Did you know?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/14 21:30 ID: nzxl35
Did you know?
2 : Anonymous2021/06/14 21:47 ID: h1s1st7

Does anyone's parent actually say this? We have gamer grandparents now.

ID: h1s5m4y

Its quite common in more conservative households.

ID: h1s65q0

My conservative grandparents play video games. This is not a joke. WWII Vet grandfather is all about NES Final Fantasy games on an emulator so he can save everywhere/whenever.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/14 22:36 ID: h1s8fcj

I learned a lot of racial slurs thanks to gaming.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/14 22:31 ID: h1s7slz

I swear this is a repost

ID: h1sa44a

This image is original.

The content itself ("DAE vidya gaem gud") has probably been meme'd to death by now.

ID: h1s8e5v

Welcome to Reddit

ID: h1s8seb

I took a photo of the TV screen with my phone camera (you can see a bit of background reflection from a light on the top left), then used Word on my phone to type the text then screenshotted it. Then used meme generator website to put the pictures together.

ID: h1s9nsg


5 : Anonymous2021/06/14 22:41 ID: h1s95p0

Wait, is that true?

ID: h1sfegn

Sound is a longitudinal wave. It's pressure/bunched up air molecules hitting other molecules and causing them to also be bunched up. That energy goes outward in a wave. It's like playing with a slinky. If you laid a slinky out, grabbed one end and quickly pushed it an arms length towards the other end and pulled back to your original position, you can watch a compressed section move down the entire length of the slinky.

Well gasses are rather loose and there's a lot of space. It's harder for each molecule to actually find another molecule to pass the wave along too. There's too much empty space. Liquids are more compact. It's easier for each molecule to bump into another. So it's easier for sounds to travel.

Solids actually transmit sound even faster since things are rigid and compact. It's easy for each molecule to bump into another since there's not much of that "empty space".

For example, someone drops their keys 50 feet away you. You don't even hear it. But think of when you're sitting on a long empty bleacher. Someone drops their keys on the other end. You hear that sound sharply transmitted through the length of the metal as loud as if they dropped the keys a foot away from you.

ID: h1sj0m6

You explained better than any school could, thank you

ID: h1scq2m

It’s in a video game, it must be!

6 : Anonymous2021/06/14 23:36 ID: h1sfr7j

I feel like I learned a lot of complex vocabulary at a young age because I grew up on RPG games.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/14 21:49 ID: h1s237u

You'll never learn anything if your a mobile gamer. Mobile gamers are basement dwellers that live off of doritos and mountain dew

ID: h1s3vcv

Nah, most mobile gamers are just regular people who play on their phone during their break or whatever. The real basement dwellers are the ones who say things like "Mobile gamers are basement dwellers that live off of doritos and mountain dew".

ID: h1s5jci

You didn't have to tell me that you were a basement dweller

8 : Anonymous2021/06/14 22:35 ID: h1s8bj5

Clickers: learn how to swim

Abby: " oh Neptune... "

9 : Anonymous2021/06/14 23:36 ID: h1sfsli

The average golfer has 93.4mph of clubhead speed and generate 214yds off the tee with their driver.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/14 23:41 ID: h1sg9p5

Doesn’t mean you can retain the information

11 : Anonymous2021/06/15 00:06 ID: h1sj524

Learn something new today!


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