Then vs now.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/17 18:37 ID: neo40g
Then vs now.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/17 21:15 ID: gyhrvim

RE1 Chris did laugh in Wesker's face when he showed him the Tyrant, so he gets points for that. And bonus points for starting with a knife and having only six inventory slots.

ID: gyiae22


Stahp it!

ID: gyis6zr

Man Wesker being indignant like an overconfident edge lord who got ousted as dumb is super funny.

ID: gyioqge

You're laughing, it's the ultimate lifeform and you're laughing

ID: gyivlm8

ha ha ha what a story wesker
how's your sex life

ID: gyil3r1

"Ha ha ha! Wesker you've become senile!"

ID: gyid2yt

Omg, I love those memes about Chris laughing at wesker. There was a lot on this sub before.

ID: gyifwt7

And bonus points for starting with a knife

But he loses points for somehow losing his gun between the introductory cutscene and entering the mansion. Not very professional to drop it.

Makes him look bad considering Jill, Wesker and Barry all keep a hold of theirs.

ID: gyiil75

More or less professional than Jill who dropped hers, or Wesker for leaving it there in the middle of the entrance hall after chloraforming her ass?

ID: gyj4gt4

He did it on purpose so he could show his real guns!

3 : Anonymous2021/05/17 20:33 ID: gyhm2u6

Re8 Chris would've broken out of the cell in the Spencer Mansion with his bare hands

ID: gyic7iy

And then suplex a giant spider

ID: gyir858

Man would blow the head off of Lisa with his bear hands

ID: gyjbzen

That’s his arc. Becoming a giga manly Chad

ID: gyiv7ao

Then punch a boulder

ID: gyigpf3


4 : Anonymous2021/05/18 00:50 ID: gyiii0t

I did the math: Chris is fucking 50 now

Honestly if I were Chris and I'd been dealing with this bullshit for 30 god damn years straight I'd be murdering the wives of my mild acquaintances too

ID: gyj84be

Wait what

ID: gyje04y

Don’t worry not a major spoiler, it literally happens in the first 2 minutes of the game

ID: gyjcifn

He's getting too old for this shit

ID: gyjni6k

Not quite he is 48/49

ID: gyjuhtv

Yea he was born in 1973, basically 50 tho.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/17 21:10 ID: gyhr7g5

Chris has seen some shit.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/17 21:55 ID: gyhwzl9

Bang bang

Ethan, this isn't your wife. It's this psycho bioweapon mold thing I've been tracking. She's after your daughter. Here, come with me so we can keep you both safe.

GUYS! Put Ethan and Rose in my car and a grenade up this things ass just in case she ain't dead. You know, cause I have decades of experience with Bioweapons and know they are hard to kill. Especially molds since I saw a little girl who made a kaiju out of one.

ID: gyi553p

Honestly game coulda been a solid 5 minutes with significantly less deaths

ID: gyiy3iv

Chris: Everyone around me dies, I don’t think I can handle more deaths..

Also Chris: is the reason everyone dies

ID: gyiit96

I don't care how many people talk around it: the fact Chris literally didn't explain ANYTHING to Ethan when there was AMPLE TIME TO DO SO is so asinine that it's practically a plot hole

"oh they were worried he was under mold control by Miranda!" THEN WHY DIDN'T THEY RESTRAIN HIM AT ANY POINT BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE? That was OBVIOUSLY not a concern don't sit there and bullshit me by pretending it was.

ID: gyiojx5

After replaying and sometime sstil llooking at cutscenes i just can’t believe how dumb it is, there is a difference between being hostile and non hostile, chris literally punches or attacks ethan in every single cutscene where they come in touch with each other, if you out your mind to ethan you LITERALLY see him as an enemy, nothing else but fucking enemy, it’s after that last cutscene part where he gets to finally know what it is, damn man, even on the last part he got punched kicked and ripped from hos gun which also got unloaded too infront of his face by this damn man

ID: gyjhztj

Yeah. I mean, sure , you’ve got to have a game and some mystery and stuff. But Chris could have just said “Hey Ethan. This isn’t your wife but a shape-changing impostor! Your wife is captured.”

Instead he goes “sorry Ethan” and just has his soldiers arrest him.

I kinda wish they would have come up with some reason for why Chris couldn’t tell Ethan anything.

ID: gyjic4n

because they needed a real kicker for the trailer: make people think Chris is the bad guy.

I honestly wish that was how it went and he actually killed Mia, like he forced under control or whatever.

ID: gyic7la

Or, and here's a thought, why not use the RAMROD rounds specifically designed to stop this kind of creature? Those were plentiful enough in Not a Hero

ID: gyidvzc

First thought? You know how Chris takes both the Bioweapon and his MVP targets? I think he KNEW she would survive to some extent but expected her to at least be cripple enough to be transported.

I mean, he's investigating her and the village. So killing her would go against his plans when he probably wanted to both study her mutation and interrogate her for motive.

The lapse in judgment which makes this fall apart as "cheap bullshit" is that an experienced agent like Chris would put Ethan and Rose in the same vehicle as a known Bioweapon while himself also not being present. Chris I know would have not only put them in separate vehicles, he would have either been in the same one as the bioweapon or directly within the caravan carrying it.

They essentially dumb down Chris to make him perform these stupid actions because the creative department was lacking in "how do we get Rose and Ethan to the village while also throwing Chris in as a suspect"

ID: gyiwgoq

Dude legitimately, even the hounds call him out on it.

Even if it got to the point where they were at the village there was no reason for Chris to be a cunt as the reservoir either. That would have been the perfect time to explain shit.

“Hey bud, that wasn’t your wife it was a mold monster after your daughter who can copy people, crazy I know. She is going to resurrect rose later tonight and that’s when we are going to go in and clean house and save your daughter. I’ve got an entire squad, choppers, a billion bullets and a mortar team ready. Just wait with us for like 8 hours and we will get her back.

ID: gyiacu3

The main issue I have with this sort of thing is that I really doubt Ethan would accept that the Mia he’s been living with for god knows how many weeks or months was actually a shapeshifting Mold monster playing mind games with him, and I really doubt Chris would be willing to take a 30 minute break to sit down with a guy who’s been in close proximity to a shapeshifting Mold monster (who incidentally has a PhD in brain-controlling Mold parasites) for god knows how many weeks or months just to run him through all the intel explaining that this was the case. Worst case and unfortunately plausible scenario is he already knows, and is about to turn into some kind of Mold monster to defend her.

Unnecessarily brutal? Yes. Could’ve at least tried to de-escalate? Yes. But if any explanation was going to take place, it would’ve been at some sort of Hound-Wolf base with Ethan in a cell until they were sure he was clean. Also, it’s no explanation for how Chris was behaving at the reservoir.

ID: gyifg4s

“But if any explanation was going to take place, it would’ve been at some sort of Hound-Wolf base with Ethan in a cell until they were sure he was clean.”

This was probably the plan up until Miranda/her goons crashed the van, killed everyone in it and kidnapped rose for themselves

ID: gyj20le

Fun fact if you look at the days between Mia taking Rose in for a check up, and something with Mia's medication you can see she was there for about a week or less before Chris broke in

ID: gyidcvq

That's an excuse.

Chris literally takes Rose from Ethan. Just giving him Rose and forcing him into Chris' car rather than a truck with the Bioweapon would suffice. Once inside the vehicle all he had to do was show documents or his phone evidence like he does at the shop. He could literally force Ethan into his car at gunpoint then take Rose in to calm him down like he did with Ethan in the first place.

Putting your most valuable targets into the same vehicle as the unknown bioweapon is ABSOLUTE CRAP for a guy whose had decades of experience with Bioweapons, including seeing what should be "dead targets" miraculously survive. They literally made Chris act like a moron as an excuse to have Rose taken and Ethan placed at the village. It's forgivable as creativity lacked in the intro department. However, there's no excuse. It's lapse of judgment used in cheap movies and series to make otherwise smart characters do dumb shit for drama sake.

ID: gyia4ec

Could have solved everything with a little bit of communication.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/18 01:17 ID: gyilnwr

shoots up your home

kills your wife

steals your baby

refuses to elaborate any further


ID: gyiya12

My favorite is when further in the game he says he didn't have time to explain. Like mf it took you like a minute you could have said that instead of "take them away"

ID: gyji6e1

It’s not very time consuming to say “this isn’t your real wife”.

ID: gyj4blh

“You REALLY should have told him”


8 : Anonymous2021/05/17 19:46 ID: gyhfdxk

No joke, that guy punched a giant freaking boulder back in Re5, i guess we could agree he got his first buff there

9 : Anonymous2021/05/17 22:13 ID: gyhzejo

Chris has gotten off the roids since RE5 though it looks like

ID: gyjq5er

Hes hit 50 I suspect that's slowing him down.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/18 03:48 ID: gyj2vcd

Chris squad: should we tell ethan about the plan

Chris: no, i dont think i will

11 : Anonymous2021/05/18 02:17 ID: gyisth8

All the exp from killing Wesker.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/18 02:19 ID: gyit2db

the lighter was an excellent touch

13 : Anonymous2021/05/18 03:47 ID: gyj2tgx

Repost of a meme someone made right after the first trailer.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/18 05:27 ID: gyjbzfp

At least RE8 was the first time that Chris didn't let his team died

But sadly, Ethan took all of his curse like a champ


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