Finished RE7 for the first time and first resident evil game I’ve played!! Spoilers.

1 : Anonymous2021/04/29 12:01 ID: n12spo

Truthfully I've never been a fan of survival horror but after 1 hour in of RE7 I immediately fell in love. The attention to detail of maps, how to defeat enemies in different ways and the Baker family holy shit they were creepy (Jack is probably the scariest imo). Story is incredible with eveline being a big bioweapon and mia actually being a secret agent transporting it was a good shock. I only did it on easy and took me 6 hours to finish but I enjoyed every minute. Definitely worth the 8 pound I paid for it like. I've got RE2 and RE3 remakes as well so I'm going to do them next.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/29 13:27 ID: gwakwpj

I think I speak for everyone when I say: "Welcome to the family, son."

Edit: Also, the dlc are pretty neat if you haven't played them yet. And the main story has unlockables and stuff that incentivize playing multiple times, if you want to go for it again.

If you ever have the opportunity, try it in VR. It blew me away.

ID: gwaycxb

Vr isn't my thing cos I can get very dizzy from it easily and then afterwards its not nice. But I will try the dlc though but also I would like to start RE3 since that looks cool asf. Then I'll do RE2 which I did try but I got lost and gave up but I will go back to it.

ID: gwaz8rg

If you try out VR again, apparently wearing a weighted bracelet or having a fan blow into you can help keep your brain at ease and prevent sickness. It’s supposedly supposed to help keep you oriented and grounded. I’ve done the fan trick, it seemed to help me.

ID: gwazdl1

Yeah dude, do it however you feel like! You can't go wrong.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:23 ID: gwb0n1s

You should play madhouse its a way beter experience in my opinion

ID: gwb32kz

I'll give it a try at some point, but atm I want to play the other 2 titles I have which is RE3 and 2. Doing RE3 first i think.

ID: gwblihy

I would recommend re2 first but doesnt realy matter

4 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:36 ID: gwb2eu6

I think Jack physically scared me the most. Being chased by him really freaked me out. However, Marguerite’s shrieks, that she would do every time she spotted you in a sequence that had her looking for you, (and really just her voice in general) made all of her parts really scary for me.

ID: gwb3csa

Oh yeah definitely margurite wasn't that scary tbh, thought she was just a crazy old lady most of the time haha. Jack tho to me was like your typical horror bad guy who would try to fuck up your day no matter what and I fucking loved it.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/29 13:43 ID: gwamwnd

I been playing it in small spurts (I already watched a full playthrough, so nothing is spoiled for me), and can't play for too much or I actually get scared.

I always thought I couldn't get scared from movies or games...but maybe it's because I have dreams that feel real and had nightmares similar to RE7 over the years, but RE7 is probably the first game I've ever played that's genuinely been scary to me.

I think the attention to detail is astounding, and part of the reason. I had times where I thought I was safe and away from Jack, and all the sudden he saw me through the window and tried to chase me down. You can also tell where he is by the floor creaking. The details in the sound and how the AI works is amazing.

ID: gwaz135

Yeah man its really good for a first timer like me and you. I understand the whole scare thing I had that when I was younger and stayed away from horror in general. But recently I mean like the past 3 days of RE7 have made me realise its not too terrifying just when you do get scared brush it off find a molded and kill it relieves all the stress of the scare. The ai is good but it can be fooled easily like the molded you can run past them and not get hit.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:16 ID: gwaziug

Its great to have new fans in the community! I reccomend playing RE4 and the RE2 remake, as they are great games.

ID: gwb2x0s

Hell yeah man I have RE2 remake and RE3 remake. I'm going to RE3 first then 2.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/29 15:48 ID: gwb47zw

If you loved re7. Then you are for sure going to love re8 when it comes out!

ID: gwb4jxu

I reckon I will from what I've seen like getting the same vibes. For now I'm going to do RE3 remake since I got on sale then RE2

8 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:02 ID: gwb65sy

I think you should do RE2 remake first considering RE3 remake kind of feels like an expansion to RE2. In RE3 you go through some of the same zones that you did in RE2 and is a direct follow up. Also RE2 is just better than RE3 even though I did like RE3

ID: gwb6uht

That is what I've heard yeah but RE3 looks way more fun. I did try RE2 a while back and if I remember I got to just before mr x I think and then got lost trying to find the parts for the jail cell. I'll see how I feel cos I have both ready to play at home.

ID: gwbczhp

I recommend RE3 first - it's more linear and action-focused, but that makes it a bit more breezy to get through. RE2 is probably better overall but it's more difficult because of things like getting lost, running out of resources, etc. So get through RE3, and if you're still into the general vibe you have one of the absolute best entries to play next!

9 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:02 ID: gwb69gs

Welcome to the community!!! RE7 really is such a brilliant game. Please tell us what you think when you play RE2 and RE3 Remakes! Those are such a blast. Get ready for RE8 which is a direct sequel to 7!!

ID: gwb74i1

Thanks man and I will definitely. Re8 I'll probably wait till its cheaper while I'm playing RE3 and 2. RE7 is the first proper horror game I've played and loved it. Played on easy haha but still scary as hell

ID: gwb7duk

It’s so scary! I think the moment that first set the tone “this game is gonna be terrifying...” for me was when you throw Mia down the stairs at the beginning and she crawls her way back up through the darkness!

10 : Anonymous2021/04/29 16:21 ID: gwb90f1

I was super put of by the first person aspect but let me tell you how having beaten it like 4 times in the past week or so that this game oozes resident evil, even moreso than some of the other recent entries imo(5 and 6 too name). They nailed it with this game and the HYPE is real for 8 now

ID: gwb9n9k

Aye i seen with all the hype around it. But I'm glad RE7 was my first resident evil since it done what I wanted it to do which was scare the shit out of me and have a fun time.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/29 19:43 ID: gwc4l4v

7 was your first RE game? Sorry to hear about that.

ID: gwcr67y

Yeah why are you saying sorry like that's a bad thing?

12 : Anonymous2021/04/29 22:05 ID: gwcowed

I just finished RE7 this morning and it's my first RE game as well. I loved it a lot, already bought RE2 so I'm about to get started on that. Hoping to beat it before RE8 comes out!

ID: gwcr0mi

Nice my dude I'm doing RE3 then RE2


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