This dialogue is a lot more interesting now

1 : Anonymous2021/05/29 14:28 ID: nnolhc
This dialogue is a lot more interesting now
2 : Anonymous2021/05/29 15:14 ID: gzvm303

It's fun to think that alcina's comment of "he's starting to go a little stale" could also be alluding to this.

ID: gzvm5d0

Good shout! So many details pointing to Ethan’s true form

ID: gzw2gc9

Added onto that, a lot of bugs eat mold, so it also makes sense that Alcina finds him stale, but her buggy daughters mention that they disagree and find his blood delicious.

ID: gzw752s

Yeah that part was definitely foreshadowing.

ID: gzw6xan

I mean, if we go deeper, technically she also calls him a 'man thing'... not a man, but man thing. lol

ID: gzwl4m7

Yeah but, she also says “That man, will pay for what he has done.”

ID: gzwl6k0

I think that might just be her misandry showing

ID: gzx9cl3

I thought she said that just because she likes virgin girls blood so Ethan's blood may seem "stale" to her just because he's in his thirties But that's a great theory!

3 : Anonymous2021/05/29 16:49 ID: gzvx5cu

so, is mia a mold monster too? isnt she cure already.

ID: gzvxqo0

She got the cure, but I don't know if it would have made her immune to getting reinfected. So who knows.

ID: gzw018w

She did get reinfected didn’t she? At the end of the boat segment

4 : Anonymous2021/05/29 15:39 ID: gzvoxsa

So nobody is going to ask how a dead guy made of mold is even able to impregnate a women to begin with??

ID: gzvp360

Well you see if you look at it scientifically uhhh.. well I guess... because like they’re both mold and like.....ummm life uhh finds a way?

ID: gzvsaab

Top 10 questions even science can’t explain

ID: gzwc4wu

Miranda when she learns of Rose, “That crazy son of a bitch did it”

ID: gzvxv11

I mean he's mold but his heart beats and his brain works.

Idk why his balls wouldn't work tbh

ID: gzwcge9

mold is stored in the balls

ID: gzw3806

His heart beats? Miranda made sure to fix that issue

ID: gzw55kf

Best explanation so far.

ID: gzvzrd4

When God made Ethan, He broke the mold

ID: gzwt42l

All that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold

ID: gzvws8b

The Mold doesn't completely erase the victim's entire physiology. Ethan Winters still exists, but his body has become part of the mold. He may be dead in a sense, but the mold keeps him functional like the Baker family. Ethan may suffer intense beatings and mortallly fatal wounds and shrug it off. Its all because his body is contaminated with the mold.

Ethan died and was reanimated by the Mold. His short period of infection, lack of presence around Eveline, and the fact he was killed then infected may had spared him the insanity and mental control the others suffered around Evie. Him having a child is all due to the mold keeping his body functional. I'd dare say Ethan is a practical superhuman at this point.

ID: gzvtskg

the way it makes more sense to me is that, when Jack killed Ethan, the mold asimilated and MIMIC his whole beeing, to a cell or molecular level, so, in that sense, if Mia is also mold, both have sperm-mold and egg-mold that can "procreate"

ID: gzvtrxz

My theory is that, as we see, the various molded-humanoids with high affinity can control their bodily shape and have incredible regeneration. Ethan's greatest strength is his willpower, determination, and focus. I think he imposed upon the mold the shape and function of a normal human, essentially replicating a normal bodily system (as we saw with the heart) with all the functions, but if you looked too closely you'd see the presence of the mold.

So he had molded effigies of sperm. Add in a vaccinated Mia, and well, that's why Rose is so perfect. All of the upsides of the mold, none of the downsides.

ID: gzw6m3p

The mold recreated him perfectly, genetically.

But it's still mold. So the seed that birthed his daughter was made entirely of the mold, then fertilized Mia's egg. The child, Rose, would be at least partially genetically mold, and depending on whether it spreads as a fungus or virus, potentially all mold.

ID: gzw8scx

I think the best way to view this is that Ethan is dead but the mold is what makes him stay alive, kinda like a parasite so that if the mold is destroyed it will also kill Ethan.

ID: gzvtbm8

I mean, he's a dead man made of mold doing a bunch of stuff. I can't see why having a baby is any weirder than anything else really

ID: gzwe5z3

? Rose IS the mold.

It's alluded to then specifically said numerous times throughout the entire game. You should probably play it again.

Miranda explicitly says that Rose is Evie perfected. Rose IS the mold.

ID: gzw0p8b

Twilight rules, he had one last nut saved up from before he died

ID: gzx2qhy

he coom with mold into mold vagen and a mold girl came out mold

ID: gzwnigx

The Megamycete is shown to be capable of cataloguing the consciousness and genetic data of the things it absorbs. This is the reason why Miranda is capable of mimicking other people and shape-shifting into a bunch of different animal and insect forms in the final boss fight. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe that Ethan is a special case where the mold replicated or supplemented his biology perfectly, complete with working reproductive organs.

ID: gzw3ccu

You’re questioning that in a game with....everything else it has ?

ID: gzw5fwb

I also called Skyrim unrealistic for not being able to climbed 180 degree slopes what’s your point?

5 : Anonymous2021/05/29 17:41 ID: gzw37pc

Nothing is worst than being dead without knowing.


6 : Anonymous2021/05/29 17:42 ID: gzw3er7

I mean every time you die the game tells you your dead. It was in our face the whole time.

ID: gzwnold

Can you kill what has no life? restarts checkpoint

ID: gzx7bbz

What is dead may never die

7 : Anonymous2021/05/29 20:30 ID: gzwncsy

How did two dead people make a bebe?

ID: gzwnefe


ID: gzx0e9y


ID: gzx6oo9

Barry wasn’t dead when he “made” Moira. Moira also didn’t die.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/29 15:18 ID: gzvmiuk

so why did eveline let him do all that bullshit in 7? lol

ID: gzvrmil

I assume that every time he gets hurt and heals it it's mold that's replacing the human tissue.

ID: gzw3q9z

I always thought Eve gave him too much leeway, like, in the dinner scene she's there because she wants to know him personally, since she wants a father figure and what not, and having a mind controlled dummy is not what she wants; akin to what she let Zoe and Lucas do thought the 3 years period.

This continues up to the ship where then she starts caring that Ethan may be dangerous to her and tries to stop him but by that point, Ethan is mostly running on inhumane determination, and I always thought the shockwawes when he is trying to vaccinate Eve is her trying to regain control on Ethan, but we know how good that went lol.

ID: gzvuwj7

She didn't have control over his actions like the rest of the infected (minus Lucas).

9 : Anonymous2021/05/29 19:10 ID: gzwdqev

That's right dead excited to go to Romania!

10 : Anonymous2021/05/29 19:47 ID: gzwi6yy

Why didnt Mia die tho? She got messed up pretty bad in re7?

ID: gzwr20r

From what I understand, Mia was already fully infected with the mold before Ethan "killed" her. On the other hand, Ethan was killed before being fully infected by the mold. The latter scenario led to him becoming a reanimated corpse of sorts, rather than an infected human who couldn't die in the first place due to the mold's regenerative properties.

ID: gzwncr6

I assume it’s another Ethan situation with her being dead and being kept together by the mold

11 : Anonymous2021/05/29 17:36 ID: gzw2opj

this is a new record!
duskgolem and other leakers are bitches compared to mia who dropped huge spoilers of a 2021 game back in 2017!


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