1 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:14 ID: o6zo28
2 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:19 ID: h2vl9oq

Yeah I saw Sony was doing this too you enter to win the chance to buy a ps5 lol

ID: h2wjgbg

I made this joke about the valorant anniversary event.

Enjoy the give back bundle where we give you the option to buy some decent skins you might have missed in the store! Not all of them! Just some of them

It's a joke

3 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:53 ID: h2vonqv

I do hate that it has come to this. Newegg Shuffle lotteries to buy a GPU. I caved and bought a 6900 XT instead because it was more available, but with FSR out now I'm less sad about my purchase.

ID: h2vu9j0

How much did you pay and how is FSR?

ID: h2x5ozf

I like that Newegg is actually trying to address the problem. Unlike every other retailer.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:54 ID: h2voojd

Pretty much anything that requires silicon is being sold via raffle entry or scalp prices. What they are doing here is actually a good thing.

Sony and Microsoft are doing it (it's how I got my PS5 at MSRP), and newegg is doing daily raffles where they pair a video card with some other garbage item and you get to enter for a chance to pay MSRP for the bundle (it's flooded the used market with motherboards, cases, and PSUs that no one wants).

ID: h2vwn9d

What they are doing here is actually a good thing.

No, the idea is good but the execution is only slightly better then scalping. They are selling a useless bundle to inflate the price, a year old game, a monitor that probably is not needed by most, a toy and a mouse pad that can be bought off eBay and only the video card that people actually want.

Like you said it yourself they are bundling it with useless garbage. So the ethical factor of this is kind of low. Sort of if I had cancer medication and decided to bundle it with a used Chevrolet Impala that nobody wants.

ID: h2vwr9o

Doesn't even include the monitor lol, I thought that too at first glance but just there to look pretty no monitor included in price

ID: h2wa4xg

a year old game

So what? Doom is Eternal.

ID: h2vwu9h

It's more the wording of sad state of GPU purchasing these days. Winning to buy something is not exactly conventional term of winning something and this card is still bundled with a load of stuff might not want in order to get a card

ID: h2vzubv

I got my xbox series x msrp day 1 from ordering from microsoft on launch day.

Wasn't hard

5 : Anonymous2021/06/24 13:57 ID: h2vvw2a

If you resell the GPU you pretty much get a free monitor and some DOOM "swag"

ID: h2vx57t

Monitor is not even included with package, it's a misleading graphic on bethsdas part

ID: h2w2m0u

Bethesda misleading the public on what is a part of their promotions?

That's never happened before! I'm shocked!

ID: h2vxwaj

Lol, what? So you get the chance to pay €200 above MSRP?

6 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:00 ID: h2vw85v

I see they've taken a page out of Newegg

7 : Anonymous2021/06/24 19:16 ID: h2x2s8l

It might seem lame but as someone who's had to buy bundles to get the gpu's they want it makes perfect sense.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/24 19:29 ID: h2x4iro

this is such a great chance to do!

I want that monitor hehe

ID: h2xhfii

*monitor not included

9 : Anonymous2021/06/24 12:33 ID: h2vmmdz

Just Bethesda living their best life.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/24 14:15 ID: h2vy5jp

Back in the year 2000, I won the chance to buy a PS2 at K-Mart. This is a fair and normal process.

ID: h2w6el6

Back then people using bot scripts to enter thousands of times to win one (or more) of the 300 opportunities wasn't really a thing.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:15 ID: h2we598

Geez that’s expensive af!

12 : Anonymous2021/06/24 19:45 ID: h2x6mo3

Bethesda strikes again.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/24 20:13 ID: h2xac27


14 : Anonymous2021/06/24 16:22 ID: h2wf2iy

winning the chance to buy a GPU these days is a pretty good prize.

Considering what's in the bundle though, it's not a horrible price.

In the US there's a similar bundle that costs $1450, but it doesn't have the plush or the backpack. It has a $100 bethesda store gift card instead.

The MSRP of that GPU is $1199,

$251 for a copy of Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition ($89), a giant mousepad ($10 - $20 normally), a t-shirt ($20 maybe?), a little statue ($10 - $20?), and a $100 gift card.

It's not horrible. It's not a deal or anything. But it's not a horrible price. But considering that you cant really buy a 3080 Ti these days and resellers have them listed for around $2000, it's probably the best deal you're going to find on one for a while.


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