The Bakers weren’t great or normal people even before the game (RE7)

1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:05 ID: mwasq8

RE7 Spoilers Obviously

I recently went back and watched a playthrough of Biohazard and I have to say, I'm not sure if it is intentional or not, but the Baker's weren't a nice normal family before the events of the game happen.

They let Lucas lock his bully in the attic and die of thirst/hunger. There's no way they were unaware since Zoe tried to stop him. She obviously would have gone to her parents to get help as well.

Also, why in the world did they hire the people who built the Spencer mansion to upgrade their house? They were definitely not a typical family.

The crematorium I can maybe understand. It used to be a salt mine town, so they potentially bought an old house that used to be the mortuary. But it is still weird.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:20 ID: gvh1pfc

one of the theories is lucas could be schizophrenic and imagined the whole escapade of murdering another person very vividly as to why the bakers didn't do that.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:32 ID: gvhbru7

recently platinumed this with all the DLC and my understanding is that Jack/Marguerite were pretty normal southern folks. Lucas is some kind of mad genius who they have a massive blind spot for (even during the "inside the mold" vision when he is talking to Ethan he doesn't realize that Lucas isn't even being controlled by Eveline.

I think we are meant to assume that Lucas was always twisted and Zoe is seen as the rebellious/irresponsible child while Jack/Marguerite are just typical oblivious boomers.

I also assume the house was not built for them but that they later bought it, as Umbrella hasn't been building new labs since before RE4 and went totally bankrupt so it's not hard to imagine that their properties went up for sale.

ID: gvhbzzl

Ah interesting. Maybe more than a coincidence that the ship wrecked here? Maybe a place for enhanced experimentation with Evie?

ID: gvhfsvn

Are the dlc really that hard as many ppl pretend?

ID: gvhgkuo

Uh... Kind of?

both story DLCs (not a hero, end of zoe) are just as simple as the main game on normal. Madhouse is harder, but both professional not a hero and Joe must die are MUCH harder than Madhouse.

The banned footage tapes are all somewhere in between, but I would say based on personal preference either Joe Must Die or Ethan Must Die will be the hardest thing in the game. Both really just require patience and practice though, neither one needs like amazing FPS reflexes or anything.

Everything is easier than the RE2 "no way out" with 60 bullets mission, which is BY FAR the hardest Resident Evil achievement currently I'd say.

Edit: for context though I love very difficult games and have a sort of high tolerance for game-pain so YMMV. In general I'd say nothing in RE hits the feel of a "superhard" achievement compared to say, 100%ing a lot of difficult platformers or clearing the hardest fight of an MMO, etc. It is absolutely not something you're going to beat in 2 or 3 tries or without putting actual effort into it though

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:21 ID: gvhim3s

It’s heavily implied that Lucas imagined the whole scenario of locking someone in the attic. The file also outlines him having some head issues and needing to see a doctor as a child. Then you go into the attic only to not see a dead body or stain.

Trevor and his company are typical contract workers that work in construction. They aren’t knowing to be evil and likely no one even knows they worked on Spencer’s mansion.

Also I think the basement is for horses or cows since they seem to be ranchers. Hence the barn and dead animals parts.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/23 00:28 ID: gvieojm

play Daughters

they were pretty normal

even Lucas wasn’t that bad before getting infected by Eveline

Marguerite was a typical housewife and mother, and Jack was a family man

Zoe is shown to have serious bonds with her parents implying they were caring parents

also Sewer Gators (this is a reference to RE2 right?) state they were a normal family and Lucas was the bad seed but then they don’t bring up anything note-worthy regarding Lucas

for the bully others already pointed out he probably imagined Oliver, if you read his diary he states Marge brought him to the psychiatry as a kid, more than likely he had mental illness

if you read the Fuck You list on Lucas’s laptop it shows he was pessimistic and exaggerated everything in a negative way even before Eveline, and for Jack, there worst things he did before Eveline arrived was getting drunk sometimes and slapping Lucas when he was a disrespectful jerk

6 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:22 ID: gvh22mg

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the call out to who built the house more of an easter egg style coincidence and not necessarily a canon connection?

7 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:27 ID: gvh2ryh

I thought this before, that they obviously weren’t fucked up from the Mold pre-Eveline, but they were still fucked up.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/22 19:43 ID: gvhddoe

It's never mentioned that the boy died in there or whatever happened to the boy locked in the attic. So he was either released or it was all in Lucas' head, since he's always been a little off, even before the infection. It really doesn't make much sense story-wise that they've killed people before the infection as the whole point was that they were a relatively normal family before the infection, only thing is that Lucas was deranged even before the virus. Now that I think more about it I am even more certain that Oliver is meant to be imaginative as it's mentioned in the same note that Lucas' brain scan is and it explains how Lucas is not or was not in an asylum or on any medications and there was no police involvement mentioned over the missing boy (Oliver).

And the second point is more of an easter egg and it's assuming that they knew about the Spencer mansion, which they probably didn't and the house was likely built and completed before they bought it. Umbrella went bankrupt years ago.

And crematorium as you've stated.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/22 20:38 ID: gvhl2h2

Wait, lucas wasnt controlled by eveline?

ID: gvhmfsa

I think he may have been at first, but the company he works for "The connections" found a way to free him and he started doing work for them. Thats why he has a lab in the mines.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/23 00:03 ID: gvibp8s

What's interesting is that they have an "old house" and "main house," and the old house has young children's toys, which implies that the new house was built when Zoe and Lucas were children. This also means that the new house had been built from scratch by the Bakers, which had been purposely connected to an abandoned mine, complete with a crematorium. It's definitely odd for a regular family to have done that.

ID: gvifoja

The Old House is much older than any of the Bakers in RE7. When you enter the Old House there is a photograph of the house on the wall with the date of its construction, which was in the 19th century, well over a hundred years before the events of the game.

The game implies that the children's toys were for Evelyne's sake because that's where she lived at least for some time (you find plenty of her drawings there as well). Considering the "love" of the older Baker's for her (Marge even ends up worshipping her), it makes sense they'd go overboard with toys.

ID: gvid9nl

Wow that's a really interesting point!


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