Can’t believe how technology advances

1 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:50 ID: mydhok
Can't believe how technology advances
2 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:11 ID: gvube21

I’ll stare at character model faces sometimes pondering how many levels of Quake or Mario 64 that many polygons is equivalent to - probably the whole game, the whole game exists somewhere between the character eyes and the beginning of their hair these days, probably. It is pretty crazy to think about!

ID: gvuijz6

And what's crazier that sometimes the system limitations forced the creativity out of people. Art design >> number of polygons

ID: gvuqj1s

exactly that!

today we got games that are huuge. (looking at you cod) seems like some don't even bother with size optimization (or just aren't good at it?)

it's crazy to think that a terabyte full of games is pretty normal these days

ID: gvv9v86

This is still the case. Look into the demoscene. It's made up of programmers who try to get the most (A/V wise) out of the smallest amount of code they can. It's that same ingenuity taken to it's absolute extremes.

ID: gvv8ksv

Super Mario 64 is 8MB.

ID: gvvjioy

There's an entire FPS game with better than N64 graphics that's 96kb in size. That's not a typo.

Google .kkrieger.

ID: gvvj06v

The size of a single frame of a 4k video in 8bit color is a little over 8MB.

ID: gvvczda

the whole game exists somewhere between the character eyes and the beginning of their hair

3 : Anonymous2021/04/25 20:29 ID: gvusuh7

This image is so old that microSD cards have advanced enough that you can change 40 times to 400 times now. If not more.

Or you could redo the image to now say all 1300 PS1 games can fit on to a microSD card.

ID: gvv647r

Yes -- 4000 times, now!

(Pasting the math I just did for a post further down:) WP says "128kB to 384 kB was the most common" size, so ~300kB/game * 822games ~ 250,000kB = 250MB = ¼ GB. And since you can get a 1TB microSD card these days, it can fit 4000 times over.

ID: gvvb18f

The entire NES collection uncompressed (with tbf a lot of dupes across multiple regions or w/e) is about 640MB.

ID: gvvbxt6

It still Blows my mind you can get a 1TB micro SD

ID: gvv1ewi

Yeah, I was thinking it was odd that it was specified as SDXC, when a regular SD card would do

4 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:55 ID: gvu9c2v

Here's to hoping that ALL game preservation can reach these levels of procurement & advancement.

ID: gvv1kvs

You can basically fit every game for every console made up to the PS1/n64 on a very modest hard drive. I think a 2 terabyte drive is more than enough. PS2 and Xbox is when they start getting a little beefy.

ID: gvv68iu

There are "consumer" HDDs for up to 16TB... Im sure we can fit one or two more consoles in there... 🙂

ID: gvute4o

The way I read this is that they CAN fit on a SD card, but they're not actually on one.

ID: gvutprg

Not yet

pirating intensifies

ID: gvuvd0o

My retropi begs to differ.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:37 ID: gvueouj

NES cartridges are mostly empty physical space.

ID: gvufibs

The shell and pretty much all the industrial design was way more important to the brand than it is now

ID: gvve77g

It wasn't just the cartridge art, either; packaging used to be a really big deal back in the day, at least for PC games.

ID: gvug9bz

Easy to see compared with the original (Famicom) cartridges from Japan.

ID: gvuu4nz

It was to give the impression of something robust. The NES was also moddled after VHSs to drive home that it wasn't just a video game console but an entertainment system.

The design saved gaming.

ID: gvur3kc

Most of the universe is empty space, so that tracks.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:54 ID: gvu9b60

Where can i get that?

ID: gvuati6

Nintendo also wants to know.

ID: gvugkys

So would my desktop, it keeps saying "Warning: Critical Storage Capacity Reached. Please send Nudes."

ID: gvuxh25

If it's anything like the actual nes cartridge I had that had 100 games then u can get it in chinatown

ID: gvuuqio

If you sail the high seas you can find big bundles.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:27 ID: gvudf32

Which is why it befuddles me that these mini-NES and mini-SNES systems only come with, like, 30 games each.

ID: gvufgse

Gotta launch a V2, V3 etc someday

ID: gvummnv

It’s gotta be licensing, at least partly.

ID: gvuvdyp

Yet they didn't even include all the first party Nintendo games on there.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:18 ID: gvucb7l

The entirety of the original Super Mario is measured in kilobytes. 31 kilobytes. Not megabytes, kilobytes.

Programming was different back then - with memory being limited, it took genius skill to make a game as small as possible.

ID: gvuo34x

It's really interesting story. Graphics is what took most of space. So instead of having just cloud as picture, thet had half cloud which was then duplicated and mirrored in code. And there are many similar things.

If storage and bandwith would not be so high now days, I bet many of those 150gb games could lose 50% of size if devs would need to care.

ID: gvutuxn

The cloud was also the bush.

ID: gvuw262

So instead of having just cloud as picture, thet had half cloud which was then duplicated and mirrored in code.

They also reused the clouds as bushes and just had them tinted green.

ID: gvuty0e

Graphics is what took most of space.

Graphics still take most of the space in games today. The reason why many modern games are upwards of 50GB in size is that high resolution textures are just really really big.

But you are certainly right that developers today have less incentive to keep file sizes down with tricks like you described because storage space has become so cheap and abundant.

ID: gvuue7a

The entire map to Pitfall was just computed by a formula and the creator just used an index to decide which of the 255 stages was the first one.

ID: gvupl7h

The hardware was simpler. A programmer could feasibly understand the entire machine from top to bottom, and program for it directly. Modern hardware is a great deal more complicated, and usually requires an API or other collection of code libraries, meaning that a game may include a bunch of code that never gets used.

Also, because the speed of the processor was so slow (compared to today's machines), it was really important to make every cycle count. This usually means making your code as lean as possible. Modern machines are able to do so many things at once, that they add extra, not strictly necessary, nice-to-have stuff just because they can. Those old programs cut all of that stuff out.

ID: gvuqxie

A screenshot of the original Super Mario Bros is a larger file than the game itself. Shits wild.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/25 20:46 ID: gvuuysz

Everyone know NES has 9999 games and they fit on 1 cartridge

10 : Anonymous2021/04/25 19:42 ID: gvun2rv

PSA: The entire library of NES titles fits comfortably on a NES Classic.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:41 ID: gvuf9qb

Are you telling me there are only 820 games for NES?

ID: gvuurpl

There are 704 unique official games.

There are 105 unique unofficial games. Maybe more lost to time.

ID: gvugnxu

1000+ ROMs, but some games have multiple versions/revisions.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/25 19:44 ID: gvuna99

Only half of Modern Warfare fits though

13 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:25 ID: gvud95m

But it doesn't taste the same.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/25 18:08 ID: gvub4t4

Nintendos lawyers want to know your location


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