IMPORTANT: Village release post restrictions & day 1 streaming reservations

1 : Anonymous2021/05/04 19:21 ID: n4votz

In order to filter content during the first few days Resident Evil Village's release, there will many temporary restrictions.

Restrictions plan

Day 1: Release day May 7th: Forum type posts only i.e. posts need to be some kind of discussion topic or a question, and live streams by regularly active and reserved users (more info below).

Day 2: Photo mode galleries allowed which must be at least 5 photos, and non-reserved streams/blogs allowed.

Day 3: General (non-discussion) text & image posting, fan art, and blogs about Village allowed.

Day 4: Monday May 10th: Everything back to normal to coincide with Meme Monday. General posts, fan arts, and blogs and streams not about Village allowed.

Stream reservations

For permission to share you stream as a post on Village's release day, simply comment and link your streaming platform in this thread. Your user flair will be edited by a mod so we know to approve your post, so please do not change it back before then.


For those curious about these decisions or have feedback you believe can help achieve our intentions, here's some notes for transparency:

The restrictions were designed to prioritize discussion, Village content, and restrict non-engaging promos and platform advertising. From experience, the flooding is most extreme for the first few days which is why we'd only like it to last the weekend.

The stream reservation being done so regular users & readers are given priority for being active members of this community. There is also a chance regular users who didn't make reservations will be approved if mods recognize the name, so we're trying our best to give leeway.

There will be no fowl for not following the posting rules and bots will be used to inform users of why their posts were removed and restating the schedule, so please don't worry about misunderstanding what's okay to post and when.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/05 14:04 ID: gx0zu6j

So when can we discuss plot and spoilers? On May 10th?

ID: gx14fqb

You can discuss the plot when the game releases.

ID: gx1815t

Okay I just don’t want to get banned for starting a topic on it lol

3 : Anonymous2021/05/05 22:38 ID: gx30njn

My preload of Re8 just finished on my PS5. Is this the ps5 version by default or do I need to do a ps5 upgrade? Thanks

ID: gx3wxrp

I think there's a way you can check if you press start on the game on the main dash. I remember doing that for Miles Morales when that came out.

ID: gx41t9g

Thank you it worked. Press start then go to game version. Mine had a check mark and said PS5 Full Resident Evil Village

4 : Anonymous2021/05/06 15:21 ID: gx5qzhw

I have to say, be careful on Youtube today and in the coming weeks. I keep getting Resident Evil spoiler videos suggested to me.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/06 22:18 ID: gx7etnt

download still unavailable on steam...

6 : Anonymous2021/05/06 17:41 ID: gx6b03c

If you don’t want the game spoiled do not go on YouTube . Those assholes babyzone are uploading videos with thumbnails and titles spoiling the game .

7 : Anonymous2021/05/07 00:34 ID: gx7vdtj

For Steam: as of 8pm ET it's now available across most of europe, asia and oceania, except japan.

VPN'd to London from Missouri and the download started right away. If you don't VPN it will probably unlock to download at midnight eastern

edit: 25.7gigs to download. Not sure after unpack.

edit2: 28.19gigs after unpacked and installed

8 : Anonymous2021/05/06 20:03 ID: gx6vp9t

Man everyone hates streamers in this thread lmao every stream post has all downvotes

ID: gx70tvi

I get the sense that the downvotes are from people who think it's obnoxious for streamers to advertise their platforms... even though you literally need to mention it here in order for the post to even be allowed to go live.

ID: gx70z7l

Yeah I mean advertising streams usually is obnoxious so I get it. But...that's what this thread is for so they should give us a pass lmao

9 : Anonymous2021/05/05 06:05 ID: gwzwke0

What about YouTube Let's Plays? Do those fall under the "stream" category?

ID: gx1h3mx


ID: gx3xp9e

In that case, I would like to request a reservation for "streaming" REVIIIage as a separate LP post. It'll be featured on my YouTube channel.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/05 16:02 ID: gx1gjcw

Will be spooked live at

On Friday.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:58 ID: gx6m9bl

I’m keen to stream on release day and was hoping to post here! Planning to play a complete play through starting GMT evening.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/04 21:34 ID: gwy9sjl

I'm actually just starting a bilingual (Spanish/English) streaming project with village being my first game, right on Friday night,

13 : Anonymous2021/05/04 20:38 ID: gwy1qmt

Hey guys - I am currently streaming all RE games to 100% completition leading to the RE8 release on Friday @

14 : Anonymous2021/05/04 23:21 ID: gwynuuf

Does this mean I'll be spoiler free on YouTube ect until the weekend when I can play it

ID: gwyx4dd

Just dont search for the video, the game is already out early

ID: gwzgoad

How? Is there a way to purchase?

ID: gx4k9oo

I would avoid RE8 videos as a whole now, I’ve had a large plot point spoiled through a video title

ID: gx5hooc

This, one review just decided to go all in on the overall story. Vs sticking to basics and gameplay.

ID: gwyvmu3

Can you clarify? Are you asking if there will be spoilers on YouTube?

ID: gwz6zzs

I'm saying I hope I can get away from spoilers.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:33 ID: gx1tv4s

I'm going to be streaming a lot of Resident Evil Village, Twitch is

16 : Anonymous2021/05/04 22:08 ID: gwyei2e

I’ll be streaming it friday on

17 : Anonymous2021/05/05 14:50 ID: gx16277

Can anyone tell me what the Trauma Pack is for the preorder? I see the name of the things in it but what do they do?

ID: gx1krpn

per the Steam version description:

Includes memorabilia such as the "Samurai Edge" weapon, the "Mr. Everywhere" accessory, a screen filter, special safe room background music, and many more items to help dredge up Ethan's past.

Pack includes:
- Samurai Edge - AW Model-01
- Resident Evil 7 Found Footage Filter
- Resident Evil 7 Tape Recorder Save Point
- Saferoom Music "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"
- Mr. Everywhere Weapon Charm
- Unlock "Village of Shadows" Difficulty
- The Tragedy of Ethan Winters Artwork
- The Baker Incident Report

The Unlock "Village of Shadows" Difficulty item, makes this incredibly difficult mode immediately available. This is normally accessible after completing certain gameplay conditions. If you've already unlocked this, then this item has no effect.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/06 17:51 ID: gx6cklz

Does anyone know if we can play it if we switch our timezone to New Zeland

19 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:47 ID: gx6kq5p

20 : Anonymous2021/05/06 20:00 ID: gx6v8of

I'm gonna be streaming it as soon as it's installed lmao on PC at

EDIT: like early in the am on the 7th, not tn before it releases. Shooting for 1 am and it'll be a long one

21 : Anonymous2021/05/04 20:35 ID: gwy1doh

22 : Anonymous2021/05/04 22:23 ID: gwygez0
23 : Anonymous2021/05/05 00:26 ID: gwyw22t

Will be streaming Village and am currently streaming 7!

24 : Anonymous2021/05/06 17:00 ID: gx656v5

My girlfriend is starting her vtuber Twitch career tomorrow with RE8 and I'd be super thankful if some of you could come around probably between 10 and 15 CEST (if it does come out before 16:00 BST on PC, yikes release times) and say hi:

It's not #shamelessselfpromo if I don't promo myself, right?

25 : Anonymous2021/05/06 14:25 ID: gx5j698

Trying out streaming for the first time, been warming up this week with 7! I'll be starting Friday at 7 EDT

26 : Anonymous2021/05/05 17:32 ID: gx1tpjn

Oh cool! I’ll also be streaming at

If it comes out at Midnight the night before, I’ll be streaming it that night, if not I’ll be streaming it Friday 2:30 central. Btw, I predominantly stream resident evil and horror content of people are interested!

27 : Anonymous2021/05/06 07:54 ID: gx4l127

I’ll be streaming at 8pm BST on Friday night

28 : Anonymous2021/05/06 10:15 ID: gx4tyfd

I'll be streaming on so would love to get the flair

29 : Anonymous2021/05/05 11:40 ID: gx0jw4t

31 : Anonymous2021/05/05 15:20 ID: gx1aakl

I'll be streaming Village on Friday evening, around 8pm BST (3pm EST).

32 : Anonymous2021/05/06 13:40 ID: gx5ddwb

Do we know the exact release time for the steam version?

33 : Anonymous2021/05/06 14:12 ID: gx5hfih

Playing out for reviews! Especially Gamespot. I had to turn it off, as the reviewer started just straight up going through the entire game! No warnings what so ever. I don’t mind some new gameplay, thoughts, what it’s gonna be like. But main story points just keep out!

34 : Anonymous2021/05/06 14:28 ID: gx5jk20

About Day 3

Asia's May 9? Or the West's May 9?

BTW... May 9 is Mother's Day

35 : Anonymous2021/05/06 14:45 ID: gx5lxwa

Going by West timing. EST.

36 : Anonymous2021/05/06 17:16 ID: gx67fyu

thanks... making a Meme

37 : Anonymous2021/05/06 16:18 ID: gx5z4wn

Does anyone know if there is a way we can unlock the village of shadows Difficulty also normally or just through the Deluxe Edition??

38 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:10 ID: gx6fdxx

I’m sure once you beat it you’ll get the unlock

39 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:29 ID: gx6i3k4

Ok that's what I hoped just wasn't sure. So I can play hardcore and my 1st and village of shadows on my 2nd run☺️

40 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:04 ID: gx6ee4n

Major spoilers are appearing in video titles and video thumbnails on YouTube. I already saw too much.

41 : Anonymous2021/05/06 20:53 ID: gx731ra

So I prorderd on Stadia cause they're giving away a controller and chrome cast fir free with RE8 and I find out streaming starts at 10pm on the 7th. Is this true elsewhere are we getting it a few hours early??

Since the first RE I've acquired each game on release date and play religiously till its beat a couple days later. At 37 it's the only series that's near and dear to me, I'm a longterm fanatic.

The demo was dope, fighting the kycans in the tall grass was an adrenaline rush I've missed since RE7.

42 : Anonymous2021/05/06 21:36 ID: gx794j1

Does anyone know when you can pre download on steam If it’s allowed

43 : Anonymous2021/05/06 22:45 ID: gx7i9ue

5pm US Pacific if logging into a UK server via VPN?

44 : Anonymous2021/05/06 23:35 ID: gx7oiy6

Guess I haven’t been here long enough to make a solo post but is anyone having issues loading Re:8 on Xbox X?

All the downloadable content has installed but the game disc just doesn’t register? The X knows there’s a disc in there because when I try to load the blu ray app it can’t read the disc.

45 : Anonymous2021/05/07 01:12 ID: gx7zslg

Have you tried another disc. Make sure its not a disc drive issue first.

46 : Anonymous2021/05/06 23:46 ID: gx7ps2e

I would like to post my day 1 stream here, my link is:

I won't be obnoxious about it.

47 : Anonymous2021/05/07 00:27 ID: gx7ujo0

How do you reserve streams?

48 : Anonymous2021/05/07 00:49 ID: gx7x5u8

there's no preload on steam, can only download when it unlocks to play. In the last hour it unlocked in europe/asia, probably midnight eastern for US if you don't VPN.

49 : Anonymous2021/05/07 00:53 ID: gx7xlbj

Release day is the worst day for physical copy people. I just have to wait and wait for the mail hoping it gets here. Very excited to play

50 : Anonymous2021/05/06 19:06 ID: gx6ncrl

I am having such a difficult time with the first hammer man fight on Hardcore, i think Imma be noob and start again in Normal

51 : Anonymous2021/05/06 21:30 ID: gx78axt

Anyone know if I set my VPN to Australia if I'd be able to start the download? No preload on PC kinda screws me out if playing on my day off tomorrow


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