i rmb the time when assassin creed makes you feel like john wick

1 : Anonymous2021/05/10 08:32 ID: n8zj39
i rmb the time when assassin creed makes you feel like john wick
2 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:20 ID: gxlluk2

The ship songs are what made this game the best one of the series

ID: gxm24pr

The frustration of chasing those damn things around town.

Get out of the way!

Why are you climbing the tree?

No! Don't grab that ledge! Fuck!

ID: gxmpcdm

One of my favorite AC game ever.

ID: gxn591i

walk at them backwards (not looking at them) and they dont activate their chase. easy grab.

ID: gxlm65c

Everyone gangster until ac4 flag release Bink's sake crew song

ID: gxlyxkg

that's a lie, that's a lie, thats a lie, lie, lieeeeeeee

ID: gxmpbjq


ID: gxm1mkg

A man of culture I see.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/10 08:36 ID: gxl5ql9

One of my favorite AC game ever.

ID: gxlzlc7

Right??? I went through all of them again since I got the series x and man they are better than I remember. And yes black flag is still the best

Edit: spelling

ID: gxm8v4s

I agree it was a cool setting. And I loved the epic ships battles

ID: gxm0c9u

Which one is this?

ID: gxm0vox

Black Flag

4 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:47 ID: gxm3abt

Imo the combat was even more fun in Brotherhood. You could just kill and kill and kill relentlessly. There was never any need to run and hide unless you got bored.

... I guess that's why they changed it lmao

5 : Anonymous2021/05/10 08:42 ID: gxl63qb

Also makes you feel like Blackbeard with best ship battles of the AC series

ID: gxlnt7p

Blackbeard is actually in the game. He's your friend. You get to control his ship once.

ID: gxm6efa

I was sad they let you control the man of war for one mission but never again. The cannon broadside move he had that fired like 30 cannonballs at once was so satisfying

6 : Anonymous2021/05/10 09:40 ID: gxl9l67

Then people complained that games were too short so now they've been designed to absorb as much time as possible instead of being fun.

ID: gxluwva

I like both styles of game. I feel they should've split the franchise into two and had the big open world one and then a more Splinter Cell-like one.

ID: gxlgqyr

Yeah I like old games better. I really don’t like Valhalla. Combat is lame and it’s just all over the place. No focus.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:34 ID: gxln8ja

That wasn't even an assassin's Creed game. That was a really good pirate game with the assassin's Creed IP.

ID: gxlsr9h

That's fair. Regardless, the game was fun as hell.

ID: gxlvja3

Hard agree.

ID: gxlth1k

That's how I feel about Odyssey after not playing any AC games after 3. It just feels like a different game, but it's so we'll done that I still really enjoy it and think it's great

ID: gxm24v8

So many people internally tried to convince Ubisoft to make this game a new IP instead of an AC game but Ubisoft's leadership is insanely risk adverse.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:12 ID: gxll1l7

I rmb the time people used actual words.

ID: gxlzqk9

First time I read the title I thought “I right mouse button the time?...”

ID: gxm0rzb

"Wait, right mouse button does that in Assassin's Creed games?"

ID: gxltzb6

I’m left with this feeling. Like they didn’t save any time typing it that way and I actually wasted time trying to figure out what the hell rmb was supposed to mean.

ID: gxlvx6c

Normally its right mouse button.... which is why I had trouble with this one too.

ID: gxlvn88

Definitely spent more time than I'm willing to admit to figure out what "rmb" meant......

ID: gxn3ub1

why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick

ID: gxmwacb

Right mouse button.. right?..

mouse? button?

ID: gxm0d0h

First thought. Exceptionally cringe

9 : Anonymous2021/05/10 13:21 ID: gxlsb4x

Blackflag to this day, is 100% my favorite

10 : Anonymous2021/05/10 13:13 ID: gxlrfh9

“I right mouse button the time”...

ID: gxm10b9

"I bet ya right mouse button, I bet ya right mouse button Those times go on and on In the back of my miiiiiiind"- MJ 'Right Mouse Button the Time'

11 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:33 ID: gxm1c68

tbf combat was stupid easy back then, i liked the middle ground on assasins creed unity where you will get your shit beat out of if you try to mow down the entire enemy army, so you have to actually be stealthy

ID: gxm1ljq

Unity combat is the best in term of difficulty wise.

ID: gxm4vcp

Unity is the most authentic AC game to date. Smoothest parkour, stealth focused, like any assassin should have, and a defensive combat where you cant just 1v100 with the hidden blade and a cute sword

12 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:30 ID: gxmhrld

This is why it blows my mind when people say they prefer the combat in the new AC games. I couldn’t disagree more.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:12 ID: gxlyjrh

I remember when it was about doing assassinations using stealth like an assassin.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:34 ID: gxm1jn7

TIL rmb means remember and not right mouse button.

ID: gxm9xcx

No, you didn't learn anything. OP is just trying to be hip. Don't copy them.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:05 ID: gxlxpyk

this combat got extremely repetitive, all you had to do was mash one button, and sometimes mash another button to counter

ID: gxn45wp

So basically the same as modern AC games but quicker

ID: gxn5k3l

that sums up nearly every AC game when it comes down to it

ID: gxn5y6h

How’s that any different from Valhalla

Mash light attack


Mash light attack


Occasionally use an ability


16 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:57 ID: gxm4ptf

I miss the old style AC games. I absolutely hate the new ones.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:06 ID: gxm5u30

...now off to tear down wanted posters


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