1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:33 ID: mw63jq
2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:06 ID: gvg9o87

TFW, you learn you need ot buy the car, to be able to steal it.

ID: gvh6ylt

One day Rockstar is going to make us pay to breathe in the game.

ID: gvhi6ot

They already do man, daily bills every 48 mins

ID: gviaamp

Press B to breathe

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:12 ID: gvgak4b

Grand Purchase Auto 5.99

ID: gvh565w


things cost 30million GTA$ now. the highest paying GTA$ gift card gives 5million GTA$ at $99.99

ID: gvh907b

The $99 shark card gives 8mil but still, crazy prices. Inflation is severe in that game considering their version of the Honda Civic hatchback I own is like 1.5mil. Its a fucking civic wtf. Things are no longer priced fairly.

ID: gvh65r0


ID: gvh9nu8

What costs $30mil? I haven’t played in a while, the priciest shit back then was the Yachts. And that stupid plane I guess

ID: gvh7820

Cheat. Simple as that. Get a recovery program for $5. Unlimited money, any level, any KD( if that floats your boat). It’s fast and simple.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:12 ID: gvgahjd

Grand Purchase Auto V

ID: gvgelsx

Grand Purchase Auto Online*

Actually a very accurate description of the gameplay nowadays...

ID: gvgtjkt

you either purchase shark cards or purchase mod menus

ID: gvhbrzv

You can steal a car with the press of a button, that's auto.

This is Grand Purchase Manual Online

ID: gvgtk3p

Grand Theft Autopay

5 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:44 ID: gvh52oe

Used to love GTA Online back when it was new and everyone was just starting out. Used to team up with my mates and all cruise around together doing missions, heists etc. Then all of a sudden you can’t walk outside your apartment, because some screecher who’s used his mum’s credit card to buy a bulletproof, flying batmobile that can summon nuclear meteor showers on command has decided he has a vendetta against you, purely because you didn’t reply to his hatemail after failing a mission he’d already died at the start of.

ID: gvhd8xq

Wayyy to accurate

ID: gvi6s3q

Not to mention getting banned and losing all of your shit because someone else was hacking. Had that one happen, tried to submit my recorded play session as proof, but was told no appeals. Last time I played GTA Online.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:18 ID: gvgbfps

I was more upset that I couldn’t tame horses and stable them in Red Dead.

ID: gvgc1uh

You can’t WHAT?

Plz tell me they still have guns and hats in the online version?

ID: gvgcpt1

They do but they cost an insane amount of money.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:14 ID: gvgauin

Why do R* avoid the shit EA get? They aren’t ebtter. They stopped doing story based DLCs in favour of a pay to win game.

Red dead will be the same

ID: gvgcjme

RDR2 Online was boring as hell. GTA Online is boring as hell. Both games should have just had co-op modes and that is it.

ID: gvggg20

GTA online has some great moments, which show that it has the potential to be great. It's just a shame that a few hours in, they decided it needed to be insanely grindy to encourage shark card (aka real life money) sales.

ID: gvgt6b0

But then how would the "extremely open world games" have restricted you so completely with two players wandering around?

Edit: During story sequences.

ID: gvh2sko

GTA Online was dope when it first came out. That was 2 consoles back.

ID: gvgdn4v


GTA is a hugely popular series, many peoples' favorite.

It's hard to admit your favorite thing has gone to trash.

*It's how MTX and all the shit was able to creep in, in the first place.

ID: gvhlb11


8 : Anonymous2021/04/22 17:58 ID: gvgykdl

For a game about theft, they aure make you pay for everything.

ID: gvhon4s

Its like getting banned from watch dogs for hacking

ID: gvgz7ig

Not if you cheat 😉

9 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:00 ID: gvh7hc6

i duped my way to wealth in gta and i didnt feel bad as i was doing what the name implied

10 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:51 ID: gvg7of2

Ngl i feel more robbed, than the guy i robbed this car off.

ID: gvgywt3


11 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:56 ID: gvh6wn0

Something tells me GTA 6 is going to be nothing but microtransactions. Even worse than GTA 5, if you can even imagine that. The gaming world is in such a sad state with all these unethical and greedy companies

ID: gvhlkdc

I don’t think they’ll go that route. I think they’ll stick with the option to buy in game currency to buy end game items faster. All the while releasing free content and updates like they continue to do.

ID: gvhqwnb

At this point, I don’t think we’ll ever get GTA6. Even setting aside the fact that GTA5 is a gold mine, R* has the same problem valve had with half-life 3

12 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:19 ID: gvhiad2

Video games are supposed to offer a temporary escape from reality... Not remind you that life is a playground for the rich.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:36 ID: gvhcbo9

The artist destroys his own art

14 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:29 ID: gvh2yf2

Honestly, stop playing this game and they'll make a new one.

ID: gvi5orv

they are working on GTA6 right now. My guess is that it will come out in min 3 years. If you are wondering what they have been doing the last couple of years: It was RDR2.

Game development takes a long time nowadays. Look at Cyberpunk. First announce trailer in ca. 2013 and it came out unfinished in 2020.

ID: gvidr50

RDR2 was amazing as well, but its hard to not accuse a company of being a little lazy and/or taking advantage when 8 years go by and all they've done with their bread and butter game is create micro transactions

15 : Anonymous2021/04/22 17:45 ID: gvgwlqe

Remember when GTAO first came out and they suspended your disbelief with "this car has a tracker and can't be removed"

Now it's "lol get fucked...MONEY PLEAASE.. "

16 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:40 ID: gvh4lxy

You are the victim of the theft huehue

17 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:40 ID: gvhcxyk

Why does that sound so stupid???

Oh yeah because it's an oxymoron for you to be forced to buy a car in a game where the title is grand theft auto...

18 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:13 ID: gvhpwhn

Now you can't drive for 4 minutes without being fked up by wallet warriors.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/22 21:19 ID: gvhqrvc

Theft as in they steal from your wallet, not theirs!

20 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:18 ID: gvi6aj3

GTAV is the most over-rated GTA of them all

21 : Anonymous2021/04/22 23:33 ID: gvi85dj

The "theft" part is about them taking your money.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:19 ID: gvgk6vv

R⭐ has been going the wrong way for some time, in my humble opinion. I remember loving L.A. Noire, and GTA 4, and of course the GTA titles before it. GTA 5 was a great technical feat, but was kind of bland otherwise(the old humor was missing for me), and they really need to go back to one protaganist. Online seems a little chaotic, so not for me, but I watch streams and clips of online, and can see why people like it. I am saving some judgement until I play Red Dead Redemption 2. The launcher is really putting me off the company though. Another thing showing they are going in the wrong direction. Sometimes when you get big, you lose yourself.

End Rant.


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