The Future is Now!

1 : Anonymous2021/07/18 12:46 ID: ompv19
The Future is Now!
2 : Anonymous2021/07/18 12:48 ID: h5migdq

Ah, good ol’ freddiew.

ID: h5nftfr

Shame he got killed in that Mexican standoff.

ID: h5nic5m


ID: h5nk4oi

Freddy: this is what aimbots are like.

Some guy 10 years later: I think aimbots are like this video.

ID: h5mim9k

Rocketjump is a time capsule of the early 2000's

ID: h5mipr6

Indeed. I have very fond memories of those videos and I thoroughly enjoyed VGHS.

ID: h5n3tc1

I think you mean 2010s, YouTube wasn’t even created until 2005.

ID: h5nc154

I am having an absolute wave of nostalgia right now. He is literally the first youtube I remember who had "professional" level production to the stuff he created and seeing that he had a STUDIO with his friends was like mindblowing. Now when you compare what they had to the MKBHDs and Linus Tech Tips of the world it's like nothing but damn he blazed a trail

ID: h5ne0b1

Early 2000's? This video came out in 2010 lmao.

ID: h5ncwzk

And then he went like "I'm at the top of my career...... welp, better disappear forever!".

ID: h5n4vtj

Mexican Standoff with Key and Peele is just classic! The turn at the end is priceless.

ID: h5n2ich

Dungeons and daddies has changed some.

ID: h5n9pjl

Is that some sort of bdsm podcast?

ID: h5nbk2d

VGHS needs a reboot. Such a good show.

ID: h5np028

Law ready for this

ID: h5np2wx

I think they were gonna do a University sequel, but I forget what happened to it

ID: h5nf9n0

These guys made the videos we nerds wanted to watch and I am super grateful for it.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/18 14:29 ID: h5mttwn

I miss when FreddieW made videos and Blacks Ops 1 was the biggest CoD. Miss those days

ID: h5nhlqj

The BF 1942 theme still hasn't stopped playing in my head.

ID: h5nlx11

That was such a great fucking game. The mechanics were so simple, yet so many different strategies and play styles could be employed effectively.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/18 13:36 ID: h5mnflz

This is literally the killcam i see in R6s and the dudes like “im not hacking ur just bad”

ID: h5n6yji

Same with battlefield games. Why even play when all the cheaters just storm through with AI bots that shoot through walls across the map?

ID: h5n8xyo

This is why I don't play many competitive games online. Too easy to cheat and circumvent the anti cheat software. Also, I'm really not that good.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/18 15:52 ID: h5n575l

Never understood aim bots. Seems like it defeats the purpose of the game

ID: h5n69pp

I think most people assume the endgoal of aim bots is to "be good" or win. Its not. Its about trolling. Why do people grief in minecraft? why do people own goal in rocket league? Its to get a rise out of people and they think its funny. So when someone kills you with an aim bot they aren't thinking "I'm going to win!" they are thinking "I bet they are SO pissed right now!"

There are exceptions of course with things like streamers using wallhacks to get views but thats another animal.

ID: h5ns08x

I don't understand why people do this type of thing. Just ruining shit for everyone. They're just trash humans

6 : Anonymous2021/07/18 15:52 ID: h5n57sp

“Widow just shot me through a wall without aiming guys.”

“No she didn’t you’re just fucking bad.”

Play Of The Game: Widow gets a team kill staring at the fucking wall and pulling the trigger

ID: h5nidj3

Playing csgo the other day against a team with 3 obvious cheaters, 1 enemy quits round 5ish to avoid punishment, 2 cheaters get vote kicked over the next 3-4 (just so that the last 2 can claim they don't cheat) and then last one kills his teamate for a ban. Last guy left (4th cheater, hasn't used his cheats yet) asks my team to tie even though he was benefitting from cheaters, I told him "tie your nuts in a knot and rub them really hard" next round he 1v5 aces my team with through the wall running headshots with a scout, 5 shots 5 kills with no more than .25 sec between shots. Eventually the loser fucking quit but god damn does it ruin your whole night when you start a match winning 5-0 and then 3 enemies switch their cheats on with a 4th waiting until after he's claimed for 10 rounds of clearly cheat kills that "no one on my team is cheating". Sure that's why you went from having 6 kills among your team (all from one player) after 5 rounds to getting through the wall headshots across the map every shot you take

7 : Anonymous2021/07/18 13:20 ID: h5mlpak

Link to the video

ID: h5myalb

Awesome. Thanks!

ID: h5mz29i

This is my favorite video of his:

It's just a perfect little action scene. Fun idea, highly competent fight choreography, tight cinematography. Every action director should watch and learn from it.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/18 15:38 ID: h5n39my

This has to be how Get Right felt when Hiko flicked him on Dust 2 in CS GO. Link for those who haven't seen it.

ID: h5n4pnb

Ah a clip that is stored in my memory for good

ID: h5nbib7


ID: h5nnag2

I am not even able to freaking see anything the first time wtf.

ID: h5np6db

Whenever I've seen clips like this whether it be CS GO or when PUBG was popular I can't help but think "Why do I even bother" lmao. Some of these guys are absolutely insane at FPS.

ID: h5nm628

100% my proudest fap

9 : Anonymous2021/07/18 13:22 ID: h5mlzzq

Tf2 bots be like

ID: h5n70cd

nah they are always looking straight up

ID: h5napbw

The Sniper bots maybe, but the Heavy Bots just snap to direction like this.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/18 14:10 ID: h5mrcrz

something right out of call of duty... started out as a level one.. did not know other players have ability to hear footsteps and see through walls..

ID: h5mx5h2

Well with a good headset you can, I've been hearing footsteps since I got my first good pair like 10yrs ago

ID: h5n9q5h

I saw a video of someone spectating a bronze overwatch player and realized the dude must have his headset on backwards because he kept turning the wrong way for audio cues...

ID: h5n5dr6

Yeah people don't realize how much a good headset changes the game.

ID: h5naklf

I think a majority of console players don’t even use headphones.. and yet they wonder “how did that dude know I was coming????”

ID: h5ne9df

I used to do this on one of the old "America's Army", the free FPS the US Army actually produced. What a great game it was, for a while.

Between getting a good headset and learning how to listen, and really knowing the map, it must have felt to the other players like I was cheating. Nope -- I just heard them coming from way off and popped them as they came around the corner.

Although this was doubly fun when you got playing with an experienced group, because the enemy sniper would set up in one of the usual spots knowing he could hear anyone running up on him. So you'd creep up instead, take him out, then swipe his gun and start picking off the rest of his team. Enemy guns also sounded different from friendly guns, so sometimes you could get two or three before they realized it wasn't their own guy shooting.

Then it was all aimbots and other hacks, and I stopped playing any online FPS.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/18 15:27 ID: h5n1moh

This is enlisted bots when I'm a kilometer away, prone and in a bush.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/18 16:15 ID: h5n8sjf

I remember reading this quote in a game informer magazine once. Paraphrasing, don't remember who said it but I think it was from the game Killzone

It's easy to program the AI to win every time. You could give it 100% headshot accuracy and let it know where the enemy is at all times. The real trick is to program the AI to be convincing losers.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/18 15:53 ID: h5n5cx5

All of this guy's content on YouTube is gold, lotta video game based sketches and shorts with fantastic special fx.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/18 17:25 ID: h5nivyi

I miss those cargo shorts.


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