Kinda crazy if you think about it

1 : Anonymous2021/05/06 16:30 ID: n6bb8p
Kinda crazy if you think about it
2 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:39 ID: gx6jm16

Wasn’t alyx released like two months after its was announced? So it was pretty much done at that point besides debugging.

ID: gx6k3lo

Well that is pretty much every game anymore, it gets released and it is done ... except for the debugging.

ID: gx7p27b

I wish more developers/studios took this approach to marketing their games. Instead of releasing a trailer or a faked gameplay trailer a year after they've started development.

ID: gx7j2b1

lol what, does that mean it doesn't count? As opposed to something like the FFVII remake where they announce it years before when it's barely anything more than a concept?

Announce when you've got shit you can deliver on a guaranteed date. Anything else is just talk, like an artist putting off work until they "buy all the best proper tools."

3 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:02 ID: gx6e7x3

There's a gollum game coming?

ID: gx6icbl

Yeah, crazy how few people have heard about it.

ID: gx6owdv

Honestly I consider myself a bit of a moderate LOTR nerd and I'm super surprised something like this flew under my radar

ID: gx796m6

You could play a Gollum game now by putting on a VR headset with it powered off. You could play the part of his life in the underground lake underneath the Misty Mountains, right before he met Bilbo

ID: gx7vykn

Yea I heard about it awhile ago, I don't see who it's being made for except die hard fans. Who really wants to play as Gollum? Lol maybe Frodo or something

4 : Anonymous2021/05/06 20:31 ID: gx6zw2m

I think that is first because they took their time before even announcing the game and second it was released at the very beginning of the pandemic IIRC

5 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:07 ID: gx6exor

Some of these games aren’t even delayed and were never meant to come out in 2020. Others have been plagued with delays way before 2020 and never had an actual release date announced. This is a very misleading post.

ID: gx7i749

The only 2 that released where FF7R which was delayed for like a month and Cyberpunk 2077 that was delayed multiple times and didn’t come out polished, but was still fun to play. The only other one that was meant to come out in 2020 was dying light 2, all the others ones where planned for 2021 or had no release date

ID: gx7qb8e

I was confused because I thought dying light 2, Gotham knights, and deathloop were games that were gonna be released 2021. And then Vampire bloodlines 2 was originally supposed to come out 2019 and got delayed and then delayed again, and then they fired everybody

6 : Anonymous2021/05/06 17:33 ID: gx69vw9

It's almost like there was a pandemic in 2020!

7 : Anonymous2021/05/06 16:39 ID: gx622tg

There’s a Hogwarts game?

ID: gx668vg

There will be

ID: gx66mco

How did it get released in 2020 without delay if it’s not released yet?

8 : Anonymous2021/05/06 20:30 ID: gx6zn7i

Not to mention releasing virtually bug-free, minus the headcrabs... *shudders*

9 : Anonymous2021/05/06 17:12 ID: gx66tq5

Because there was a pandemic, and there was no point in rushing the games.

ID: gx6igmx

I wasn’t complaining, I was just making a humorous observation

10 : Anonymous2021/05/06 19:36 ID: gx6rnuo

Just want to say again, if you people aren't excited for CrossFire X then you need to think again. Remedy doing an FPS is gonna be dope. Those guys are best in class with the combat loop. Doing an FPS with that level of control and detail will be jaw dropping. Fuck the multiplayer beta, I don't care one shit about that. Its by a different developer and on a different engine. Im talking about the single player campaign that shit will be bad ass.

ID: gx7hrgv

Ehhh it looks like it’ll be their worst game yet. The story looks absolutely generic.

ID: gx7pfez

Yet? Jeez.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/06 18:54 ID: gx6lmi1

That was the craziest thing about 2020 for you? I wish I had the same year you had.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/06 22:39 ID: gx7hijs

What’s Crossfire?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/06 22:47 ID: gx7iljc

Ok what the heck is Lord of the Rings Gollum and why didn't I hear about it?

14 : Anonymous2021/05/06 22:57 ID: gx7jtc0


We'll most likely be waiting till 2025 for this shit.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/07 00:40 ID: gx7w4bf

Who else is pumped for Gotham Knights?


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