Facebook Won’t Allow Cloud VR Streaming On Oculus Store

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:33 ID: lzboua
Facebook Won't Allow Cloud VR Streaming On Oculus Store
2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:11 ID: gq1bn0u

Of course not. It would link back to SteamVR so they’d get no money from it.

They only allowed Virtual Desktop’s streaming feature after over a year of people going on about it. The venn diagram of people who are hyper-enthusiastic for VR and the people who would benefit from cloud streaming are almost two entirely non-touching circles.

ID: gq2pfvi

SteamVR isn't Cloud VR, since your computer is a local source.

Applications that stream immersive VR content may only do so from a local source, that is, a device that the customer has physical access to. Streaming from virtual devices or cloud sources is not allowed.

ID: gq1mgke

That doesn't make any sense.

They've supported SteamVR since a few months after the first quest launched through oculus link, which you can use with any standard usb cable. That's clearly not a factor in their decisions.

They just didn't allow virtual desktop because they didn't consider it to be good enough, it's gotten a lot better in the last year - the developer has been improving it a ton.

They won't allow cloud streaming because it's not good enough yet.

ID: gq6cjmj

What are you on about champion.

ID: gq3sdji

still seems odd to me that you need to make an organisation to get wireless streaming to the quest 2.

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3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:16 ID: gq1cpzb

Cloud VR seems like an idea that is destined to fail. Game streaming still isn’t good enough for fighting games or competitive shooters. I doubt it will ever be good enough for VR, which is probably the most latency sensitive application on the entire planet.

ID: gq1fjnl

For cloud VR to succeed it would take nothing less than restructuring most of the internet.

ID: gq1tccs

I have no idea if you've tried it before but it already exists and works pretty well with good internet connections. (70 - 100mb)

Virtual desktop comes to mind which lets you stream directly from your pc, not entirely cloud but you can use it with pc cloud gaming services ( like shadow) And it has gotten great reception so far from people who have tried it, something like 30ms latency.

Shadow has a better option in the works for cloud vr however the company has filed for c11 bankruptcy last week so I don't think it's going to be released anytime soon.

My point is if any other company will ever make a cloud vr service it won't be "destined to fail".

ID: gq1ojql

If it is destined to fail they should let it fail on its own.

ID: gq22rlp

i havent had an issue with shadow pc and virtual desktop

ID: gq37m4b

Even playing movies seemed like a pipe dream at one point.

A combination of most of the gruntwork being done remotely, with a late update directional adjustment for head positioning and maybe motion controls being drawn locally...

I can see some elements of it working, but you wouldn't just be able to run the game as-is remotely. It would need splitting into local and remote components.

Those same ideas could be used for all game streaming tbh. Mouse control remotely is bad now, but if it was simply sent to your PC with some overscan and positioned later, I can see that feeling a lot better. You'd have to draw things like the UI and objects that move with the camera (the gun) locally or in a separate layer.

It would never be as good as local play has the potential to be, but a VR spec PC is an expensive beast.

And I think we'd need a proliferation of cheap VR headsets to make it viable. To be able to play movies natively in a virtual environment as well. I can see people taking that up more than for gaming. I can see VR support becoming a part of the HDMI spec at some point.

I doubt any of this could happen in the short term (we're still waiting for eye tracking to make VR rendering cheaper for example) but it's worth exploring.

ID: gq34zeh

the most latency sensitive application on the entire planet

Holy hyperbole batman...

ID: gq1mfc8

Techniques like Asynchronous Time Warp can combat latency. They allow head movement to happen with zero latency even if the game is slightly delayed. I could see cloud VR being used for some casual games and 360 movies.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:05 ID: gq1m54o

People already have issues streaming VR wirelessly from PCs right next to them, I'll give Facebook shit for a lot of things but banning cloud streaming VR is not one of them.

People already find the latency on Stadia painful for normal gaming, that experience gets 100 times worse in immersive VR.

ID: gq1pq1b

while i think streaming vr games is most likely terrible i dont think they should ban it outright

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:11 ID: gq1nedh

Facebook isn't trying to improve the VR experience or audience. They're trying to extract money from a thing they bought that somebody else built. They can fuck right off with that strategy.

ID: gq2qvs9

At this point Oculus has been a part of Facebook for 7 years. They have access to Facebook's deep pockets and they've made quite a few advancements in VR technology in recent years. At this point I'd say Oculus is more than just "something somebody else built" to Facebook.

ID: gq1s2fi

They're the most innovative VR company. They regularly add huge features to pre-existing hardware (Link, finger tracking, 120hz on the Quest2), in addition to software improvements like Asynchronous Space Warp, and constant updates to the user experience. The prototype tech they've shown off at talks is also particularly innovative. Yeah Facebook as a platform has all sorts of issues, but Oculus and Facebook Reality Labs has continued to improve the VR experience. Its not even a question to anyone within the ecosystem.

ID: gq1ssx2

This is straight up wrong lol, have you never heard of the Quest 2? It's $300 for a reason and it it's very versatile with it's capabilities.

ID: gq3nnad

I'm sorry what? Ill say fuck facebook all day but it's hard to call the quest a bad product in most respects.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 07:03 ID: gq2rcqf

It's sad that we have in our time a cool, revolutionary and immersive new tech that is evolving slow because of the same old reason, people wanting more money.


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