Who else misses the older AC climbing? felt like a mini-game on its own

1 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:35 ID: nzs8d1
Who else misses the older AC climbing? felt like a mini-game on its own
2 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:27 ID: h1rbf3u

I actually liked that style of climbing. I know a lot of people didn't though, mostly because the controls sometimes were wonky.

But you had to look at the wall to see where the next climbing hold would be. There were also some cool ways to climb faster once you knew how it worked by jumping from the wall at the correct spot to either catch a spot higher up or further away on the same wall, or straight up walljump to another one.

ID: h1rr7q7

There definitely was a point where the developers went "Fuck it, level design is too hard, your character is Spider-man now."

ID: h1rs855

One of the defining things that made me despise the new trilogy was when I tried to get the sync point in Sparta that was on top of the Leonidas statue. I spent 10 minutes looking around for a way to get up. And then I figure out that Kassandra can apparently just scale a smooth iron statue.

ID: h1rq9ns

Climb, climb, climb, yes now jump through that window. NO, NO DON'T JUMP ON THE ROOF. Okay, climb back down. NO NO DON'T JUMP OFF THE BUILDING INTO THAT HAYBAIL!

ID: h1rsajn

Youd be lucky to make the hay and not land in the middle of a group of people

ID: h1rwy1u

See the thing is in those original AC games the chance of catastrophic failure actually made getting to the top feel worthwhile. Even though catastrophic failure took the form of your character randomly jumping off into nothingness and sure death. It still meant you had to do it right or lose, and that meant that doing it right felt like you actually accomplished something. In the new ones you just hold the button till you get to the top and it’s just not as satisfying.

ID: h1rspxp

Oh, you want me to jump to that ledge right next to my hand? Ok I got this....and I just jumped off to my death

ID: h1rsva5

yeah, it was especially misleading when a wall was slightly inclined so a ledge would be just out or reach of grabbing for your character

ID: h1rsu8f

I was just playing Assassins Creed Valhalla yesterday and thinking this exact same thing. Back when AC Origins was slated to come out, I figured i had forgotten the whole plot so I played all the (story relevant) games again. The gameplay changed so much, but yea it was a lot more challenging trying to climb those huge structures and find paths to do so than now, where you just point your guy at one, and wait until he finishes climbing to stop pressing certain keys (sometimes moving them around).

In Origins, the pyramids did offer a bit of challenge like that, but that was it.

ID: h1rrom7

controls were wonky, yes, and i leapt to my death hundreds of times. still loved climbing though and seeing where i could actually get to on the buildings. although i think climbing around inside buildings was actually a lot harder.

ID: h1rtw15

I never found early AC climbing to be that engaging or difficult. Seems like most the time you just press a shoulder button and A and point the stick vaguely in the direction you want to go and you go there. You have to back to Prince if Persia games on the PS2 to find Ubisoft making a good climbing/parkour game.

ID: h1rt1vc

I remember thinking it was pretty neat in my first playthrough, but when I was trying to finish the game with collectibles and whatever else was required to 100% the game, it gets frustrating when you're just trying to reach a stupid 100th feather or something.

ID: h1rxm6a

Yeah but that sounds more of an issue having a terrible "collect 100 feathers" design choice than the climbing being an issue.

ID: h1rycfb

AC Unity was PEAK player character navigation design. You walk as a default and have a separate button to make you run/sprint, but which doesn’t make you climb so you don’t accidentally run up walls during chases. Using that running button, you can jump at a normal trajectory off of things to the next thing. Then you have one button that will help you vault over things and make controlled descents, and another button to climb up things and to jump longer distances off of things, each of which only functions that way when holding the run button. And on top of that, handholds and footholds still made sense to a certain degree, so finding you mr way up things was a puzzle in itself. Unity definitely had its faults, but the navigation was the best configuration of any AC game IMO.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:29 ID: h1rbned

Is it me, or does Ezio have 7 fingers in that last panel?

ID: h1rs993

That's cannon. How else could you launch yourself off a rooftop, 30 feet across a street, slam into a wall 3 stories down, and still grip onto a single brick sticking an inch out of the wall with 20 pounds of gear and weapons dangling around your waist?

ID: h1rt4vk

Assassins evolved extra fingers after a thousand years of cutting them off

ID: h1rxsg9

Clearly the fingers were taken from one hand and added to the other

ID: h1res81

At least 6

ID: h1ru984

OP saw the bottom knob as a finger, lol I immediately saw 6 too

ID: h1rw8oq

Do you really need us to tell you that you did not make a mistake counting to seven?

ID: h1rxaln

He did though. It’s 6 lol

4 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:36 ID: h1rked5

Yeah the newer games are missing parkour for sure. They feel like generic rpgs to me. Doesn’t feel like real ac games. Unity has the best parkour imo

ID: h1ruf34

Valhalla was good but it would've been even better if they just made it a historical viking game instead of slapping AC label on it

ID: h1rveos

Funny, because without the AC label it wouldn't have done nearly as well. Brand recognition sells games, often in spite of quality.

ID: h1rt9k8

And IMO the best combat too

ID: h1runnb

Worth playing for someone who never tried it?

ID: h1rvioy

Unity is easily my favorite AC game. 7 years later and I still play it sometimes just to maneuver around. A shame the series completely lose this aspect. From the lazily tossed-in grapple hook of Syndicate to the sparse and uninteresting environment of the three recent games, AC really lost one of its most unique aspects.

I think the active thought required for the Ezio series of AC games was nice too for an initial playthrough though not as enjoyable as Unity.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/14 20:23 ID: h1rqnan

Unity FINALLY NAILED the parkpur with the up and down system After like 8 games and had great fluid parkour then they decided to completely ditch it because the game flopped.....

ID: h1rz5i8

My hope for the next gen only AC game, is a big dense city, unity’s parkour, with a skill tree like Dying Light where you unlock more moves and becomes faster the more you upgrade. Also you play as an assassin again

6 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:41 ID: h1r5665

I miss ezio actually, all characters felt empty and bad after him

ID: h1s12tt

I think it’s because Ezio and Altair were the only ones who’s entire lives and souls were dedicated to preserving the Brotherhood and what it stands for, and stopping the Templars at all costs, which is really the core of the Assassin’s creed. Off the top of my head:

Connor wanted revenge for his people being genocided Edward was a pirate who’s goals aligned with those of the Assassins Shay wanted to prevent the Assassins from making a mistake and killing thousands of people The twins actually did have goals like I mentioned above, but they didn’t have the gravitas that Ezio had, and didn’t feel like it was in their soul Bayek wanted revenge for his son during the game’s story, and only gets to the core of the creed once the game is over. Bayek comes the closest for me because he is truly devoted as a protector of the people, but he lacks the roundedness of Ezio. I haven’t played Odyssey or Valhalla yet, but to my understanding both of those protagonists exist entirely separate from the Assassins/The Hidden Ones so it’s a moot point

Ezio started out like this in AC2, when he was a hot-headed teenager who wanted revenge for his father’s execution. But through Brotherhood and Revelations we got to see him transform into a fully fledged Mentor who’s life was the creed. We haven’t had another character who was that dedicated to the cause, and that’s a shame, because that is a really cool and relatively original motivation. I get that they wanted to vary and play around with different reasons for why people wanted to join the Assassins, but I think Ezio’s was the best because of that arc and where he ended up.

ID: h1rjv99

I thought Bayek was a pretty good character

ID: h1runjc

Edward was a lot of fun, but he's more of a pirate game MC that wandered into an AC game than an AC MC.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:51 ID: h1reg6x

What a lot of people miss about LoZ: Breath of the Wild, is that it wasn't just "climb anything" that made the climbing so engaging and satisfying. It was "climb anything, but also don't tire out or fall".

Especially early on the in the game, you had to be very strategic where and when to climb, because low stamina means a bad fall. And a long climb back up. Enemies are also very determined to knock you down while you're climbing, making it even rougher. And while a lot of people hated the rain, it did add a further environmental restriction to the hyper availability of climbing. It also allowed you to get good at timing the jumps and slips so that rain wouldn't wreak as much havoc. That's on top of the general reward cycle of BotW, where climbing would always give you a great, unobstructed view, or vision of new towers/shrines, or a Korok Seed up top, or a good sailing launch spot, or even sometimes just a really great bullet time vantage point against enemies.

Monster Hunter is also superb at it, where climbing can be SUPER dangerous but is also a common risk-reward system to land some great hits on a monster.

A lot of the games that have since done the same miss this, and instead just allow people to climb anything (especially without stamina) without much further gameplay integration, which just makes it dull in comparison.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:39 ID: h1r4zfv

Drake Auditore da Firenze

ID: h1rsj0i

*Aubritore da Toronto

9 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:09 ID: h1r8ybn

I miss the climbing mini challenges, I don't miss jumping.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:29 ID: h1rjjft

My fav AC experience was when I stood on top of a tower next to a ladder than proceeded to spartan kick every single guard in a castle as they climbed up.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:53 ID: h1resoe

Not really in all honesty. I got fed up of jumping to something I didn’t want to, the controls were awful.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/14 20:52 ID: h1rug2j

Assassin's Creed was my jam until there were no more historically important buildings to climb.

Everyone loved Black Flag but I couldn't finish it. Then played Unity and liked it a lot. Apparently I'm only in it for the criminal tresspassing.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:56 ID: h1r79vs

Played the first game and took many years off. I just started Unity because my roommate had a copy, how does it feel like it got worse for Unity?

ID: h1r7ww4

You chose one of the worst assassin's creed to get back into it IMO.

ID: h1r83x2

Lol, oops. I havent been keeping up with the series. Plus it cost me nothing to try, any recommendations?

ID: h1rj08b

That's weird. I've heard a lot of people say Unity had the best mechanics for climbing.

ID: h1rjpr3

It does. Most fans tend to hate 3 too and found the setting the most restrictive for climbing.

ID: h1rp1zt

Unity has great parkour honestly... Try AC3 and you'll pull your hair out, even in the remaster

14 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:17 ID: h1rhy1r

I haven’t played any AC games since #3. How does the climbing work now?

I definitely liked the parkour in the early games though. I actually got a lot of the collectibles simply because I enjoyed climbing around the cities.

ID: h1s23g5

the new dude just climbs straight up anything like it's a ladder. including sheer steel statues and shit

15 : Anonymous2021/06/14 21:32 ID: h1rznpk

Not really. I don't think old Assassin's Creed climbing or Uncharted climbing is like... anything. You just point your stick in the direction of the bit of wall that sticks out and occasionally press jump.

That's nothing.

The only challenge this gameplay mechanic offers is in your ability to see obvious bricks that stick out.

It's so mindless and numbing. It's part of the reason I never got through the Uncharted series.

I guess assassin's Creed is better because it's open-ended and sometimes when you're being chased by guards or something you actually have the opportunity to think about where you're going.


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