Calculator is superior duh

1 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:33 ID: nll8hf
Calculator is superior duh
2 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:11 ID: gzjji1p

Been around for hundreds of years, never makes a mistake bad answers is because of the user, works out the box no need for updates, saved your ass thousands of times when you have to calculate tip

ID: gzjk7a7

Not to mention that bad boy can run on solar power. 10/10

ID: gzk3hf5

Murica. Calculating tips 1000s of times because businesses refuse to pay their workers livable wages

3 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:37 ID: gzjnbvn

I don’t see TLOU 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 solving my math problems.

ID: gzk0vve

A cyberpunk bug would probably turn your math problem into a philosophy question and then answer that question with a riddle and then give you an error.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/26 20:09 ID: gzk0i4q

I feel like the fact that TLoU 2 has 5x the quantity of ratings of Cyberpunk even though it was Sony console exclusive goes to show how many fake / review bomb ratings were cast. Not saying it’s objectively a 10/10 or anything, but it’s pretty obvious it got a lot of fake 0.0 ratings.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/26 20:36 ID: gzk4bbn

The fact that The Last of US P2 is lower than Cyberpunk says a lot about the online gaming community.

ID: gzkf1x1

The last of us 2 controversy is peek gamer culture.

If I didn't see it happening, I would believe people are this dumb. But here we are

6 : Anonymous2021/05/26 19:44 ID: gzjwvej

Calculator is GotY to be honest

7 : Anonymous2021/05/26 20:29 ID: gzk3cnj

I watched a bunch of TLoU2 on youtube.. It looked amazing

Why do people hate it?

ID: gzksrmm

On one side you have people claiming that the only reason it won awards is because it tries too hard to be "woke" with gay and trans characters and non-traditional body types. On the other side you have people claiming all the hate is because of sexist, transphobic, incels who didn't get to play as their favorite character.

Both sides are wrong as there are plenty of good reasons to praise and dislike this game. The Fandom has been split into two extremes, but the true quality of this game lies somewhere in the middle.

The animation, the acting, the setpieces, the gameplay are all fantastic and clearly show naughtydog at their best. The characters are pretty good despite many lacking nuance. There is one glaring stereotype and most of the side characters lack any real character development, but the acting and the banter they have with the MCs is great. It does feel though that you don't get to spend that much time with many of these characters before they make their exit.

The story, though generally alright, has some pacing issues where all the plot and tension that builds to a logical climax comes to a screeching halt and starts all over with a different character. It also tends to jump around too much with flashbacks, though they tend to be where most of the character growth happens. The story also fails the Bechdel test pretty hard as both female leads are directly motivated by the men in their life. I was hoping that at one point the two MCs would come to some kind of understanding, but it doesn't really come. We are supposed to believe that the two understand eachother, but the narrative doesn't do the leg work to make it happen so it requires the audience to make assumptions about important character development.

Though I found myself mostly enjoying the game, I would have preferred if the game had ended in the area after the theatre. However, the developers decided they needed to torture the MC more. I wanted for her to find her purpose in this new world and it would seem the game was building up to that, even the extra chapter at the end looked as if it would finally help her discover what her purpose is, make it feel as if she had another chance at choices taken from her. Sadly it never comes and we find the MC back to where she was at the beginning of the first game.

As a game it's actually quite good, but the character Ellie deserved a better ending. I'm not suggesting that she needs a happy, life is great ending, but she needed purpose. Ellie wanted meaning, the game ends without delivering that for her. It's this lack of meaning that makes me feel a little bitter about it.

ID: gzkax8j

It was review bombed by people who couldn't accept that the main character was gay.

Too bad for them it still broke records in sales and awards won.

ID: gzkvpg2

umm no, it was review bombed because the game killed everyone's favorite character. Idk why you are trying to jam your political/social grievance into it

ID: gzke6v5

Thank you... sounds sad 🙁

ID: gzkqeo1

I don’t think that’s the reason at all, as TLOU left behind portrayed Ellie as gay and was utterly beautiful and brilliantly reviewed.

In my opinion TLOU2 just had no soul. It’s overarching message and tone boiled down to something as simplistic as “revenge is bad”. But I do accept that it got bombed. But imo that was more RE big spoiler which meant fans didn’t get to see a lot of a character they’d grown to love.

ID: gzk86xg

Because their favorite character died

ID: gzkec13

The story wasn't particularly good and completely unsatisfying, the characters were pretty poor and it felt over Oscar baity if that makes sense. The gameplay and world were pretty good though and technically very impressive.

ID: gzkjz7v

Downvoted for the truth.

ID: gzkfrlq

Their both transphobic/homophobic and don’t understand story telling. Specifically the second one. A lot of those losers are upset because the game/story didn’t do what they wanted it to do, and it didn’t tell the story they were expecting in the way they were expecting. Meanwhile stories are actually supposed to make you think and then challenged your thinking. TLOU2 did all that a Gamers™️ honestly just weren’t cultured enough for it.

ID: gzkaefn

Because they’re transphobic.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:36 ID: gzj5r2c

TLoU2 doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near that low

ID: gzj6ngv

Having an opinion on Reddit about LOU2!

You are brave

ID: gzj5wx4

I played the first one, was the second one a let down?

ID: gzk4hzn

Second one was a step up. Many people feel divided about how the narrative went at some points in the story but many agree it was amazing.

ID: gzjrnkc

I thought the second game had amazing gameplay and graphics, but the story wasn't as good IMO. There were some choices characters made in the later part of the game that I found very frustrating to the point I was just telling them to stop through my TV. I think it was supposed to be frustrating though, so it accomplished what it set out to do. I have no regrets though and would recommend anyone who liked the first to play it.

ID: gzje4h7

The story is good, but the "structure" of the story is kinda weird to me, like, the apex of the game is in the half point. After that the timeline goes back to 4 (5? Can't remember) days prior to that, so you go half of the game with tensions never getting as high, to me that made the game feel too long and boring at times. It's hard putting it into words how i felt, but imagine the Hobbit trilogy, the Desolation of Smaug ended just before the high point of the movie and i had to wait like a year to watch the atack on Dale, the same feeling a had on that movie a i had on TLOU 2, like "i have to wait to see the story that clearly should have been told now? That's BS". But that is just how i felt, you may like it, in you place i would give it a try. Even not liking that particular structure choice i still rate 7.5/10.

The gameplay is more fluid BTW, it's more enjoyable

ID: gzkmpet

Just play it.

Legit one of the best story based games I've played.

ID: gzj7fee

From what I hear the story is no where as good

ID: gzj7oeh

Not at all. It was a good game with a great story.

ID: gzjtut5

Gameplay and graphics are really good, storyline feels weird, the structure were not good, abuse of flashbacks, characters were all over the place, and stupid at some occasions.

ID: gzj98yy

It also doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a 10/10. A great game but even an 8/10 is being generous and this is coming from a diehard fanboy.

ID: gzjr6w0

Either 9 or 10/10 for me

ID: gzk2s5o

I think it’s a 9/10 game. Not perfect, but still great. Opinions of course.

ID: gzj9qan

Your opinion

ID: gzj8apa

While that score is honestly too low for the game, the 10’s and 9.5’s that circulated everywhere were also dishonest scores. You can’t deny that the game didn’t resonate with a pretty sizable portion of its audience.

ID: gzjd51x

TLOU2 had just an unexpected and maybe even depressive storyline to most of the players, but therefore the game isn't bad. I really liked that they gave another twist to it and just not make a second TLOU1 if you know what I mean.

ID: gzj98h9

I'm sure a lot of people will plead the 5th talking about this one.

ID: gzkhnxz

Yeah, it got review bombed right after it came out. Saw a bunch of 0s from people admitting they didn’t even play the game.

ID: gzkss9a

But muscle woman bad. Killed daddy Joel.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:57 ID: gzjq36b


10 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:44 ID: gzj6zjg

EA has bought the rights

Next game comes with 1-6

Rest of the numbers are DLC or found in loot boxes

11 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:57 ID: gzjq4pz

how does cyberpunk have a better rating than last of us 2? the thing was so full of bugs everyone was talking about it for weeks. and the story was so boring i stopped watching the youtube playthrough shortly after the prologue mission with the chip

ID: gzk7qtk

Because each person only had a few bugs, but taken altogether when everyone showed their bugs all at once, it looked as if the whole game was just that constantly and impossible to even play. In fact, it played perfectly well even on launch for me, on PC.

And as for the story, it really is great, but as with any art, it’s subjective. If you don’t want to play it, that’s fine, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t exactly treat your opinion, having watched a tiny snippet off YouTube, to be authoritative, right? Let others enjoy it, and they’ll let you think whatever you want too.

ID: gzk1vc0

I disagree that the story was boring personally. But yea I dont think it should be rated higher than TLOU2. I think cyberpunk was a perfectly above average game with a shit ton of bugs. A lot have been fixed. Id put the game at like 6.5/10 with everything said and done.

TLOU2 is about an 8/10 for me though. Thats just too low and I know its only because of all the controversy around it when it launched. But at the end of the day these scores are only opinion so not too big of a deal if they differ from my opinion.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:35 ID: gzj5lwr

bro you gonna get the dlc?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/26 21:59 ID: gzkf21u

I'm surprised those game are even that high

14 : Anonymous2021/05/26 22:14 ID: gzkh7a0

Shovelware getting stranger and stranger nowadays.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/26 23:06 ID: gzknuec

I really enjoyed TLOU2. Cyberpunk was good but sadly unfinished. Calculator gave me a degree

16 : Anonymous2021/05/26 23:44 ID: gzksivu

I'd rather do math than play Last of US 2 , but Cyberpunk I dunno .

18 : Anonymous2021/05/26 23:54 ID: gzktsos

The numbers don’t lie!

19 : Anonymous2021/05/26 23:56 ID: gzku0oq

Still waiting on the remaster, bunch of sellouts...

20 : Anonymous2021/05/27 00:10 ID: gzkvppy

is this how kids get away with saying they need a switch for school?

21 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:36 ID: gzj5rms

Nintendo could shit into a box and sell it, their fans would still be hyped.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:48 ID: gzj7j9a


23 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:55 ID: gzj8m3w

Nintendo has nothing to do with the calculator app.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/26 19:27 ID: gzjugvn

Bad day?

25 : Anonymous2021/05/26 20:28 ID: gzk38dz

Nintendo games suck ass

26 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:24 ID: gzjlel4

Sabec is the publisher


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