Stained Glass Squirtle Squad

1 : Anonymous2021/06/05 22:54 ID: nt7mwo
Stained Glass Squirtle Squad
2 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:09 ID: h0qk980

God tier art skill and God tier choice

3 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:17 ID: h0ql22t

Squirtle SQUAD!

4 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:37 ID: h0qn9it

Thats just the leader. Need the others for a squad

5 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:13 ID: h0qknol

I've seen some poo on reddit my good person but this is a absolute peach of a post.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:15 ID: h0qku6e


7 : Anonymous2021/06/06 02:53 ID: h0r7qo9

He’s gonna squirt if you keep fingering his prostate like that.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:49 ID: h0qolgw

This is fantastic. Any tips or links for someone looking to learn this power?

9 : Anonymous2021/06/06 03:07 ID: h0r920p

Shut up and take my money... Ill take the whole squad

10 : Anonymous2021/06/06 04:16 ID: h0rfedr

Squirtle looks happy to see us.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/06 12:41 ID: h0sf6df

I too like to finger small turtles.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/06 16:23 ID: h0t4697

is it just me, or is it looking kinda.....

13 : Anonymous2021/06/06 07:59 ID: h0rvzp8

You selling them????

14 : Anonymous2021/06/06 11:24 ID: h0s92dg

If someone orders this and it's custom made, approx how long does it take someone skilled and what would it cost the customer?

Would love to know, it's something I could see getting into for sure. Thanks!

15 : Anonymous2021/06/06 11:47 ID: h0sars0

Holy shit

16 : Anonymous2021/06/06 13:07 ID: h0shmbz

Thats probably one of the cleanest stained glass projects I ever saw, amazing job!

17 : Anonymous2021/06/06 00:18 ID: h0qrpa0

A squad needs to have more than just one individual for it to be a squad.

ID: h0qsevf

But I mean, my hand is technically in the picture so we could be a squadron

ID: h0qrzr9

Yeah I forgot a word, too late to turn back now

18 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:17 ID: h0ql46e


19 : Anonymous2021/06/06 01:00 ID: h0qwa0f

I wish I could pull off sunglasses like that squitlrtle can

20 : Anonymous2021/06/06 02:22 ID: h0r4rkc

Perfect tattoo idea: convincing your girlfriend to get "squirtle" tattooed above her vagina

21 : Anonymous2021/06/05 23:14 ID: h0qkt0x


22 : Anonymous2021/06/06 01:39 ID: h0r09o9

This is quality

23 : Anonymous2021/06/06 01:52 ID: h0r1ncw

That is pretty fuckin slick!

24 : Anonymous2021/06/06 03:14 ID: h0r9shk


25 : Anonymous2021/06/06 03:24 ID: h0ramzf

Holy fuck

26 : Anonymous2021/06/06 03:43 ID: h0rcgkt


27 : Anonymous2021/06/06 04:02 ID: h0re492

Omg I need

28 : Anonymous2021/06/06 04:12 ID: h0rf285


29 : Anonymous2021/06/06 05:53 ID: h0rn960

It's a glass Pokémon?

ID: h0rnbig

A stained glass pokemon?

30 : Anonymous2021/06/06 06:57 ID: h0rrstm

I wish I was that skilled. that's mental

31 : Anonymous2021/06/06 07:01 ID: h0rs2jc

I just looked through a bunch of your art. It's very nice, keep up the good work! You are very talented

32 : Anonymous2021/06/06 07:28 ID: h0rtxfj

How much?

33 : Anonymous2021/06/06 07:30 ID: h0ru1ij

How'd you do the mouth? I love stained glass. I took a class, I wanna get back into it, and I have no idea how you did that. Is it just a bent wire floating over the surface?

34 : Anonymous2021/06/06 10:18 ID: h0s4qn5


35 : Anonymous2021/06/06 10:53 ID: h0s6yy5


ID: h0ssqr2

Just so you know, I reported every single one of your spams.
If you get banned from this sub, I helped play a direct part in it.
Just wanted you to know.

37 : Anonymous2021/06/06 11:17 ID: h0s8mv9


38 : Anonymous2021/06/06 15:03 ID: h0sumam

Squirtle Squad for life!

39 : Anonymous2021/06/06 15:35 ID: h0sy8tj

Thats very nice, must’ve took some hard work

40 : Anonymous2021/06/06 16:22 ID: h0t40ee

How much

41 : Anonymous2021/06/06 16:34 ID: h0t5mbh

Also a firefighter captain

42 : Anonymous2021/06/06 16:43 ID: h0t6om0

This is amazing

43 : Anonymous2021/06/06 18:44 ID: h0tm1zo

mad skillz bro

44 : Anonymous2021/06/06 01:21 ID: h0qye3j

Squirtle is my favorite Digimon! You did a fantastic job!


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