That was a fucking lie….

1 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:33 ID: n93cer
That was a fucking lie....
2 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:40 ID: gxmaj5h

I actually told my wife that I thought re7 was scarier. But I liked 8 better. 7 had this whole tone that really made it creepy. Not just scary. But maybe being trapped somewhere in Louisiana is just a scarier idea to me. Village had its scary moments, but all in all I felt a lot less tension. My first playthrough of 7 was just constant tension all the way til the end.

ID: gxmguzl

This. I just finished the game on Saturday and, while some parts made me tense, most of it just felt like a walk in the park. I absolutely loved it and thought it was fun as Hell, but dunno, it just felt a lot easier and more tranquil. I wish Dimitrescu was faster, I wish the Benevento sequence was longer and that the baby was faster or would follow you more relentlessly, I wish there was patrols of lycans on the Village...

Game just had less sense of urgency and danger. I hope that Hardcore and Village Of Shadows difficulties can help even this out on my next playthrough.

ID: gxmhsg5

Hard core is exactly the same with lay out, just some stat changes, enemies are a little different in VOS though

ID: gxmmba9

Same exact story. I did standard first knowing I would replay to get platinum. Was just a paint by numbers easy to play game. LOVE it though and already beat it twice.

ID: gxmoqam

I’ve been playing on hardcore and I highly recommend it, even normal enemy encounters are much scarier because they take a lot more ammo to go down and you can die easier. Makes the “survival” aspect of the game really shine imo

ID: gxmlbgf

Definitely less tension in 8. Or, it was spaced apart more.

ID: gxmmaob

Part of it is that you can picture yourself in a creepy, isolated, seemingly abandoned house. You know that eerie feeling you get when you hear a creaking sound while home alone. RE7 really works with that. 8, however, doesn’t try. The fantastical side of it makes it so you won’t get as truly immersed it.

Personally, I felt like the first half of RE7 was very eerie and tense, but it lost something after Marguerite’s boss fight. RE8 never really had that same vibe.

ID: gxmmkta

The castle kinda has its moments. And the factory was kinda creepy. Really the baby monster is its strongest point imo. Either way still a really fun game

ID: gxmx6xu

That's why the basement of the Beneviento house works, it feels like a real place you could find yourself, and the lack of music and windows makes you feel trapped

ID: gxnegdx

I used to live in shitty rural nowhere USA. There were abandoned houses on the countryside, where it seemed like people left in a hurry, there was still their stuff everywhere, but caked in dust and decay. My friends and I used to go explore these places when there was nothing to do in boring summers. I think that’s part of why the Baker Mansion was so effective for me in RE7. I really felt like I was in one of those old ass abandoned houses countless summers ago, in terms of the visual aesthetic, but more of a fucked up version of those.

ID: gxmoso9

My experience too. 7 is legitimately scary in a way Resident Evil has never been for me but 8 was a better game personally.

ID: gxmpmag

Agreed. I did not find this game nearly as scary as 7. The only "scary" parts for me were the Bienvenito section (you know which part), and the "Look out the window" part.

Other than that, I found the game to be just the right blend of action and horror, I had a fantastic time with it, but hardly ever felt scared.

ID: gxmqojt

I think the setting of RE7 is something that’s just a lot more relatable to at least the average American. A creepy backwoods house is easier to imagine yourself in than a giant castle. At least it is for me.

ID: gxmr48g

Idk(I still haven't finished the game) but the Benevenito(spelling is bad I know) house was the scariest stuff I've seen in an RE.

ID: gxmsccm

The hallways were tighter, making it hard to dodge or get around enemies, movement speed is way slower so that's even more pronounced, and jack stalks you relentlessly and brutally. Personally for me Marguerite was worse, the second I saw that long ass arm snake out of the tunnel and grab that light I just despaired inside knowing I was gonna have to follow. Lol

I totally agree, seven was way more frightening but I love 8 way more, I cannot out it down. On my third playthroughs going through and unlocking weapons, love everything about 8

3 : Anonymous2021/05/10 13:41 ID: gxluqfm

The screams the lycans make. Ugh. Sets me on edge

ID: gxmyagv

It's really tense seeing two or three on the roofs just waiting for you.

ID: gxnda8v

That opening holdout. Watching them retreat filling you with momentary relief. Realizing they’re still creeping around, so you try to crouch and sneak into the next building. On your way over, looking up and seeing like 5 of them just staring at your from the rooftops. Ah shit. Hightail it back to the previous house. Wait, they didn’t chase me. Ugh they’re toying with me. Work up the courage to get back out there and go into the house whose roof they’re on, because, you know, they’re going to attack at some point and you might as well grab the supplies from that house before they do.

ID: gxnbp31

I actually wish they were so easy to spot. Once you know to look for them, they're too easy to find.

ID: gxmz7sm

Yes! Especially during the first encounter where you're just supposed to survive for a few minutes. Hearing the shrieks each time I failed still got me terrified

4 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:53 ID: gxm42bv

Man, you don’t buy a game that’s titled “Resident Evil” with the intent of feeling comfortable.

ID: gxmhh0p

There’s uncomfortable, then there is the baby

ID: gxmnzir

I was enough if a bitch that i looked up a guide for that section just to save myself a heart attack, and the guide simply put 'at this point the baby will begin to chase you, so naturally i was like, oh, a baby doll, that's creepy.

Then i saw the baby and had that heart attack anyways. At one point while being chased i lost my shit laughing at the mental image of modders replacing the baby with that meme of DaBaby

ID: gxmkwos

While other parts of the game unnerved me, that part, and hell, the entire Benevento part TERRIFIED me.

ID: gxmniik

Da Da

5 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:19 ID: gxmg5o0

anyone still hearing "Da da daaaa"?

ID: gxmo3v8


6 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:51 ID: gxmc77j

For some people myself included 7’s atmosphere was enough to make me not want to continue in certain areas. 8 wasn’t very scary besides a few jumps that got me

ID: gxmo2s9

I got inside the house in re7 and uninstalled the game. Still havnt gotten around to playing it lol

ID: gxnhgoj

It’s tough to push thru but man it’s an even better atmosphere than village. It’s not a better game but they really nailed the old Louisiana bayou setting. It’s out of this world realistic.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:58 ID: gxmd7gc

I can't put a spoiler tag on this because I'm on mobile but aside from a few select moments of the game, I didn't think RE8 was all that scary. When it was scary it was PT levels of terrifying but moment to moment it was more like Resi 4 levels of action thriller

8 : Anonymous2021/05/10 18:07 ID: gxmvjdl

Beneviento's section is the scariest the series has been in a LONG time

ID: gxnv6m9

When that monstrosity dropped down for the 1st time I just froze.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/10 17:07 ID: gxmmywb

Marguerite was probably one of the scariest bosses in RE history for me. When she jumps you through the window and the way she moved.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/10 19:40 ID: gxn8vtp

Cannot disagree more. Village did not frighten me at all. Donna's house had me a little bit on edge, but that's it.

The ironic thing is that overall I had more "fun" with Village than I did with 7, but I think 7 is the better Resident Evil game. Village leaves me with the same feeling of unease I had after RE5 where it just feels like Capcom is already losing sight of what makes these games good.

I hope they prove me wrong (seriously), but I'm already expecting RE9 to be an action-movie monster killing shitshow along the lines of RE6.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:10 ID: gxmeu4h

The beginning where you wake up at the truck crash and walk through the dark is pretty scary and reminds me of RE7. Also, creeping around Castle Dimitrescu and House Beneviento is up there too, but it's more about adrenaline and action like RE4 after that.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:01 ID: gxmdkry

I THINK I've played the MOST scary parts of the game so far, also having played the "PT" part at 3am in the morning being very tired. Worth it. I can tell it dialed back some in RE8, cause I'm kinda comfortable playing- like not in panic mode. Also it's not as claustrophobic as RE7 was and that's one of the key things that get me in "horror" games.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:23 ID: gxmgons

Possible #unpopularopinion but I don't think any of the REs are particularly scary, overall--I mean, they all have a mildly spoopy first act, then ramp down the spoop and ramp up the power in the second act, and ramp up towards action in the climax--and in my opinion that's what works so well.

7 wasn't scary as much as it was tense, outside of the Baker chase sequences--but 8....8 definitely had me on the edge of my seat more than once until at least midgame, between the Lycans, frantically finishing the mask 'puzzle' in the main foyer of Castle Dimitrescu (because I didn't think to do it piece by piece as I went along, and had Lorge Lady stalking me right outside Duke's room), and that god damn part in the basement of House Beneviento. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shitting myself through that whole ordeal.

ID: gxmy7p7

I've never seen RE as a 'scary' franchise. It's schlocky horror mixed with puzzles and item management.

IMO it would be a mistake to try to push it more toward genuine horro

like P.T., Silent Hill, Outlast etc. RE should be an action adventure with horror themes and settings.

ID: gxmyuus

I agree, I think that Village was perfect, atmosphere wise. The horror section was brief, and very well done. My only complaint with the game isn't with the's that it didn't tell you about cooking before it actually unlocked, but told you to give ingredients to Duke. So I wound up selling some of my fish and meat to Duke...only to unlock cooking 15 minutes later, and not being able to cook some of the meals. -_-

14 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:25 ID: gxm8fgp

Beyond that one bit (anyone who has finished the game knows the one :P), there isn't really much horror in the game compared to like the first 2 thirds of RE7.

It has its moments but it is massively toned down in the horror department.

ID: gxna6zr

It definitely trades horror for style in RE8. Say what you want, but that games atmosphere and setting is immaculate. Especially the castle, Lady D’s got class.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:23 ID: gxm86bt

Who the fuck said RE7 was too scary?

ID: gxnd8jn

I wouldn’t say RE7 is “too scary” but it’s the scariest RE game in my opinion.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:57 ID: gxnjpin

My biggest disappointment was the fact the game rushed too quickly into daytime. The opening lycan sequence should have at least taken place at night and gradually turned into daytime before you would trigger the cutscene and end it.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:53 ID: gxmceet

Like, it is more chill on the horror than 7, but fuck you capcom. THIS IS YOUR SURVIVAL HORROR FRANCHISE. if people find it too scary, eh maybe you're not making it for them! don't try to please everyone. I'd welcome a bit more horror in this.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:57 ID: gxmd14c

Definitely felt this while playing, but that's not necessarily all bad in my eyes. The fact that this story was a natural progression of Ethan, and thus he spent the 3 years between games studying survival tactics. The premise of the game completely lends itself to a more action oriented experience and not one of an ill-prepared, joe-blow IT guy navigating a man's worst nightmare. I mean, how can you expect this game to POSSIBLY live up to the near-masterpiece of horror that was RE7? Especially with the driving factor behind RE8's story being Ethan's daughter, son that man ain't scared he's PISSED. Anyway I loved Village, even if it didn't scratch the same horror-itch as RE7, it was still as good as I hoped if not far better. And the ending though... my heart. Well done Capcom, absolutely stoked for the next game.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:32 ID: gxmi3a9

Re7 was def "scarier" imo. The small house and dark atmosphere, also jack is a bit better as a stalker than lady d since he can at least grab you. The molded did get boring though and it fell off a bit in the shio section.

Re8 had some tense sections but most of it wasn't thst bad. Benevento house was most horror part of the game and the factory is also pretty good too. Castle was eh, couldve been worse. Best part in there was the dungeon and wine rooms for sure.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/10 17:01 ID: gxmm698

Was never once scared except when that baby sludge chased me mabye. Like going up the dark basement stairs. You know there is nothing there but you have an extra pep in your step.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/10 17:54 ID: gxmtooi

House Benevito got me like....


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