I just 100%ed RE7 Gold Edition and enjoyed every second of it. Tips inside for those who might be struggling.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/06 08:40 ID: ml74ih
I just 100%ed RE7 Gold Edition and enjoyed every second of it. Tips inside for those who might be struggling.
2 : Anonymous2021/04/06 08:41 ID: gtjsdg3

If you still haven't played RE7, go all in with the Gold Edition or the season pass. The game will otherwise feel incomplete, as the DLCs help the story get the closure it deserves, and add dozens of extra hours of fun. It took me longer to beat the DLCs than the actual main game.

I found the road to the platinum trophy rather easy. Get as many unlockables as you can before trying Madhouse if you're too frustrated. However, the circular saw makes Madhouse an utter joke. I personally didn't use it, but it's up to you.

In my opinion, the hardest trophies were on the DLCs, especially Ethan Must Die and 21 on Survival+. I lost count of the amount of times I died on those. Sure, skill is required, but RNG and sheer luck also play a huge role on those.

Many say End of Zoe on Joe Must Die difficulty is the hardest, but I actually found it pretty doable. This is my advice:

First, beat End of Zoe on Normal difficulty.

Then beat it on Normal again and do all the Extreme Challenges.

After beating a challenge, pause the game, press "retry" and your shotgun shells will be restored in case you used them (the challenge will still count as completed). So there's no need to be stingy with your ammo when you do a challenge.

Once you beat all challenges, the Spirit Blade will be unlocked. This weapon makes a world of difference on Joe Must Die.

Your approach on Joe Must Die difficulty should be the one of a giant puzzle. Stealth kill the molded when you get the chance to do so, make a smart use of the throwing knives and use the booby traps in your favor, and your chances to succeed will be much higher.

That's it. My body is ready for Village!

3 : Anonymous2021/04/06 13:18 ID: gtkec33

That’s insane. Great work. Hyped for Village?

ID: gtkkajo

Not OP, but I'm certainly hyped.

ID: gtkkier

Super hyped! I reserved the Steelbook edition. Can't wait for next month.

ID: gtkl6zg

Powerful. I’m keen to see how the transition to werewolves and vampires is handled. I think it’ll be really good.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/06 13:54 ID: gtkilgl

Literally the best thing about the PlayStation achievement system is that it separates the main game and dlcs. Pretty sure it’s the only system that does. Oh and good job op!

5 : Anonymous2021/04/06 12:45 ID: gtkakpf

I 100% the main game but I have to do the dlcs now. ._.

ID: gtkpuzn

They’re the hardest part. Enjoy!

ID: gtkqrmv

It does get annoying replaying the game to get the achievements. The ones I'm having trouble with for vol. 1 are nightmare and Ethan must die

6 : Anonymous2021/04/06 13:02 ID: gtkcf37

Congrats been there done that and I know the hard work that involves 100% achievements this game =)

ID: gtl3ikl

Thanks dude. It feels good to have such rare trophies, for example, King of the Swamp (ultra rare 0.2%).

7 : Anonymous2021/04/06 14:35 ID: gtknw3t

I can't beat madhouse, even following every guide. The dad keeps coming after me killing me

ID: gtkoava

Just like in the first house? You gotta learn how to loop him around the house while closing doors behind yourself.

ID: gtlgs6p

The early hours of madhouse are pretty intense, just keep at it and you'll adapt to it.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/06 16:37 ID: gtl4hni

Ethan Must Die and Survival 21 are a bitch. Anyway, welcome to the club. One of my proudest 100%


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