Mine stopped around 4

That might be on me

ID: gt5v0wx

mine stopped at 3999

5 : Anonymous2021/04/02 12:48 ID: gt4wink

So is it working?

ID: gt559ut

I mean its basically cardio right?

ID: gt55ziu

a lot of good for you as well~

ID: gt5qx6w

Cardio burns fat right?


ID: gt67n5j

Some balance and posture exercises as well iirc

ID: gt5fgxg

The Mii is still set to maximum girth, so probably not a whole lot, but all that cardio is still useful.

ID: gt60j8j

If you've grown in height since you first made your mii and forgotten to update the height it can get you stuck on max girth.

ID: gt62wif

“I do the cardio so I feel less bad about more cake”

ID: gt67v4l

I love this game because it fat shames me every time I check in for my weight. It has a meter that goes all the way to the top of Red and big letters OBESE. And it says "Thats Obese" and a sad trumpet plays.

ID: gt5e5on

Seems too.

Wouldn't switch on otherwise

ID: gt5l06e

Doesn’t matter what you do to get moving— just that you get moving.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/02 16:53 ID: gt5o0sm

My brother and I turned it back on last year and it reweighed us, but it still thought he was 4’3” like he was when the game came out. So it put a bunch of his weight on his mii all at once and told him he was very overweight.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/02 16:14 ID: gt5j80d

But are you fit?

ID: gt6158m

Not according to his mii

8 : Anonymous2021/04/02 15:55 ID: gt5gwkj

Have you given RingFit a try on the Switch yet?

9 : Anonymous2021/04/02 19:09 ID: gt64bsa


The 4000 days isn’t me necessarily logging in every day for 4000 days that would be insanity, it’s 4000 days since I bought wii fit, my whole family use it, my parents use it way more than I do, as my dads retired and my mum is his carer. I roughly use it 2/3 times a week. For context I’m 6’1 ex rugby player (still play every now and then) and now work in a UPS warehouse loading thousands of parcels per night by hand. I’m roughly 250 pounds give or take, so I’m a big dude. As some of the comments below have already explained most of what I just said above figured I’d make a comment with all the info. Sorry I haven’t relied to many comments, figured I’d let it gain some traction before I started to reply, but 8000 upvotes later and we’re still going!

Any questions relying to this comment will be answered!

10 : Anonymous2021/04/02 14:53 ID: gt59i1l

Must be jacked AF!

11 : Anonymous2021/04/02 16:29 ID: gt5l2t0

Post physique.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/02 14:37 ID: gt57lhc

And your Mii charachter still looks fat.

ID: gt57sqv

The application thinks that basically anyone over 182 pounds is obese, regardless of height and build.

ID: gt5egcj


ID: gt5o6xu

You weigh a small child with Wii fit and it will still say overweight. 80lbs thats obese, wtf. Lol

13 : Anonymous2021/04/02 12:50 ID: gt4wne4


14 : Anonymous2021/04/02 12:56 ID: gt4x8n6

True commitment right there

ID: gt5u1xg

To what? This screen only shows how many days since the first time you played...including the days NOT played. Could be 3999 days since last play, in which case commitment to not playing?

ID: gt60sab

No,commitment to owning a wii for that much time

15 : Anonymous2021/04/02 19:12 ID: gt64oyv

Wii fit told me I was a morbidly obese 37 year old when I was 12

16 : Anonymous2021/04/02 13:09 ID: gt4ye93

That's some real commitment! Has it helped?

17 : Anonymous2021/04/02 13:26 ID: gt502jb


18 : Anonymous2021/04/02 18:30 ID: gt5zngm

You enjoyed a healthy 10.959 Year on your wii!

19 : Anonymous2021/04/02 19:18 ID: gt65dsb

I love this. Please keep going!

20 : Anonymous2021/04/02 19:18 ID: gt65f8k

Since april 20th 2010

21 : Anonymous2021/04/02 19:23 ID: gt661jz

Ware was this photo taken a run down barn lol

ID: gt663b9

That’s my living room wallpaper!

22 : Anonymous2021/04/02 19:33 ID: gt678d6

4000 days of wii fit......... still fat :/


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