i remember it like it was yesterday

1 : Anonymous2021/06/05 18:54 ID: nt2n7n
i remember it like it was yesterday
2 : Anonymous2021/06/05 19:03 ID: h0prips

I'd love to see a topographical 3d version of a pokemon map to get more perspective on areas like this.

ID: h0q78r5

There's a few rom hacks to bring the older games up to the ds ones in the works

ID: h0qbxpc

Queue a Pokémon Uranium level freak-out from Nintendo

ID: h0qn3tk

Let's set how they pan out considering the Oblivion and Morrowind remakes in Skyrim are about to turn 10 years old in November.

ID: h0qmdy3

Someone did it in minecraft. It's called Project Kanto

ID: h0qmoop

That is actually amazing. I wonder if there's a map download to check out lol. Gonna look into this, ty!

ID: h0qsscy

That seems to have a flat cycle path though...

ID: h0qkg3b

Gamefreak lack the imagination needed for this these days

ID: h0qh9c1

do you realize how many years it took me to realize what the ledges that you could only jump down from above were?

ID: h0qhrsg

What are those ledges?

ID: h0qkuxv

As a kid, I always assumed they were fences and the reason you could only hop one way was because you were hopping from the "inside" of the fence.

ID: h0qhee6

That's why this would be so interesting to see!

ID: h0qi4jo

what are they

ID: h0qkm8e

I mean let’s go pikachu and let’s go eevee is basically a 3D version of those old games.

ID: h0qkwkl

I don't mean a 3d version of the game, I just mean a 3d map for reference.

ID: h0qku4o

Better yet a AAA VR Pokémon game ... it’s not fast moving action so there would be little to no motion sickness. Perfect for VR. Could actually throw poke balls... travel between cities and towns .. the list goes on.

ID: h0qpjac

I've pretty much wanted this since I was a kid

ID: h0qr2fu

Honestly if they should do a Pokemon VR game it should be a new Pokemon Snap game. That would translate real well into VR I think.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/05 22:37 ID: h0qgnr4

Escape from the city

ID: h0qixnu

Rolling around at the speed of sound! Got places to go, Gotta follow my rainbow!

ID: h0qqeym

Can't stick around, have to keep moving on, Guess what lies ahead, only one way to find out

4 : Anonymous2021/06/05 19:11 ID: h0pshls

Parking a motorcycle on that road would be awful.

ID: h0qij8n

Absolutely the worst. I used to park my bike on a super steep hill and it was such a fucking pain.

ID: h0qzy1j

Rotor lock on the back wheel, front wheel turned away from the curb, kickstand down. Easy.

ID: h0qiweo

Depending which side, your bike could lean at | or — using the kickstand

ID: h0qjlri

is this loss?

5 : Anonymous2021/06/05 22:45 ID: h0qhiqx

One second you're speeding down at 60 mph, next thing you know the handlebars punch you in the gut after a trainer lock eyes with you looking for a challenge.

ID: h0qs1zl

Da ding! !

6 : Anonymous2021/06/05 19:30 ID: h0puono

I know we cant get the proper perspective, but it bothers me that is on the wrong side of Fuchsia City

ID: h0quf03

I really didn’t wanna be that guy to point it out so I appreciate you homie

ID: h0q3ehm

Dude 😀 It bothers me too

ID: h0q3vgp

It's technically the correct side. The entire town is just mirrored

ID: h0q9d0t

Shouldn't it be rotatee 180 degrees, all the doors are facing south iirc

ID: h0qh80v

That's what made it hurt my brain even more.

ID: h0qq0j4

It's still wrong. There's a gate and a grass field on the south exit of the cycling road.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/05 19:51 ID: h0px8xe

I imagine cycling road to be like those roads that slope at 60 degrees in San Francisco

ID: h0qn3yu

I visited SF to longboard and it was terrifying. Great at times but also terrifying in others. Then there is also the uphill part

ID: h0qpxbq

You gotta pay the climbing gods for them to reward you with the descent

ID: h0qo8gb

Oh wait, cycling road was a big hill?! I thought it was a really windy road which would push you faster hah

ID: h0qpl7j

Same here! But then I'm from the Netherlands, no big hills (well, one) but plenty of wind.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:03 ID: h0qjlis
Biker sent out Clefairy!
9 : Anonymous2021/06/05 21:46 ID: h0qas23

damnit now i want a game like this, that's flat but comes in as you move towards it to a 2dish effect.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:52 ID: h0qov4z

Yeah what kind of cycling road only goes straight down? Not particularly bicycle friendly if you ask me lol.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/05 20:00 ID: h0py8hh

It's on the wrong side and it bothers me way more than it should

12 : Anonymous2021/06/05 19:18 ID: h0ptbay

What is the original picture?

ID: h0q51kz

It's at least 11 years old, and it's actually not a photo.

It's an oil painting by Ron Francis

Image on his website:

/large/skateboarding_l.jpg" class="reddit-press-img-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">u/oils
/large/skateboarding_l.jpg" class="reddit-press-img">

Edit: Worth adding that this edit was made by Geoffrey Le Saout on Facebook yesterday

13 : Anonymous2021/06/06 00:09 ID: h0qqs6x

Aww shit here we go again

14 : Anonymous2021/06/05 21:29 ID: h0q8rkn

Dude im poss drunk thus picture is not very nice to look at

Love it tough

ID: h0qjtag

My man.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/05 21:28 ID: h0q8o33

here is the image flipped because seeing the town like that stresses me out


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