New video from game informer showing how upgrades work

1 : Anonymous2021/04/14 19:50 ID: mqyhrw
New video from game informer showing how upgrades work
2 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:02 ID: guj6lbj

They're actually doing it. They're doing RE4...2.

I seriously can't fucking wait for this game. RE4 is my favorite video game ever but this looks like a SERIOUS contender for that title.

ID: guj9wlv

First Person RE4

ID: guja1ck

« RE4 but you have to find your own daughter this time »

ID: gujj17j

If there is a laser sight gun upgrade I'm going to need a shower

3 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:30 ID: guja5t7

Can't wait to go from the village... underground an abandoned a a boat somewhere waiting for me lol

4 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:10 ID: guizfjc

God im pumped

ID: guj3t60

Will this be the perfect blend for resident evil? I am so outstandingly excited by all the recent information, PLUS its likely there is a demo tomorrow.

ID: gujcs7x

I hope so - I want to see how the demo runs on my PC before biting the bullet!

5 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:05 ID: guj6zim

Omg it’s farcry upgrading

6 : Anonymous2021/04/14 22:46 ID: gujjgp8

As much as I hate killing animals it is necessary for survival when your being chased by werewolves and 9 foot tall lady with her 3 vampire daughters.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:12 ID: guj7vx2

Loving the meaty head shots and the dorky food upgrade mechanic, less so the lack of visual variety to the wolfbois.

It's also looking like a pretty clear cut action game with a horror veneer, which, I'm fine with, this looks like RE4, which I love and it absolutely oozes personality but I think it's going to alienate the people who came back on board this series with more grounded efforts like 7 and RE2 Remake.

We're straight up running around killing pigs, fish and chickens so a comedy fat man can cook us a stat-upgrading meal so we can block more werewolf bites and run faster from a vampire lady with a huge caboose. I have a feeling that Village is going to absolutely split the fan base in half.

ID: gujboz2

Lol when you put it like that, the game sounds hilarious

ID: gujfzb6

Lol that description is hilarious

ID: gujofey

In the video when the meal is purchased you can here the duke say 'Ahhh thank you'

inb4 'what're ya cookin' ... heh heh heh'

ID: gujpu91

That pretty much sums up how I feel, as a huge fan of RE 1-3 the remakes and 7. I'm totally looking forward to it, it looks fun, but it's not really what I come to Resident Evil for. I'm sure it will still be a blast though.

ID: gujx7i1

I’m with you. I’m in camp that 2 remake is the pinnacle of the series but the more I see of 8 the more I am totally on board with this.

ID: guk0t2r

Yeah. I someone who prefers the remakes 1-3 and 7 much more than 4-6, this is disappointing to hear. I wanted 7 again but with vampires and werewolves. I haven’t played a bad RE yet so I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it, but I prefer the slower survival games

ID: gujpy4l

"I have a feeling that Village is going to absolutely split the fan base in half."

RE7 did that already. It separated people who enjoyed RE as a series from the people who enjoyed action-filled fanservice porn.

RE7 has it's moments of cheese too, like the entire Joe Must Die DLC, I don't think a few weird mechanics will kill the game.

"It's also looking like a pretty clear cut action game with a horror veneer"

Yeah I agree, I'm worried with this.

ID: gujxk2u

Eh I dont think 7 is as divisive as you think. You clearly dislike it but it had all of the RE tropes, just a different playstyle. And its not like RE hasnt been changing it up somewhat drastically every 2-3 games

8 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:53 ID: guj5amn

I always knew that GOAT's were the real, the supreme BOW. But did they listen to me? Naaaah

ID: guj6e9m

hearing children chant "Black Phillip, Black Phillip!"

9 : Anonymous2021/04/14 22:04 ID: gujef9j

That's interesting. I like the idea of upgrading through hunting for animals and that they'll fight back so it isn't just a case of shoot a pig to get ham deal. You might loose health as well as more ammo than you wanted to use.

Also that means areas like the Castle will probably be a bit harder since you can't farm resources like in the village proper. At least that's what I assume it'll be like. Entering a new area having an added risk factor of not being able to grind upgrade items.

ID: gujowcp

I guess the village areas will be where all the meat is, while the castle will have all the tasty jewels that you can sell.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:13 ID: guj7z7z

This is so RE4 i can't wait

11 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:14 ID: guj85hw

I hope there’s multiple of each weapon type

ID: gujd504

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen a couple of different handguns at least

ID: gujzso7

There are. I’ve seen at least three hand guns, the “lemi” in this trailer, the M19 in the last one and a Borchardt c-93 silhouette in a menu for the duke’s shop. The same menu had two assault rifles, an AK and AR, a revolver and a karambit knife which isn’t the knife Ethan has in this trailer so multiple knives too.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/14 22:22 ID: gujgnjh

God damn, I actually started to tear up watching this. I am way too hyped for this game!

13 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:20 ID: guj0rv1

I'm happy the meat and knife take up inventory space. Makes me more confident there's still strategy to storing items and the game isn't leaning too heavy into action.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:49 ID: guj4r09

RE4 meets Breath of the Wild

I'm down.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:15 ID: guk0p3c

and the cycle begins once again

16 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:43 ID: guj3w3n

I’m going to be in the camp that’s a little sad that enemies drop money and that you can buy items in the shop. It’s survival horror, more freedom to me means less intensity. Planning how to ration out the limited supplies given to you is a puzzle in and of itself in the classically designed games. I’ll collect treasures and upgrade my weapons but I’ll refuse to just buy ammo.

The idea of hunting is interesting! And I’m glad animals can fight back and don’t just go down in one hit.

I still couldn’t be more excited for this game but I’m sad they couldn’t help themselves in leaning back into post RE4 mechanics. Just a personal preference though!

ID: gujp1tq

If all the other RE games have taught us anything; playing the game on Hardcore mode will be more than enough 'survival horror'. They usually balance the higher difficulties with more scarce resources and important item management very well.

RE7 Madhouse, RE2 Hardcore and RE3 Inferno were like completely different games compared to the 'normal' modes. Far more challenging and rewarding.

ID: gujjebk

Even as a fan of RE4/5 I have to admit I’m surprised they’re going back to the action horror genre so soon after RE7. You’d think they’d like to keep their « back to the roots » approach for a little while longer at least.

...I can’t lie and say I’m not SUPER hyped tho. I’m a thousand times more exited for RE8 than I ever was for 7.

ID: guje8d6

I'm with you, except I'm not "a little sad". I'm pretty sad. I was really hoping that after 7 the franchise would steer away from RE4 but instead they embraced it. Cool for the fans of that game, sucks for me. But whatever I'll probably wait for the game to go on sale or something.

ID: gujjl8o

You realize that it's only 1 part of the game Capcom has specifically stated they use multiple styles in different parts of the games, it's not just going to be action horror. It's not even out yet and you're already saying you won't buy it until it goes on sale lol. At least wait until reviews are out

ID: guj6fud

I am a little bit worried that they blend to much genres in. Why is almost every Big game in the Need to mess with open world mechanics ? For ME i would be super happy with a longer Resident Evil 7 type game in a creepy castle and village. But oh well....

ID: gujnyx9

This is that game... just with updated RE4 systems.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:13 ID: guizxal

if there arent eating animations like in red dead 2 im uninstalling

19 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:57 ID: guj5uxh

So its a full blown action game then. A little dissapointed

20 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:29 ID: guja16l

Action? With that walking speed? Lol no

21 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:31 ID: gujad2x

Your blasting enemies with guns and they drop funny money that you use to buy more ammo. Re4 also had a slow walking speed but it was an action game. Action doesnt mean titanfall movement speeds

22 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:25 ID: guk1sn6

Yeah. I’m in the same boat. 4 is actually my least favorite of the mainline games. I actually like 5 and 6 more cause at least they weren’t pretending to be anything other than dumb actIon. I absolutely love 7. It’s in my top 3 titles for this series. The more I hear about this game, the more it sounds like RE4, the less excited I get

23 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:19 ID: gujn8yd

The upgrade system looks out of place for a resident evil game

24 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:22 ID: gujnk1k

It was in 4

25 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:29 ID: gujocui

And 5.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:23 ID: gujnqz6

Whats your opinion about eating a bowl of chicken and rice to unlock unlocks like damage resistance

27 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:43 ID: gujbtxl

I don't like the idea of killing animals to upgrade my character, it's the one thing I hate in open world games and never understood why developers implement it.

I am an animal person, and while you did kill animals back in other RE games, they were mostly infected and hostile like the zombie dogs and giant snakes.

It's still an unnecessary mechanic. RE7 handled it better when you had to scour the environment looking for the Steroids and Stabilizers.

It can even work against the worldbuilding or design of a character. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy comes from a tribe that is all about respecting mother nature. Cue Aloy 35 hours later killing 25 squirrels for their tooth to upgrade an arrow quiver (I say 25 because animal loot in HZD is RNG-based).

It's fine in Minecraft though because you only ever need to do it for survival, and it becomes unnecessary if you take the vegetarian route and just eat the crops you grow.

Hopefully though, this will be the ONLY pet peeve I have with Village. I'm still excited for this game but I wish developers would stop implementing this animal-cruelty system. I should only ever have to kill an animal for one reason, and that's self-defense.

28 : Anonymous2021/04/14 22:48 ID: gujjrba

I'm an animal person. You're overreacting

29 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:12 ID: gujmem9

respectfully, I think maybe you should reframe this for the fantastical and completely narrative experience that it is. This is like saying that a book shouldn't be written in which the main character harms an animal. The entire story is fiction and the write

is playing out a story with specific characters and scenarios they've invented in mind.

Ethan ISN'T you, so I think expecting that he be written to conform with your own views is sort of unrealistic and artistically limiting.

I don't agree with murdering people, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying a large variety of stories about characters who murder people. I'm not religious but it doesn't automatically mean every religious character I encounter results in me immediately refusing to play that game/read that story/watch that movie.

This is a game where a random dude is going to Romania to blow up werewolf people over his daughter being abducted by a man who once punched a large car sized boulder into lava to kill a tentacle lovecraftian nightmare who is also a cliche of an 80s action movie villain. As part of his otherwise very realistic journey he kills some pigs and asks a 500 lb redditor in a wagon to make him a sandwich. I'm not sure how relevant the real world's moral standards apply in this story, lol.

Edit: btw, I mentioned in another comment but I actually agree with you to some extent in open world games, where I think if a player wants to be a pacifist/vegetarian/whatever it makes a lot of sense to support those possibilities since the idea is that the player IS the character and is making decisions and facing consequences based on those decisions. So in an OPEN WORLD context I'm pretty much on the same page as you.

30 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:16 ID: guk0th4

500lb redditor in a wagon is where I draw the line. Capcom will be hearing from my lawyer for insulting the le reddit army like that.

31 : Anonymous2021/04/15 02:14 ID: guk7e2z

This is a game where a random dude is going to Romania to blow up werewolf people over his daughter being abducted by a man who once punched a large car sized boulder into lava to kill a tentacle lovecraftian nightmare who is also a cliche of an 80s action movie villain. As part of his otherwise very realistic journey he kills some pigs and asks a 500 lb redditor in a wagon to make him a sandwich. I'm not sure how relevant the real world's moral standards apply in this story, lol.

This was gold. Oh well, I've played Far Cry games I'm sure I can handle slaughtering an animal or two.

32 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:58 ID: gujdq6g

I agree. I don't really like the game but Ghost of Tsushima made killing non-predator animals have negative effects on your character's relationship with the animal kingdom. I wish Resident Evil 8 did something similar, but they totally could have kept this system and made the game more difficult if abused too much. (Almost like the "Don't shoot the water" moment in RE4)

For my first playthrough of Village, I'm going to try and beat the game without killing any animals and see how necessary the Ethan body upgrade system is.

33 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:14 ID: gujmpyu

I would actually argue that having "pacifist routes" etc makes more sense in an open world game than it does in a narrative-driven one. In an open world there's more of an emphasis on the player making choices about what to do and how to spend their time. In narrative driven games there is a pre baked story, the character is not the player, but a specific character pre-written to follow a specific path. I think there's a lot of value in letting people be an open world character they empathize with. I think it's limiting to say every narrative character needs to conform with every potential player's moral values.

34 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:13 ID: guk0h5l

Wait. Why would killing predator animals have no negative effect in that game??? That also destabilizes ecosystems.

35 : Anonymous2021/04/14 22:03 ID: gujeb7b

Visually it doesn't look that great, so it should run really good on my PC.

The FOV will hopefully be modded to be less cancer.

36 : Anonymous2021/04/14 22:49 ID: gujjt6d

Whats the point in hunting again? To unlock more permanent abilities?

37 : Anonymous2021/04/14 23:39 ID: gujphqh

Health boost,movement boost, defense boost. Think

38 : Anonymous2021/04/15 00:09 ID: gujsxa5

Will this be what RE2 was to RE1? I’m so pumped! Looking forward to this gem!

39 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:16 ID: guk0t6k

No its more like re3 to re4

40 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:17 ID: guk0x88

I’m probably gonna replay this game hundreds of times just like RE4

41 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:25 ID: guk1r4o

But is there a egg in this game and can you throw it?

42 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:40 ID: guk3lzn

it seems that action games make more money so capcom want to come back everytime

43 : Anonymous2021/04/15 02:27 ID: guk8x6s

I don’t like this, i came back to the series thanks to RE7 and REmake 2.

This seems much more action focused, with some “RPG” elements or things like that.

I hate the action games (RE4-6), too bad...

44 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:48 ID: guj4nv9


45 : Anonymous2021/04/14 21:00 ID: guj6a0z

...k? So getting attacked by grotesque enemies that literally gouge out your flesh while trying to shotgun their heads into blobby bits.. not exactly fitting into horror. Got it.

46 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:51 ID: guj51uk

Have you played the maiden demo? I’m still pumped as that showed horror so this shouldn’t be an issue

47 : Anonymous2021/04/14 20:54 ID: guj5ily


48 : Anonymous2021/04/15 00:41 ID: gujwpfn

Never played re4 but love 2R and 7. Why did everyone like 4 so much? I also played 5 back in the day and found it to be nothing special but a fun coop game.

49 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:35 ID: guk2za2

The best way to describe 4 to someone who played 5 would be that it had a lot of similar mechanics, but just with a generally creepier, more interesting, more diverse set of locations, characters and enemies. It was also really well-crafted to keep up the momentum and never give you a chance to really catch much of your breath. It's a genuinely fun game, and has a lot of replayability.

The question a lot of people have right now is what kind of a balance RE8 will strike between the overt action-shooter mechanics of RE4, and the survival horror elements of games like 0, 1, 2, 3, CV, and 7. As fun as RE4 is, even the first time through it couldn't hold a candle to the kind of edge-of-your-seat, isolated, creepy, exploratory experience that you get from one of the above-mentioned games. So I'm holding out hope that they've found some kind of happy medium. We'll see.

50 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:51 ID: guk4shr

Ty for the insight. I really enjoy the survival horror parts but I’m open to the possibility of a happy medium. Time

51 : Anonymous2021/04/15 01:57 ID: guk5gtx

I mean, RE4 definitely still had those moments. First time entering the sewers with the Novistadors. The Verdugo boss battle where it was nigh invulnerable and you desperately scrambled to wait for the elevator. The Regeneradors...


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