Resident Evil defined survival-horror, creating a terrifying and dangerous world that dared you to escape with limited resources and horrific monsters. Also Resident Evil:

1 : Anonymous2021/04/29 13:19 ID: n1463g
Resident Evil defined survival-horror, creating a terrifying and dangerous world that dared you to escape with limited resources and horrific monsters. Also Resident Evil:
2 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:10 ID: gwayo8h

Raid mode is so fucking awesome, such a shame Capcom forget about it

ID: gwb4fca

Fingers crossed we get another Revelations game at some point!

ID: gwbc4xa

YES! Probably an unpopular opinion, but raid mode is way more fun than mercenaries, really wish Capcom would've released a standalone raid title instead of that shitty RE:Verse.

ID: gwbgbli

Care to sell me raid mode and how is different from the mercenaries? Never played raid mode.

ID: gwbeqx1

Raid mode is some kind of improve for the mercenaries that Capcom failed to understand, the mechanics would be pretty good at some online/multiplayer game, REverse could be a Raid mode standalone

ID: gwcb8jf

Man, Revelations 2 is my second-favorite RE just for the Raid Mode alone. I've never really enjoyed Mercenaries much, at all. The whole time limit and scoring system never appealed to me in the slightest when I'm all about playing these games methodically and carefully. Raid Mode can be hectic, but the only pressure is the threat of the enemies, and the solution is just kill them all however you see fit - which is all I need.

ID: gwb4ndr

looks like the new mercenaries mode took some things of raid mode

ID: gwc47j6

I completely agree I’m glad somebody said it

ID: gwcsi7k

Honestly, I think an interconnected island with a leveling system would be great for RE:R. The more I think about it though, the more I think what I really want a game with lots of shortcuts like a souls-like with more an emphasis on horror than difficulty.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:02 ID: gwaxm7l

I spent well over a hundred hours of Raid mode for both REV1 and REV2. Damn addicting, I just couldn't stop cursing the RNG purple drops and then giggle when I get something good. I also really liked participating in the events.

The effin' replay value is real.

I played both on the PS3 and I've always wanted to buy the remastered/upscaled versions but in the end I would always sigh and feel tired, I don't have the willpower to repeat my whole gun collection again.

ID: gwayads

I'm with you. I had Revelations 1 on Xbox 360 and got 100% completion, S ranked every level and conquered the Ghost Ship.

I purchased Revelations again on Xbox One just to replay the campaign on Infernal, but I don't have to heart to start Raid Mode from scratch again.

I've always have Revelations 2 on Xbox One so I can still play it on my Series X which is nice.

The events are still ongoing which is great! And for all my time in it, I have only ever gotten one Level 100 weapon! It was a Rainbow drop which I had never seen before, a Level 100 Muramasa rifle, which happened to be my favorite gun in the game. So the odds were definitely in my favor there.

ID: gwazi1x

Damnit all those memories suddenly just popped out of nowhere when I read your post. I also had a Lv100 Muramasa but I've forgotten the terms to describe it, I recall customizing it to empty its clip and I had to sidestep to cancel the animation if I need to.

I took a look at REnet/portal weeks ago and yeah, the events are still as healthy as day 1.

I know I'll play Raid again, probably not anytime soon, but I know I have the itch.

ID: gwc6rz1

the quick load times on ps4 version are nice

4 : Anonymous2021/04/29 14:21 ID: gwarwgi

Ok I recognize the graveyard from RE6, can someone else explain the giant list of mods being done here?

ID: gwavmgs

No mods actually!

Like the other guy said, this is Raid Mode in Revelations 2. They re-use a lot of stages from RE6 and also incorporate some enemies from Revelations 1, RE5, and RE6 into Raid Mode.

Once you clear all stages up to "Very Hard" difficulty, you unlock a character named Cipher, who cannot equip guns until they level up. However, Cipher has a katana instead of a knife (and is the only character who does).

Cipher also has two alternate costumes, which are the "Lottie" bear costumes my friend and I are wearing as we hack away at the Napads.

So believe it or not, this is the vanilla game on Xbox!

ID: gwawlut

I’ve got it on PC and I finished the main story and Moira’s DLC. But I haven’t finished the other or delved into raid mode but dear lord this looks awesome!

ID: gwbicvu

Man, I am still trying to grind Cipher so Moira can inherit his katana skill. I really want to play as a legit urban ninja!

ID: gwatw1q

I believe this is Rev2 Raid mode. The outfit looks like Lottie, been a hot minute since I played the game so I don't remember if that was an unlockable character. Some RE6 map pieces were in Rev2 Raid IIRC, so that is on par too. Not sure about the weapon, though.

This could actually be pretty vanilla unless I am missing something.

ID: gwav5kf

It's vanilla. The Lottie outfits are alt costumes for Cipher in Raid Mode.

ID: gwauvbw

A giant list of mods boils down to Resident Evil Revelations 2 with some cosmetic DLC
Edit: Apparently even without DLC

ID: gwawl9m

This is just the "base game" (if you can call it that, since it was released episodically).

So no additional DLC for costumes, the Lottie costumes become available once you unlock Cipher

5 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:28 ID: gwb18kj

Raid Mode is the best.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:14 ID: gwazd4w

If you never mentioned Resident Evil then showed me this clip asking me what I was looking at, I would be hard pressed to get Resident Evil. The herb icon is the closest thing.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:56 ID: gwb5bwl

Resident Evil. Dead Rising. Monster Hunter. This is why I love Capcom. They will switch gears from "horrifying" to "ridiculous" on a moment's notice and give you no warning.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:58 ID: gwb5mvw

Also Resident Evil: Getting to play as giant brick of tofu armed with a knife that the devs used to test damage models that was thrown in for shits and giggles.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:53 ID: gwbdn8c

I'm Lottie! Hahahaha! Gosh-a-roni!

(Does backflip)

ID: gwc52ng

Don’t you love me anymore?

10 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:31 ID: gwbagu8

Raid mode was incredible I don't understand why we haven't gotten it remade again like why didn't they create a raid mode instead of re:verse???

11 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:59 ID: gwbejtf

Still playing Rev2 on the Switch. Raid mode is fucking amazing!

12 : Anonymous2021/04/29 18:08 ID: gwbq0ta

I loved different things about both Raid modes (Rev 1 and Rev 2)

Rev 1: I loved that the missions felt like actual missions where you had to get to the goal and it was a long journey to get there. I also loved that you could freely customize your guns as you please. You could take off and equip mods as you wanted without having to destroy anything to fill the slot (changing that was an asshole move).

Rev 2: Everything they added customization wise. More mods, more outfits (for some), more characters. And the character specific abilities that you could master and give to anyone was probably the best damn part. The taunts were so good, the voice lines to communicate were improved.. I just didn’t like that the missions were so short and didn’t feel like you were on a mission with a friend. It was just one area that you had to kill like 30 enemies in and you could move on.

I also HATED how they tied completely different characters to one character as a “skin” (Rachael and Jessica for Gina) they deserved their own slots. Parker too. I don’t care for there being individual character levels and them raising the cap to 100, but it made sense with the masteries for abilities. It just made it a longer grind, but I don’t mind because the game was already addicting anyway.

If they could just merge the two perfectly in Revelations 3 I’d be set. Running a ghost ship with my fire ammo and character abilities? That would be so fun.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/29 14:21 ID: gwarxbi

Tiny baseball caps, hoodies, this will never make me not laugh lol. paddington bear? more like Baddington bear beat downs. you mess with the fluff you get the stuff.

ID: gwavq02

I felt very empowered playing as a giant teddy bear and punching a monster right in the face.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:25 ID: gwb9j8x

I'd play raid mode anytime over reverse

15 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:38 ID: gwbbknp

I screamed the other day when I unlocked Cipher and those were the costumes lmao

However, I hate playing as them, just take way too much space from the field of view

16 : Anonymous2021/04/29 18:03 ID: gwbp8vi

Yeah raid mode is so much fun & addicting. The additional costumes & gestures are hilarious too.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/29 20:23 ID: gwcah32

Raid Mode>>>>Mercenaries

18 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:03 ID: gwaxrhp

It sure can be what makes it great.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/29 14:56 ID: gwawoez

At a time when capcom lost their way

20 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:11 ID: gwb7knc

MrDeath was the gamer tag I used everywhere before this one, it’s weird to see it in the wild like this.

ID: gwba5ek

That is crazy! It's the first gamertag I ever made over 15 years ago and I still use it!

Good to know there are other MrDeaths out there doing the good work.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:48 ID: gwbcy0l

I miss revelations 1 and 2 raid modes. Are they active in Xbox one? They were dying in 360 and always a struggle to find a partner

ID: gwbdmie

I really can't say. With the recent sale, one of my friends picked up Rev2 for 6 bucks and we played through Raid Mode together.

I have tried matchmaking a couple of times in Rev2, I actually did find a partner and played a few levels, but I would assume they are fairly inactive just because of how old they are at this point.

Best bet is finding a real life friend to play through with you.

22 : Anonymous2021/04/29 17:27 ID: gwbk0nz

Lmao this looks interesting

23 : Anonymous2021/04/29 18:24 ID: gwbsbw2

Could be fun with friends.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/29 18:41 ID: gwbuz1i

Really wish Raid Mode came with RE3 instead of whatever that mess we got was. Raid Mode is the best extra mode for any RE

25 : Anonymous2021/04/29 20:01 ID: gwc7ddo

I feel like im one of a very few people who enjoy this game lol

ID: gwca87v

In that case we are a special breed. This game is awesome.


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