How much we have progressed

1 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:00 ID: oeg8rz
How much we have progressed
2 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:06 ID: h461idl

Back then tvs weighed like 50 lbs or more if you were on the big family room one.

ID: h4654xn

Yeah and some of us had to bust a mission just to get behind the sucker to hook it up!

ID: h46ca7c

All that shit you had to push behind the tv and put the colors together and reach to the back of the tv.

ID: h46hxce

Straight up had to climb under the tv stand and try to turn and stand in a 12x12” corner. I was like Tom Cruise in Mission impossible 1 trying to hook up my Nintendo.

ID: h46hfns

Some of us just had to work for a week for our parents to let us use the "good tv" lol

ID: h46gqd5

My TV must've been special because it had the composite inputs on the front as well as the back! Our PS2 was never permanently connected to the TV unit/stand so we would take it out of the bag we kept it in (in a drawer) whenever our parents let us play. Really convenient that it was on the front

ID: h461oqd

My 27” weighs 92 pounds. It’s a beast.

ID: h462l4i

I had a big one when I was a kid. Full wood trim, pretty sure that bastard weighed like 120 lbs.

ID: h469yrk

Just to point out, they got a lot heavier than that. My current TV in my game room is a 40" HD CRT (4:3 aspect ratio), and weights about 350 pounds with the stand.

My friends and I have joked that if I sell my house, the TV is included because none of them are willing to help move it again.

Its likely the most used TV in my house. I've got a Roku installed on it and it is just as functional as any new TV and is great for retro gaming.

ID: h46b23s

I had the 34" XBR 1080p (36" XBR SD before that) with the integrated stand (actually I still do; it's gathering dust in the bedroom)... the 40" was quickly discontinued by Sony because the cathode ray tubes started to crack under their own weight.

ID: h46a19z

Who remembers how annoying SCART connectors were? It was so annoying switching between PS and the receiver..

3 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:18 ID: h462yrc

Do you think that's bad? Try hooking them up behind the t.v. with no visibility.

ID: h46ajci

Or if you are color blind. It’s a puzzle every time

ID: h46crxm

Tritanopia gang

ID: h46ehjy

Use tabe. Label them left / right. Center too if you want to be extra specific.

ID: h46danm

Yeah I thing that's the whole point here. They were color coated, but often behind the TV, just like today. But with 3 different ones that are identical, there's no way to do it right every time, let alone the 2 possible directions for an HDMI or DP cable lol

4 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:24 ID: h463oew

Sometimes you couldn’t see behind whatever you were plugging it into well enough to even see the colors. It was dark or a weird angle and it’s not like there were smartphones with flashlights and cameras in every pocket to help you to see better.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:19 ID: h4633um

Fuck all you babies, the real struggle was the goddamn RF switch that you had to buy separately and then had to unscrew the coax from the back and fumblingly rescrew and always cross thread or overtightened. Then set it to channel 3 or 4 and somebody was always switching that shit or unscrewing it and goddamn if you broke off that little pin and had to buy a new one. Those things were the fucking worst.

ID: h46e4x2

I was there Gandalf. I was there 3000 years ago when the RF switch was forged in the fires of Silicon Valley.

ID: h46f263

I was there...

I brought Atari to the fans, told the company to credit its game designers and cast down the greedy and toxic influence of industries which came before. Atari looked at me with a smile and whispered, "No."

ID: h465ha9

My parents still have this! My dad wired the hole house with coax so what is planning on the livingroom tv can play through the entire house. With new TV's you dont have to use it anymore but my mom will still accidentally switch it once a month and cause chacos!

ID: h46enol

Once again, Gen X needs to get up in this shit and remind everyone what we endured so you kids have it better lol.

ID: h4646l3

I'm with you except for buying it separately. It was included with both the NES and SNES.

ID: h464i2n

That's true. Once RCA came along, all our old-tv-having-asses were hosed.

ID: h4652j6

Haha yeah this exactly, then someone messes up the VCR trying to reconnect the SNES

ID: h467fp5

That is a strange relic of my childhood that I’d completely forgotten about.

ID: h46fcau

A little bit further back and those RF switches connected to the external antenna terminals. Same channel 3 channel 4 switch but it was acting as an over-the-air signal rather than through the coax.

ID: h46hgxp

My first home console was the Nintendo 64 after having Game Boys for years. Nothing like buying, at the time, a modern console and then realizing you need an additional item called an RF switch for your 14 year old TV.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:47 ID: h466a21

As someone who is color blind, I always hated having to replug my various consoles in.

The red and yellow can almost look like the same color when they are next to each other. Hard to explain if you are not color blind.

ID: h46aykt

Sharpie is your friend. Mark the ports on the device, and zip-tie some little paper tags to the cables.

ID: h46h7vl

I use green tape tags, saves my zip ties for another project that I will be reluctant to use them on

7 : Anonymous2021/07/05 22:37 ID: h46bxq6

Bruh the struggle was when we had 3 reds, 4 whites and one yellow. Just there. in all different orders.

There were always blues and greens too.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:24 ID: h463ow5

I’m old enough to remember having a TV that only had 1 input (or 2 at most) and they were used by a VCR or satellite STB or something else. And the TV stand didn’t have room for another component so I always had to box/unbox my console (usually it would just sit on a stool or some temporary surface) to play it.

“Some day, I’ll be a grown up and have TV where I can just leave my console plugged in.”

I had simple goals for adulthood.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:03 ID: h4617oc

When they added the second set of red and white that’s when the struggle started. When it was just 3 it was okay lol

ID: h4632s6

Don't forget throwing in an extra red along with a green and blue, just to be dicks. Who the hell was rich enough to afford component cable equiped peripherals?

ID: h469j88

Or plug the blue wire into the green one the first try x Cause it was to dark and I was too lazy to get a flashlight.

ID: h468oms

Are we still talking about Composite? Or are you getting confused with Component (Red Green Blue + Red White)

10 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:47 ID: h466a85

Yeah but try doing it behind the 80lb tv where you can't tell yellow and white apart because the inputs are shrouded deep under the tube, and you thought you were holding onto the video cable but now nothing works so you have to try again, but in an attempt to change one cable you pull out all 3 and you're back to square 1.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/05 22:40 ID: h46c6yb

Wait - this wasn't the struggle, having to clip on a coaxial converter, screwing in the NES and then turning to channel 3 was like black magic to our parents back in the day.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/05 22:26 ID: h46ap7h

The issue wasn't being colorblind, though that was difficult for some people ive heard. The issue was that CRTs and other TVs would weigh so much that it wasn't worth moving them every time you wanted to switch devices, so the struggle was reaching around and trying to plug them in just by feel, especially when u just have little kid arms

13 : Anonymous2021/07/05 23:00 ID: h46eiki

You call this progress? I call YPbPr true progressive-ness!

14 : Anonymous2021/07/05 23:26 ID: h46hcy7

The struggle wasn't lining up the colors, the struggle was moving the 50lb tv away from the wall enough that you could get your hand back there, but not too far forward so the whole tv didn't crush your little developing bones.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:10 ID: h4622kv

This was literal pain! Trying to get your arm in through the tiny gap between the 90lb TV and the ridiculously over sized entertainment unit covered in shit that would fall over if you even attempted to move the TV the slightest amount!

ID: h4660to

The amount of things I broke because my mom thought the tv should be decorated…

ID: h468kxr

Why my mom thought Crystal Dolphins really tied the living room together is beyond me!

ID: h468nle


16 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:39 ID: h465cwf

The struggle was getting the right cable in the right hole when you couldn't look at which one you were pluggin in. Those old CRTs were immovable as a kid. N

17 : Anonymous2021/07/05 21:47 ID: h466bm8

Oh yes, and make sure that the channel is set to number 3.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/05 22:06 ID: h468gbk

When the new tv in the store didn't have the connection so you got a crap tv instead just to play.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/05 22:15 ID: h469h35

The real struggle is hooking it up to a modern tv that has both component and composite av. People always plugging red audio into red signal and have no idea that yellow goes into green.


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