Daughter really wanted to fly the Ender Dragon, So we made a VR project over the school

1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 09:51 ID: mw1apy
Daughter really wanted to fly the Ender Dragon, So we made a VR project over the school
2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:44 ID: gvfyofr

playing VR as a little kid must so awesome

ID: gvg4ggh

Bro I bought my vr set a month ago or so and I'm almost 32 and I promise you I was as amazed as a little kid would be. Especially in racing and space sims.

ID: gvgh064

Same! I bought a VR headset, bought HalfLife: Alyx. I'm 44, first console was an intellivision ... still playing games and it's been a LONG time since I've played a game went ... Holy Shit.

I mean, looking over the balcony railing --- I was 12 all over again.

ID: gvggft3

I had my kid play minecraft in VR at 5 years old. He was standing next to our coffee table. He saw a bed so went to sleep in it, reached down and felt our table and laid in it. 100% thought he wAs laying on the bed in the game. So amazing

ID: gvg6cmw

My 31 year old body wishes it was 12 again. The amount of fun I have in VR is obnoxious and I feel like a kid again

ID: gvgjuuk

When I first tried VR I was blown away. Then when I played Half Life: Alyx I felt like a little kid at Disney World. Nostalgia from playing the previous games hit hard and how amazing everything looks in the game along with the mechanics and fluidity just absolutely blew my mind.

ID: gvgath0

Which space sims do you recommend?

ID: gvgf6dy

should check out War Thunder in VR. the detail and 'realism' is insane for being a freemium game. realism as in there is a realism battle mode that shows no hud, and you have to actually start (not dcs world level) the plane, take off, etc.

ID: gvgmpzp

If someone can put together a legit Gundam battle simulator, I'm in.

ID: gvgo2dh

Being sat in a chair in real life then looking down in VR and seeing legs sat in a chair is such a small thing but it does wonders for immersion.

ID: gvhrh9q

this is kinda wholesome

ID: gvgawsi

I thought this same thing until my younger cousins got VR (7-10 years old). Their parents bought them an Oculus Quest 2 and as someone who has had VR since 2016, I expected them to be amazed. Nope. All they cared about was being like their favorite youtuber by going into social games and being obnoxious. Lesson to parents - don't buy your kids an Oculus Quest 2 without monitoring your kids activity.

ID: gvgd5ya

This makes me sad, but sounds about right.

ID: gvggg42

Well this is eye opening. I'm sure it depends on the kids and their interests, but I'm surprised they catch onto social YouTubers that quickly.

ID: gvgedyo

Then one day you see an old arcade machine kids are confused at and show em how's it's done!

“You mean you have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy!”

ID: gvguhuo

And then as punishment for such disrespect, no VR until they beat Dark Souls with M+KB

ID: gvgb0oa

Right. I feel like I don't immerse myself as well as an adult. I am really excited for what VR is gonna look like in 20 years though

ID: gvgfsj3

Try drugs beforehand

ID: gvgoo7d

I remember I saw Lawnmower Man when I was like 9, and wanted virtual reality to exist sooo bad. Now looking back, the VR graphics in that movie were pretty rudimentary compared to what we have today.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:01 ID: gvghjgb

How the technology have advanced. In my time, we bounced a dot between 2 sticks.

ID: gvh14w3

Same. It's never lost on me either, sitting playing something like Miles Morales with ray-tracing on my PS5. And I was back there with you with paddles, sticks and dots through the Commodore64 era and here we are!

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 10:09 ID: gvff29x

this is kinda wholesome

ID: gvfl9ws

It IS wholesome

5 : Anonymous2021/04/22 11:34 ID: gvfladz

This is really cool, parenting at its finest! - What goes in to creating a project like this?

ID: gvg1het

Biggest hurdle is the expensive hardware, after that you can download unreal engine for free and follow a tutorial on youtube.

If you have no coding experience it might take you a couple weekends but if you are experienced you can do it in a day.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/22 14:16 ID: gvg2r8m

That title is either a meta joke... or we need to focus more on "the school"

ID: gvg8r92

Pretty sure it was meant to say School Holidays.

Just a guess though. Who knows...

ID: gvh0m7d

Idk looked like they flew over hogwarts to me

ID: gvh2syh

Maybe op just accidentally admitted his kid goes to hog warts. 0_o

7 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:57 ID: gvggzo1

I dont always follow the rules, but I could’ve sworn that the VR instructions say its bad for childrens eyesight and can mess them up / make it so they need glasses. Am i wrong? I said no to my little cousin cuz i was scared of messing his eyes up! Am i just a jerk?

ID: gvgwqui

Every time I turn on my set a message pops up saying that no kid under 12 should use the headset. I’m not sure why and haven’t really looked into it, but it’s been the rule I’ve abided by whenever my nieces/nephews are over and want to game.

ID: gvhxfzr

You're right to air on the side of caution, i personally wouldn't let a kids developing brains be a Guinea pig for the long term impact of glueing a single screen to two retinas. Even if it makes them cry to not have it, it would make you cry harder to ruin their eyes.

ID: gvhp6le

Honestly it's probably more just that a younger kid forgets it's not real, that there's an actual boundary and actual furniture and walls they can run head first into.

ID: gvhfc2z

My parents said the same thing about sitting too close to the TV when I was a kid.

ID: gvgxn5u

I don't think it's serious or anything (they said the same thing about sitting too close to the TV) but I believe headsets aren't really made for kid headshapes or the distance between kid's eyes and stuff. I heard 8 years old and above is fine.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:20 ID: gvgbnr1

I tried to get my kids into this stuff when they were younger....absolutely no interest. Now they're in their 20's and all into the Nintendo Switch. Not sure where I went wrong.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/22 09:59 ID: gvfefwa
10 : Anonymous2021/04/22 13:17 ID: gvfvjr2

How do we play?

11 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:14 ID: gvgautu

My girls and I have a (LAN server) game of Dremhal going in Minecraft: I use the VR to let them walk around our base, etc.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:44 ID: gvgnoz5

Maybe the newest edition has changed somewhat, but I recall the og rift had a warning that any kid under 12 could seriously damage their eyes.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/22 12:58 ID: gvfterg

♫ Come and fly away with meee... ♫

TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie

14 : Anonymous2021/04/22 11:33 ID: gvfl814

A perfect example of a great parents i am extremely proud of you all, much love <3

15 : Anonymous2021/04/22 11:43 ID: gvfm24s

Ok one: that’s super awesome and wholesome

Second: that looks super motion sickening

ID: gvftvts

Idk about the girl In the video but after you spend some time in vr motion sickness just goes away. Also for some people it's not an issue and just don't get motion sick

ID: gvgfux4

Idk about the girl In the video but after you spend some time in vr motion sickness just goes away.

Not at all true in my experience. I also sometimes get motion sick in cars and playing non-VR first person games though.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:34 ID: gvgdmbw

Minecraft in vr is very underrated. Its easily the best vr game

ID: gvgq0md

Does it use teleport mechanics or do you walk via directional controls? Because that's one barrier I have trouble with in any first-person VR game.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:50 ID: gvgojgd

Hol up

You can fly the Ender Dragon?

18 : Anonymous2021/04/22 15:22 ID: gvgc0dt

Wait....hold tf on......you can fly on top of the Ender Dragon?

Are you for real?


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