Regarding Heisenberg

1 : Anonymous2021/05/26 16:58 ID: nlltpj

So I had my heart set on this fucker not dying, absolutely wanted more out of him and was hoping he'd be the Lukas of this game (and hopefully survive the DLC too) but alas, he becomes Devastator and upon closer inspection, isn't even just Karl in a suit, he's mutated into a cyborg nightmare

BUT, there is still hope

Lady D remarks that only Ethan and Mother M have seen her in her Vampire Dragon form, which implies the ability to return to their 'normal' state after transformation, if we can assume this extends to the other lords then perhaps Heisenberg could've survived and used his metal-kinesis to repair himself as a Cyborg - or since he is theorized to be the one who called the BSAA, they retrieved his body and brought him back.

I'm well aware that as of this moment, he's dead. But my point is unlike Lady D, Donna, and Moreau, he is the only lord with a chance of surviving as he's the only one we never saw turn to dust, instead only seeing his wreckage.

Also, while RE always has cheesy writing, if this does happen eventually and this was 'all part of his plan' then I'd love for his 'No my metal army! No I must kill her!' cheesy lines to be him trying not to laugh saying it as an act.

I just want more Karl dammit, I really wanted a fight with him and his hammer too, maybe he will go and find that 'boulder punching asshole' one day.

EDIT: Also Moreau shifts between Fishking and Hunchback forms in his bossfight (for no real reason) implying that yes, all the Lords' can shift back and for

2 : Anonymous2021/05/26 17:23 ID: gzjcj09

more on BSAA, you can see on his planning board that he did indeed plan for their arrival to go against mother miranda

ID: gzjcou2

he was a man with a plan and a STAR spangled man ruined it all with ungodly amounts of C4

3 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:18 ID: gzjkkkr

How do you reconcile us receiving his remains?

ID: gzjm8gf

We receive his heart, people have come back from worse, in his very own workshop he resurrects corpses with a engine in the place of his heart. And for me, if they were going to do it, the very game-mechanic-y collect a corpse wouldn't be a big enough hurdle to jump over

ID: gzjmn4q

Yeah, but it seems that only forms when they die, crystallize, and crumble apart. I don’t dislike the idea of him surviving, I’m just not sure it’s likely or could be realistically explained

4 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:47 ID: gzjorpk

When does Moreau turn back into his hunchback form during his boss fight? I've never seen that happen.

ID: gzjowrv

Unless I misinterpreted it, he attacks the shack you meet Chris in, then climbs out of the water 'holding it in' to talk to Ethan, before transforming again and beginning the first phase of his boss encounter

ID: gzjql6m

Oh, you're counting the puzzle section as part of his boss encounter, okay. That makes more sense.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/26 18:27 ID: gzjlw2r

You literally sell his heart for scrap. He's dead dude.

ID: gzjnx5x

Ethan got his heart ripped out and he was fine

ID: gzjql1h

He was a bit more quick in his step than most people would be, but Duke commented that he was in pretty rough shape. And then, you know, he calcified.

ID: gzjx8tw

Ethan is explicitly described as an exceptional case, and also didn’t sustain anywhere near as much damage as Heisenberg

6 : Anonymous2021/05/26 21:47 ID: gzkdj4m

I honestly think it would have been way cooler if we ended up working with him to defeat Miranda in the end. Shame he was so hung up on using Rose to do it (still not sure exactly what the plan was there). Ethan managed to kill her alone, together it would have been a stomp.

I don't really see him surviving losing his heart and having the whole village blow up, but Wesker came back from very nearly the same fate, so why not?

ID: gzkdyg1

Mhmm - that's what confused me, they never clarified what Rose could do, let alone what someone else could use Rose to do as I don't think Karl could've picked her up, pumped her head like a shotgun and killed Miranda that way.

I would've loved a 'Chris Chapter' v a 'Karl Chapter' depending on who you sided with, a more nuanced Mia v Zoe but I understand that would've been too much

ID: gzkff7g

That would've been cool if he ended up being good in the end! I wasn't totally clear on what he planned to do with Rose either, but I think because she was the "perfect" vessel for the Cadou, the plan was to control her in some way and turn her against Miranda?

I did notice when I finished my second playthrough that the castle survived the blast, so I think the factory and immediate surroundings also weren't destroyed. Wesker [RE1 spoiler incoming] seemed to be destroyed at the end of RE1 and somehow got out before the mansion exploded, so Heisenberg surviving similar circumstances may be possible I guess!


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