Welp guys my home caught fire and took my Xbox, Wii, Ps2, PS3, and all my handhelds. Feels like new game +

1 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:21 ID: n5wyd9
Welp guys my home caught fire and took my Xbox, Wii, Ps2, PS3, and all my handhelds. Feels like new game +
2 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:25 ID: gx3sp7f

At least the link sketching survived

ID: gx3wq7c

And the smoke detector, ironically.

ID: gx4pafa

My house caught fire three years ago. The smoke detector melted before it ever woke me up.

Edit: Please don't take this as a shot against smoke detectors. If anything, this has reinforced the need for a good, working smoke detector. When the house was restored, one of the things they had to install to pass code were hard-wired, interconnected smoke detectors, and if they hadn't been required to put them in, I would have asked for them.

Also, here's the smoke detector in question.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:01 ID: gx3wupc

Sorry this happened to you 🙁 hope you and any room mates are safe. Take care of yourself and definitly stick up for yourself when it comes to any remote possibility of insurance claims against the originator. You deserve whatever you can get! At the very least, i feel like they owe you the deposit and last month's rent back if you had to pay first and last when you signed the lease.

In my state you have to show proof of renter's insurance before you can sign a lease so I can only imaging how bad this situation is for a lot of people in your complex.

Start an itemized list now of everything you lost while everything is fresh in your mind! That way if you are able to make claims you have a more complete picture.

Take care of yourself, you got this!

4 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:24 ID: gx3sl3y

That sucks so bad. At least the new systems will be a fun upgrade with insurance money.

Good luck.

ID: gx3wwcl

Dude didn’t have insurance apparently.

ID: gx4m576

Most people dont have renter's/homeowner's insurance from what I understand

ID: gx5lbdb

WTF, it's illegal over here not to have renters insurance..

5 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:13 ID: gx3y3ry

When you're doing your insurance:

Four slot toaster, with digital dial and LCD display; bagel/croissant toasting function, black with chrome metallic edging and auto keep warm option.


4 slot Toaster.

ID: gx44tli

Yep, they will find the cheapest 4 slot toaster they can and say that's what they owe you.

I have a cloud folder with pictures of all my stuff, and receipts for alot of other things like my pc parts.

Edit: This idea actually came from something my parents used to do back in the day. They would take their video camera around the house and film everything, opening every drawer and closet along they way. They did this like once a year or so. My way just makes use of modern technology. I took all my photos with my Sony A6000, but I have also photographed receipts and a few things with my phone. I use my one drive, so to One Drive or Google Drive it's just a simple upload from my phone even.

Tips: Open every drawer and closet and show the contents. Get the photos as high quality as you can, if you take a photo of a DVD or book shelf make sure all the spline titles are readable or just take a bunch of photos along the shelf in sections. It's definitely worth having digital copies of receipts for higher priced items or things like the often mentioned toaster where you want more than the cheapest $20 one insurance can find. Get multiple angles of a room so you can make sure nothing is hidden behind the couch or whatever and missed. I have a list if every video game and movie I own, those aren't enough proof, the photos however back that up. For electronics,, its important to show them on and working. Yes, you want to update this every 6 months to a year, or as you acquire new purchases, you don't want that new $2000 tv left out when you go to claim.

ID: gx45nii

Thats a good fuckin idea. I should definitely start doing that

ID: gx4cy5x

I took a shitload of pictures of every room in my house and have them in the Google drive. Closets, clothes, beds, bathrooms, office, computers, kitchen cabinets, everything everything everything.

It looks stupid but it's documented ownership of some pricey shit that I'd like replaced should the worst happen.

ID: gx4vr4c

When I filed. They gave me 60 for almost every video game and 1900 for my MacBook Pro that was 7 years old. Don’t buy shit insurance.

ID: gx53jve

Four slot PS5, with digital dial and LCD display; disc/usb writing function, black with chrome metallic edging and auto keep cool option.


Four slot PS5

ID: gx59hqt

Insurance Guy: Any valuables in the house? Homer: Well, the Picasso, my collection of classic cars... Insurance Guy: Sorry, this policy only covers actual losses, not made-up stuff. Homer: Well that's just great!

6 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:30 ID: gx3zx35


and make sure the coverage is high enough to replace literally everything you own.

ID: gx4bhvy


SPEAKS THE TRUTH! Seriously, I don’t care if it’s from my company or not, $25,000 of renters insurance is usually less than $25 per month, will help you pay for temporary housing, give you some coverage if you’re sued (like $100k starting) and even protect your stuff if it’s in your car.

ID: gx4gqyk

I’m an insurance property claims adjuster and agree 100%

7 : Anonymous2021/05/06 04:36 ID: gx46abg

I got a ps4 you can have bro Just shoot me a message

ID: gx46ohs

Dude that would be huge for my brother thank you!

ID: gx4izay

If OP can confirm he received something from this man... Everyone give him rewards

ID: gx4s26k

Dude this is a bullshit photo I’m telling you right now. Your hearts in a good spot bit OP is trying to fleece people.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:35 ID: gx3tvsu

We’re hoping! Our whole complex burned down and luckily we’re receiving help from the Red Cross for the time being

ID: gx4647n

I’m sorry to hear OP. I work in apartments and we had three fires in 2 years. One whole building, one half, and the other a section.

Red Cross is wonderful. Please take the opportunity to its fullest. Check with your renters insurance as well if you have it. I had residents that got thousands - one lady got 25k for designer clothes her boss gave her as donations that was damaged by the water. I know this might come off as mean but if you don’t have renters insurance, please consider for the future. Covers your stuff but also in case you cause a fire and damage property. And try to relax as best as you can. I’m so sorry that happened. Your mental health is important right now so make sure it takes priority

ID: gx46x1m

Yeah right now we’re just trying to process everything and internalize what happened. Things can be replaced but people can’t so luckily everyone is OK. Games are a big part of my life so I’m looking forward to getting into it again once we get through this.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:27 ID: gx3swoa

Keep your head up my guy.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/06 04:19 ID: gx44rr3

Are you, your pets or family alright?

ID: gx45j9m

Everyone is ok thankfully!

11 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:50 ID: gx41y86

By any chance are you in Upland CA? That apartment fire yesterday was huge.

ID: gx45buj

Yup that’s the one sir unfortunately

ID: gx4flwl

Sorry about your house dude. Hope everyone made it out safely, best of luck to you.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/06 12:11 ID: gx53gj8

And the walls came out unscathed?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:23 ID: gx3sgd7

The Dark Souls of Housefires

14 : Anonymous2021/05/06 06:06 ID: gx4djy1

As long as everyone is ok.... but also that sucks.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:24 ID: gx3z8hw

You need a PS3? I also have a 360 laying around I think also. Working shape of course.

ID: gx5hqwf

Ask for proof before committing please. I ve seen too many posts like this fishing for good people like you

ID: gx5hwdb

Fair enough. Good looking out.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:22 ID: gx3sdkp

Yikes sorry to hear about what happened u_u

17 : Anonymous2021/05/06 06:56 ID: gx4h6o5

New game+ on nightmare difficulty. Sorry Op. that sucks. I hope it works out for you.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/06 07:10 ID: gx4i5et

i'm sorry man, that sucks

19 : Anonymous2021/05/06 12:03 ID: gx52mmv

Weird how the walls don't look burnt at all, wonder why that is?

20 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:45 ID: gx3v13k

I can't imagine what you're feeling right now. Be safe out there!

21 : Anonymous2021/05/06 06:49 ID: gx4gpa6

I’m an insurance property adjuster. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want or need any advice for your claim.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:32 ID: gx3ti7d


23 : Anonymous2021/05/06 03:21 ID: gx3yzx1

This reminds me that I need to take a detailed inventory of my stuff for insurance purposes.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/06 04:08 ID: gx43ocj

I dont see it in the comments so I gotta ask, how did this fire start??

Also, regardless of your answer, your safe, and all these things can be replaced.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/06 05:55 ID: gx4cqcu

You're alive and that's all that matters.

26 : Anonymous2021/05/06 07:13 ID: gx4idy5


Also that's some fire and a half..hope you're all fine

27 : Anonymous2021/05/06 02:25 ID: gx3sng9

Fuck I'm so sorry!

28 : Anonymous2021/05/06 05:32 ID: gx4ax2n

I’m so confused by this pic- how did your stuff burn but the walls look fine?


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