There’s a correct answer and it’s not Spongebulb [oc]

1 : Anonymous2021/06/14 16:50 ID: nzr722
There's a correct answer and it's not Spongebulb [oc]
2 : Anonymous2021/06/14 16:52 ID: h1qykso

Squidwortle already looks done with his trainer

ID: h1qyuzy

I tried to capture how Squidward would feel if he woke up a squirtle like that Kafka novella

ID: h1r40s3

As Squidward awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a water-type Pokemon.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:01 ID: h1qztum

I want starmander

ID: h1rppj3

No this is Patrick

ID: h1sg26s

No it's Glutrick

4 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:10 ID: h1r0yij

I don’t want to be right then

5 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:53 ID: h1rer2j

Squirtward methinks

6 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:40 ID: h1rd1pt

The correct answer is Bulbabob

7 : Anonymous2021/06/14 16:52 ID: h1qyi9p

Squidwasaur or Patrizard

ID: h1rz57n

I prefer patard.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/14 17:06 ID: h1r0j4w

Starmander is unironically cute

9 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:30 ID: h1rjoep

Patmander, every time.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:53 ID: h1rmr6r

Patrick Starmander

11 : Anonymous2021/06/14 16:54 ID: h1qyslj

the correct answer is supposed to be charmandstar? I don't think so.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:40 ID: h1rd2sa

Squidtle for sure

13 : Anonymous2021/06/14 18:59 ID: h1rfjng

I choose spongebulb!

14 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:34 ID: h1rk6w0

Spongebob should be Pikachu.

Bulbasaur should be Gary.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/14 19:49 ID: h1rm6q3

Patmander! I choose you!

16 : Anonymous2021/06/14 20:41 ID: h1rsy6p

Does this mean Gary is Pikachu?

ID: h1sbaqe

Sandy is pikachu

17 : Anonymous2021/06/14 22:41 ID: h1s953p


18 : Anonymous2021/06/14 23:23 ID: h1se9hb

You like rare candies, don't you squirtward?


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