I hope we get more raccoon city RE’s in the future

1 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:00 ID: mw8011

It always feels like raccoon city has never been realized to its true potential. I thought that re3 remake would have you exploring the city, but it was so, so lacking.

I’d like for capcom to make a new story set in RC, except that that it’s more in the vein of re7/re8 with first person and it’s about an average, regular person and not based around a cop or a special forces unit. Maybe this was recognized in one of the RE’s but i don’t think it was ever seen in a mainline RE game.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:26 ID: gvgl6y2

It was a real pity that the Raccoon City part of the RE3 Remake was so short and even short than in the original game. I really hope we'll get to discover more of Raccoon City at some point in the future.

ID: gvgqs07

Early Downtown was the best part of RE3R. Really wish we spent more time there before it switched to linear gameplay

ID: gvgqvcu

Same here! I was really hoping to see more of that.

ID: gvgr1ck

Yeah, Capcom had the chance to let us explore more of RC and they blew it. Buy hey, at least we got another sewer section and Nest 2.

ID: gvh9y7z

Why does capcom have such a hard on for sewers? That’s where poop lives you gross bastards what about the entire fucking city full of zombies? No we gonna make most of the game in the poop tunnel wow how spooky.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/22 18:56 ID: gvh6tv2

I understand your sentiment...but we've gotten....so many games about Raccoon City.

RE1, Remake, and RE0 all take place on the outskirts. As far as games within Raccoon we have:



RE Outbreak

RE Outbreak #2

RE Umbrella Chronicles

RE Darkside Chronicles

RE Operation Raccoon City

RE2 Remake

RE3 Remake

So that's 9 games we've already gotten in Raccoon City. Personally I would rather they continue with new games and environments than to go back to Raccoon City yet again.

ID: gvh93ca

re outbreak definitely deserves a remake though at some point. that would be the best way to bring raccoon city back again without annoying fans since most of us have never played it but would love to

ID: gvh870p

This. It's been nearly a quarter century and they can't seem to let it go.

ID: gvhkln0

Yup. And how many times have we heard characters in later games say "Wow just like Raccoon City!" Eventually you need to move on.

ID: gvhzokz

Most of these games are around 10-20 years old though aside from re2 and re3 remake, and even then we don’t have a truly realized modern version of RC. At least with re3 we could’ve gone to multiple locations, but the game is only about 3 hours long so there’s little of RC to explore at all.

ID: gvi2rbc

I mean yes, they are old, but I'd you really want more of Raccoon City it's easier to play them instead of hoping that Capcom will make another one.

Truthfully we are spoiled with the remakes we've already gotten, at this point I'd prefer new games from here on out so we don't have to keep revisiting the same things over and over

4 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:24 ID: gvgkvrz

Probably the closest thing to that is an Outbreak remake, at least for now. If maybe in the future the series starts to embrace alternate timelines then why not, considering Raccoon City is canonically dead

5 : Anonymous2021/04/22 16:25 ID: gvgl1li

At that point it would be wise for capcom to just redo the series from scratch again. :/ it would be nice exploring more of the city but we already have the original RE3, outbreak 1 and 2, umbrella chronicles and even operation raccoon city to quench your raccoon city thirst.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/23 00:54 ID: gvihpk9

I'm not the biggest fan of this because of recycling. I'd rather explore somewhere new for the most part. I think Silent Hill does this well. If they do I hope they just keep it to remakes.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/23 02:12 ID: gvir1s7

A new outbreak could absolutely take full advantage of the potential of being in raccoon city during the outbreak.


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