I bought an Xbox one s with my own money because of my summer job

1 : Anonymous2021/07/15 05:17 ID: okm337
I bought an Xbox one s with my own money because of my summer job
2 : Anonymous2021/07/15 06:05 ID: h58uo8h

Awesome man, my first “big boy” purchase was a PlayStation 1 , even though I just turned 40 and have 2 kids it still feels like yesterday and a moment I’ll never forget, enjoy it, you will always remember this purchase and how hard you worked to get it for years to come!

ID: h58xgpk

I traded in my SNES and all of my games to Funcoland for my PS1. God I wish I didn’t do that.

ID: h59dnbq

I was going to do this, but the price was not good. I ended up selling my SNES stuff at a garage sale and got more, but I still regret it too.

ID: h59qmf1

One of my dad's first big purchases are getting out of financial hell was a ps1 for my birthday when I was about 5, it was a pretty big moment, because up until then, money was only spent on things like house repairs, later that year (somewhat close to christmas) we got a ps2, which would end up changing my gaming life forever

ID: h5ap9h8

Sold my PS1, N64 & Gameboy colour + all the games for each for enough money to buy a PS2, memory card and Grand theft auto.

Decided I didn't want a PS2 as I wanted an MP3 player instead, went round to my mates a few days after Christmas and saw GTA and realised I had made a big mistake....

ID: h5av80q

Please bring back Funcoland

ID: h5baurw

I regret trading in my SNES too. At least the games are so emulatable. I feel really bad for people who traded in N64s since emulation for those never feels quite right.

ID: h5902ft

my first “big boy” purchase was a PlayStation 1

Let me guess, your second "big boy" purchase was a memory card?

Edit : Not sure why I'm getting downvoted, my big bro's first purchase was a PS1 with a game and since it was all he could afford, he had to wait to buy the damn memory card. (and since we weren't sure what that card was for anyway before he bought the console ...) Good luck finishing the first Abe game without one.

ID: h5994rf

Lmao the days of having to leave your console on overnight as you didn't want to lose your progress.

ID: h59odrs

Abes oddysee had a password system didn't it? I'm like 99% sure it did.

My only game when I got my PS1 was FFVII...

ID: h59sry5

41 here (and 2 kids) - my first was the N64 on launch day, with SM64.

And making minimum wage in a retail job under 18 to earn the money did make it feel better. With part-time hours it must've taken more than a month of pure saving to be ready.

The irony is when I was between 6-12, I had to nag my parents for an NES and SNES - I have a newfound appreciation for how that must've been with two kids of my own now. But, two kids have the benefit of their dad buying the systems for himself already!

ID: h5acz13

30 here (3 kids) My first was a "big" TV for my college apartment. 47" LG 720p lol. That TV is 10 years old now and is my in-laws main TV.

A couple days ago I treated myself for the first time in a couple years, got a crossbow. Man is this thing fun

3 : Anonymous2021/07/15 06:17 ID: h58vl2w

if you are new to gaming or short on cash you should without a doubt get xbox gamepass , it is the best value in gaming

ID: h59m61q

Pro tip; It's incredible value if you use the trial to upgrade your xbox live. I bought 3 years of live for £40 per year from cdkeys then waited a month and used the £1 for one month of gamepass ultimate. It automatically upgrades your xbox live and gives you 3 years of gamepass ultimate for £121, would highly recommend if you can afford the upfront cost. 3 years is the max you can do btw because that is the maximum amount of xbox live you can load onto an account.

ID: h5a69rq


ID: h599zr5

Came here to say the same, gamepass has so much good games. I second this.

ID: h59r0lu

I just wait until they have that thing for like a dollar for 1 or 3 months deal. I've never paid more than a dollar for gamepass. If I'm not registered to gamepass at the time, I just play one of my other games.

ID: h59qlxa

Even better if you manage to wait til Black Friday or another big sale day - you can end up getting a year of Game Pass Ultimate for like $60, which would normally cover just 4 months.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/15 06:16 ID: h58vk2l

Look into getting game pass, you pay a really low fee and get a lot of games available to you for download/stream. All the halos I believe are on there along with a TON of other games.

ID: h59k9by

Yup. All first party games are on there. If you watch Xbox's e3, they were really pushing gamepass with something like 27 of the 30 or so games shown off being on game pass day 1.

ID: h598r8e

all the Halos are there

Halo is a must-play on Xbox

5 : Anonymous2021/07/15 05:19 ID: h58qv4i


ID: h58rbk0


6 : Anonymous2021/07/15 08:26 ID: h594sqi

This is what jobs are for.

Good work. Enjoy that thing - you literally earned it.

ID: h5a3v6r

Mine is to keep a roof over my head.

ID: h5a9hqz

Who needs food and shelter, I have an Xbox!

7 : Anonymous2021/07/15 12:05 ID: h59l1fj

😡 whoops, my ass thought that was your new memory foam mattress or something.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/15 12:07 ID: h59l6rz

Not sure if you've saved enough money for this or not, but if you buy 3 years of xbox gold (about $180 USD before tax). THEN buy the new user Game Pass Ultimate $1, Microsoft will then convert the Gold into Game Pass Ultimate. You end up saving $120/year with this. 3 years is the max that can be stacked but you can do how ever many months/years you want if it's 3 years or less.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/15 14:48 ID: h5a4eef

That is an Xbox.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/15 05:41 ID: h58spmh

Congratulations!!!!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/15 05:31 ID: h58rwt2

Good job, Dude.

If you're looking for recommendations I suggest any of the fallouts. 3 and New Vegas are backwards compatible. And 4 is solid.

Outside of that just have fun

ID: h58s4go

Alright I’ll check em out

ID: h58zpw0

They are all available on xbox game pass. As services go, game pass is pretty amazing.

ID: h59dqib

Don't go 76. Just don't.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/15 06:36 ID: h58x2l9

Back in the day you could go to college and buy a home with a summer job.

Edit: guess I needed a /s

13 : Anonymous2021/07/15 16:20 ID: h5ah3i4

Good man. I spent an entire summer working for my father as an apprentice locksmith so I could buy an Xbox 360. He said the Xbox was mine, but the electricity that powers it was his. Go figure lol

14 : Anonymous2021/07/15 13:15 ID: h59sdo6

Legit thought this was a mattress at first

15 : Anonymous2021/07/15 11:04 ID: h59fqss

I was expecting this to be another my girlfriend loves me so she bought me this post. Thank goodness

16 : Anonymous2021/07/15 11:00 ID: h59feab

Xbox one have got a lot of hate but dont care about it i had the first Xbox one and it was my main console for years. Its a really good console.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/15 10:51 ID: h59eqqz

very nice choice!

18 : Anonymous2021/07/15 10:48 ID: h59ei0q

worth it

19 : Anonymous2021/07/15 06:40 ID: h58xcht

Congrats! My first big purchase was a ps4 6 years ago after mowing lawns for almost a year to save up. Its a great feeling, enjoy!

20 : Anonymous2021/07/15 06:16 ID: h58vj9g

For budget gaming look for old used game gta 5 is a budget classic also Witcher 3 and look for game sales

21 : Anonymous2021/07/15 05:56 ID: h58twxz

If you like horror games definitely get dead space

22 : Anonymous2021/07/15 10:45 ID: h59e9mc

Now next summer you can earn enough for a game or two.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/15 05:40 ID: h58sljs

Congrats and enjoy!

24 : Anonymous2021/07/15 12:59 ID: h59ql6x

Why didnt you buy series s??

25 : Anonymous2021/07/15 10:54 ID: h59eyzp


26 : Anonymous2021/07/15 08:43 ID: h595y8l

ya shouldve bought series s

27 : Anonymous2021/07/15 08:34 ID: h595ax6

So now everyone with 300$ is going to annoy us with the acquisition of a console? Nobody care dude


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