This shelf at Best Buy

1 : Anonymous2021/07/01 19:13 ID: obsx2l
This shelf at Best Buy
2 : Anonymous2021/07/01 21:37 ID: h3qcoxf

“ Did you stock the game shelves?” “ One sec, gotta make a meme” “.....You’re fired”

ID: h3qig1y

The true hero

ID: h3qoueq

Calls back later Steve your meme went viral and brought in alot of business you are re-hired!

ID: h3qr9zb

Steve doesn’t accept and instead speaks to this boss’ boss and takes his old boss’ job

3 : Anonymous2021/07/01 20:45 ID: h3q5ke8

Bro this looks so set up

ID: h3qmbtz

Fuck me. I could never sub there because all those posts make me irrationally angry

ID: h3qqq3w

An entire sub formed out of a Reddit hive mind moment where everyone collectively convinced themselves that nobody could ever get a packet of poptarts with THREE poptarts in the packet, and that OP somehow managed to cram a 3rd poptart in there in the hopes this picture of 3 pop tarts would earn him massive internet points.

ID: h3qpnna

There are no prices. Either they just started to plano or yeah, it's set up lol.

ID: h3qm2yv

How else do you think the games made it to the shelf?? Instant transmission?

4 : Anonymous2021/07/01 20:16 ID: h3q1j57

Put the really valuable stuff behind a display of those. Better than a safe

ID: h3qfojp

What am I missing? Cyberpunk tanked that much on sales?

ID: h3qfxfo

The PS4 version of the game was so buggy that they had to take it down from the pstore.

ID: h3qfn2u

Am I the only one who really enjoyed this game?

ID: h3qn1ku

You are not. It is amazing. I have over 200hrs in it and no game breaking issues since release day. I am on a PC too though.

ID: h3qgqng

No, a lot of people did. But in my opinion, it was at best a pretty meh game even if you put aside the fact that it was technical shit show riddled with bugs

ID: h3qp3jp

Not at all, totally worth the purchase price at launch. But some folks enjoy bandwagoning.

ID: h3qhrt5

i played in ps4,and i hated the state of the game,it's really a mess,but the history and the characters are so good that this game don't deserve them lol,a history that is so good should be in a complete game

ID: h3qlun0

I am on my second play through on PS4 so far it has blue screened twice, it has a bug where the fixer will tell me about the wrong mission I am near, and won’t complete missions when objectives are met; but I am having a blast.

ID: h3qov0u

Pretty sure this is a shot against the PS4 version. Apparently, it's extremely buggy on PS4. At launch, it was supposedly unplayable. I think they cleaned it up.

I play it on Stadia and it's a solid game, great world. Still a number of bugs but I haven't encountered anything yet that broke the game.

After another year of patches, it'll probably be a great game.

ID: h3qhy0y

Lots of people did, but none of us can enjoy it as much as some people enjoy bashing on it.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/01 19:17 ID: h3ptcn4

That doesn't look staged or anything, either

ID: h3qczzk

This is pretty normal for Best Buy when they have a bunch of extra copies of anything.

I remember when Chinese Democracy was released, we had so many boxes of that damn cd, we were putting it literally anywhere.

ID: h3qf8r0

If it had some Fallout 76 on the shelf too I would believe it

6 : Anonymous2021/07/01 21:40 ID: h3qd028

Y'all act like Spore never happened

This aint anything new stop playing into hype and pre ordering shit

ID: h3qha7f

I don't think most people on this sub are old enough to remember when Spore was released

ID: h3qj8wo

I remember being chased and killed by a penis shaped creature. Fun times

ID: h3qkqqc

It seems fun, but if you were aware of the hype and talk about it, and that it was being designed by the genius that was Will Wright, when you saw the end product... oh god.

ID: h3qjl4y

Thanks for the remember!That I feel old...oh so old.

ID: h3qpjx7

God i was so hyped for spore i remeber being so excited i riped open the disc case when i got jn the car and was just looking at it on the drive home. I still love spore even though a lot of people think it didnt live up to the hype.

ID: h3qlbo1

It was the first big games I played on the PC. I saved up for it for a long time. I loved it and regret nothing.

I have pre-ordered two games in my life, Cyberpunk was one of them, and I don't regret that either.

ID: h3qh4wd

Lmao remember Brink too

ID: h3qiczq

Remember TimeShift?

ID: h3qnxly

Bruh brink. And homeland or some shit?

ID: h3qj4e1

Anthem T_T

ID: h3qjten

The hype for Cyberpunk was way bigger and it lasted for years though

ID: h3qojpm

Spore is actually one of my favorite game, but it might just be the nostalgia.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/01 22:59 ID: h3qn2c9

Have... have most redditors never even been inside a Best Buy?

If those were for sale, there would be stickers.

This is a shelf behind a counter, probably around customer service. Sitting there until they get shipped off to oblivion or the sent back to the distributor

8 : Anonymous2021/07/01 21:35 ID: h3qcf9g

Plot twist: the other shelves also had cyberpunk, and that row was just restocked

9 : Anonymous2021/07/01 22:18 ID: h3qhz4w

I actually just bought the game after I heard it was fixed. Only paid $30 and so far I’m having a blast

10 : Anonymous2021/07/01 20:37 ID: h3q4ffa

why did you put so many copies of the game into your fridge?

11 : Anonymous2021/07/01 21:59 ID: h3qfj1v

Cyberpunk 2077 had many legitimate problems. Many people pointed out all of them. But, the one that noone complained about was the soundtrack. Been listening to that all morning while mowing. I'd say like 2 tracks tops are no good.

ID: h3qo5ah

Right but is it as good as the Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries sound track?

12 : Anonymous2021/07/01 21:10 ID: h3q8z96

People buy games in a store? Like a physical store? And that store is Best Buy?

What is this, 1999?

ID: h3qcczk

My local bestbuy has long lineups on weekends

ID: h3qfcbz

All my PS5 and PS4 titles are physical releases

they're cheaper than the digitals - quite a bit in some cases.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/01 20:53 ID: h3q6q2u

I played outriders and encountered like zero game breaking bugs, so I figured I'd take my luck and try cyberpunk, same thing applied so far. Its actually a pretty good game, both were. I've enjoyed my time and don't regret the expense, but I feel for those who got ALL the bugs and payed full price. Now if only RNG would bless me IN my games lol.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/01 21:53 ID: h3qepuu

Looks like a shelf a Fry's before they shut their doors.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/01 20:08 ID: h3q0ddc

All hype but no sell.

ID: h3qf9zg

They've sold MILLIONS of this game.


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