Infinite Darkness: My only problem (Kind of Spoilers)

1 : Anonymous2021/07/09 14:50 ID: ogx5wj

I thought Infinite Darkness was pretty good all things considered, however, it has the same problem that I had with some of the CG movies; how they handle Claire. They treat her so weirdly, almost like she’s a little kid who isn’t as good as someone like Leon, as if they didn’t survive Raccoon City together. She got legit no cool moments at all and was always a step behind Leon, having to be saved by him a bunch. Claire is treated as less than Leon in these CG shows/films which just isn’t true. She’s at least Leon’s equal but she’s treated like such an afterthought. I like Leon but I wish Claire got even a little screen time to herself doing something cool. Edit: I think I phrased part of this badly, when I say Leon and Claire are equals I mean that in context to their relationship to each other and the series as a whole. Meaning Capcom sees Leon as more of a protagonist than Claire

2 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:56 ID: h4lydl4

She's not the "capable action agent man" Leon is portrayed to be in his post-RE4 appearances, but Claire 100% wasn't utilized well in ID at all. She pushes like a few buttons, does some conspiracy-board crap (which is more similar to an investigative reporter than someone who works for an NGO), and her conflict role at the end with Leon could've easily just been filled by Shen Mei if they hadn't killed her off. It was 100% a Leon story that Claire was shoe-horned into.

ID: h4mays5

This is what Claire has been relegated to at this point. An accent piece to Leon to cash in on nostalgia. After RE 2 Remake, I had some hope that Claire might be given some spotlight but unfortunately no

3 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:41 ID: h4lwfsu

Imma be honest, I really don’t think Claire is Leon’s equal. In the fight against bioterrorism, she’s mostly been a “behind the scenes” person, it’s Chris and Leon (and Jill) that were consistently on the front lines. I highly doubt Claire could pull of some of the intense physical feats that Leon has.

That said, I do believe it’s disrespectful to the character to not give her any badass moments. I haven’t finished watching yet (only on Episode 1), but you’re not the first person I’ve seen with this complaint.

ID: h4m9na6

I think I phrased this a bit poorly. While she’s not a “secret agent” level combat trained equal, by 2006 she’s done more than enough to at least have proved herself as pretty bad ass. The events of CV and RE 2 show she is more than capable of being more than this watered down lamp wielding dork they made her out to be. It was the same problem with the first CG movie. She had a total of zero kills in this show and was made out to be super weak and almost unnecessary.

ID: h4ly2pb

Claire was trained by Chris previous to RE2, Leon was on his first day. She later infiltrated umbrella alone. If anything she is more capable than Leon.

But shes a female written by japan and capcom made sure to let us know she belongs to the kitchen after CV.

ID: h4lyuvp

We’re not talking about the events in 1998 though, we’re talking about by this point in the series, which is 2006. Claire pulls off some cool feats, I’m not discrediting her, but nothing she’s ever done has been as impressive as the shit Leon’s done. Capcom must just be shit at writing women in RE, because Claire is cool but (as is a common criticism in this series) she isn’t as cool as Leon.

Has Claire ran up a wall? Pulled off that laser hallway shit? Taken out an entire town’s worth of BOWs almost entirely on her own? She’s only even been in one more game since CV lol. Like I said, she’s more of a behind the scenes person.

I love Claire, RE2 was my first game in the series many years ago lol, but Capcom hasn’t let her do shit since then. Yeah, she has the cool break-in to begin CV, but she gets caught and hasn’t done really anything in terms of milestones since then (not to discredit her survival in Rev 2)…Leon has been in outbreak after outbreak, constantly surviving, and constantly pulling off shit that it’s never even implied that Claire could do.

So again, them being equals is a stretch. Not to discredit Claire, because I like her, but Capcom has honestly failed to establish them as equals. Like Chris and Jill, I think you can make an argument that they were/are equals, but that’s never really been established for Leon and Claire. Claire may have been more prepared for an outbreak back when she was introduced, but Leon has definitely surpassed her. Maybe one day Capcom will let her be a real badass again.

ID: h4m9va2

They did a very similar thing with jill for a while. In fact even now jill hasn’t been in a new non-remake game in a while. Capcom just continues to focus on Leon and Chris and it’s a bit boring now

4 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:28 ID: h4mi3se

For me, Claire has always came off as a sweet mother like figure. Unlike Leon, she has a quite a bit of compassion and has an ability to connect with people, she cares about others to make a change for the younger generation. Being raised by her brother, I feel like she tries to fill in that gap with the community, to be a thinking, smart woman that is slipping behind and out of sight. She's smart, tough, but she isn't a soldier or a hardened cop. She has a lot of compassion and love for others, while Leon can come off as cool, collecting, hardened, and aloof (I'm not saying he doesn't care, or isn't there emotionally, he's tough when he needs to be and gentle whenever he can.) But Claire has that maternal instinct to try to change the world through the children and the community. She's powerful like that, while everyone else is some agent, or soldier.

Same with Rebecca, by the time RE0 came out, I had a feeling that Rebecca, not physically strong, but I had the understanding that she is super freaking smart. However, she's not in the front lines, like Claire, she's working as a total badass, using her feats to help fight against Bioterrorism her own way, making vaccines, research, she's just as awesome as Leon and Chris.

Same goes with Claire. She's being a hero for the community. A tender, kind hand, a sign of healing, when everything else is falling apart. Claire is powerful as fuck.

ID: h4mpn2i

That doesn’t change the fact that capcom is treating her like she can’t do anything herself. Everything in ID she either: found out/did after Leon, or had help from Leon or someone else. The only sort of “Yeah Claire!” Moment was when she untied herself from a chair. That’s sad. She also had 1 total confrontation which she lost spectacularly in after using a lamp as a weapon. Claire deserved better! She’s not a soldier, no but she’s not weak either. When confronted with danger she should be able to kick ass like Leon! Maybe not as skillfully as him but she’s gone head to head with birkin, a tyrant, and all sorts of BOWs. They did her dirty

5 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:53 ID: h4m5xkk

Claire is more of a "trained civilian." However, Jill, Chris and Leon have either police training or military training. I know Chris taught Claire some stuff but I doubt it's to the extent all the other three have had.

ID: h4mapw6

The phrasing of my post may have been poor. I don’t mean to say combat wise they are wise but equals in regards to their relationship to each other and the RE series as a whole. She is treated so poorly in this and isn’t given any cool moments. After everything she did in re2 and CV she is easily able to take out most things that come at her, let alone 2 human guards

6 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:40 ID: h4m47v4

I’m going to agree with you and the others by saying Claire is not really an equal to Leon (or Chris and Jill) by 2006. They are are soldiers or agents. She’s a civilian. The training Chris gave her isn’t comparable the training they got and the years of experience they have being on the front lines. Claire is no hand to hand combat badass. While I agree they could’ve had her take out one of the guys she snuck up on, she’s not Leon. Maybe she should not have been in this movie though. She was inconsequential. Also Leon only saved her once from what I remember. When he grabbed her hand to save her from the acid. I expected her to need help getting out of the chair but she did that on her own.

ID: h4mr5wj

She may not be Leon but she’s better than what they portrayed her as

ID: h4mt7gz

I agree wholeheartedly. The fact that she never even used a gun in this movie is gross. She didn’t kill any zombies or anything. And she still ended up with a broken arm lol

7 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:58 ID: h4me8ib

I love Claire as much as the next guy, one of my favorites of the franchise but after RE4 Leon rose to stardom, becoming iconic and the face of the franchise in general. She doesn't compare in relevance truth to be told.

In saying this, Claire was treated badly in ID. With that I agree. She should have been given her own series instead of this one which was Leon's one man show.

ID: h4mfuih

I feel like she was only put in to capitalize off nostalgia. Leon and Claire together again! They marketed it that way. But in the end she was nothing more than a side character that didn’t do anything

ID: h4mpdk9

It honestly seems that way now that you say it. They barely interacted and worked together. Maybe if there's a season 2 maybe it will be better. I kinda doubt it though if the same people are in charge of the 2nd season.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:53 ID: h4ly082

Claire is a feisty, no BS badass who took Birkin head-on, infiltrated an Umbrella facility and survived Antarctica. She felt different in this show... They gave her a lamp as her only weapon? She did not successfully defend herself once, which we all know she's capable of.

This is also my main gripe with this show even though I have a few. Total disrespect to Claire and making her another damsel in distress.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/09 22:14 ID: h4n2gec

This is how Capcom has always treated Claire. I kinda hoped Infinite Darkness would break the chain, but nope. Just more of the same.

ID: h4n4h6m

I thought it would be better because of RE2 Remake but no they still treated her as if she didn’t matter

10 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:23 ID: h4m9rgx

Claire's personality was spot on, but she didn't fight anything other than that one agent. Not sure what they were thinking.

ID: h4mbj7s

They made her look as though RE 2 and CV didn’t happen at all.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/09 21:56 ID: h4n0aur

When has Capcom ever cared about their female characters?

ID: h4n49sm

RE 2 Remake and 3 Remake gave me hope that they would start caring about Claire and Jill again but I guess fuckin not

ID: h4ne2bo

Nah the remakes didn't mean shit. Jill and Claire both need completely new games that take place after RE6. We wanna know how they're doing.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/09 22:04 ID: h4n19u7

Claire and Jill used to be the og badasses before they were sidelined. It’s a shame that Infinite Darkness barely used her.

ID: h4n4cxp

RE2 and 3 Remakes gave me hope man. But I guess my hope was misplaced


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