Afterlife (2010) and Retribution (2012) – Screen Used Props

1 : Anonymous2021/05/13 22:53 ID: nbtsm8

Lot #198 – Resident Evil Afterlife (2010) Alice Milla Jovovich Screen Worn Jacket

VIP Fan Auctions, an auction house that specializes in screen used props and wardrobe from movies and television shows are currently auctioning over 325 lots of original props, wardrobe, and production entertainment memorabilia from over 125 hit films and TV shows in our Spring Entertainment Auction Event!

We have 2 lots from Afterlife (2010) and 2 lots from Retribution (2012) in the auction. The item in the image above is Alice's screen used jacket in Afterlife. This military style custom jacket was used by Jovovich in various sequences throughout the film. If interested, the auction ends next Friday, May 21 so get your bids in before then!

Here is a link to the listings:

The mods were nice enough to give us permission to share the auction!

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ID: gy1d5st

And yet, they still use characters, bioweapons, locations, and some lore from the games while creating its own. "Resident Evil in name only" my ass. It's just in a completely different universe from the games like every other piece of media we have in this franchise.

Not to mention they have a large fanbase, many people enjoy the movies, especially the action, the plot, and characters in them. I wouldn't say they're terrible if there are a lot of people out there, including fans of the games, that like these movies.

Now, can we get back on topic with this specific post about the set props that are in auction sales and not comment the same shit, bashing the films on every live action related post?

ID: gy3hd8u

While on the topic of the qualiry of the films Ive only seen 1 and 2 and honestly 1 is pretty good the sets in tbat movie are awesome. 2 less so. Honestly wish they kept the game characters out of it and kept the illusion that they were other stories from the same universe. I think that wouldve gone over better. Atleast with me and imo im the only person whose opinion counts.

ID: gy1i21p

You're brave for saying this but you are 100% right.

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ID: gy54ji9

The first movie is a genuinely good film that takes the corporate subterfuge angle of the games and expands on it. The second movie is entertaining fan service while the third movie is less fan service but still somewhat entertaining. After the first three, the movies take a noticeable dip in quality on the production/postproduction sides, with special mention to The Final Chapter for the disorienting editing and the horrible crew accidents that occurred.

ID: gy5coc9

It’s hilarious to me that you’re trying so hard to defend such a shit movie franchise with your multi paragraph comments. The plots fucking suck, wooden acting and some of the most atrocious quick cut editing i’ve seen in my entire life. Have you seen any other movies ever? The RE movies are objectively shit lmao, they’re made so that the director can give his wife a lead role in a franchise

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ID: gy1fh08

Many people enjoy plenty of crap things, does not make it good. The movies are a spit in the face to the games

That is your opinion, doesn't make it a fact that they're bad. Like how many people say RE4 is good doesn't mean that others like it and believe that it is terrible, there are no facts here, only opinions.

Most video game adaptations of movies are terrible and most fans of those games usually hate those movies.

That's because too many fans have high expectations expecting them to be carbon copies of the games and fail to realize that these "adaptions" aren't meant to be adaptions and are meant to be reimaginings of the universe. Every game company makes contracts for the directors of the live action movies to be different and have their story seperate from the source material.

If you're going to be furious at the directors then be mad at the companies who made the contracts. They're not for everyone, but you keep your expectations low then you'll never be disappointed and appreciate them more. Don't say that I didn't warn you when the upcoming movie reboot diverses from the source material like the originals. And you're not going to enjoy something if all you do is focus on the negatives and rarely the positives with this bias thought process.

So posting something movie related on the game subreddit was obviously going to get you negative attention

But did anybody ask for your opinion in the post? No? Okay then. Time and place man, time and place. The topic of live action related content shouldn't need constant negative attention.

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