To my fellow gamer in Tampa, your package will arrive safely tonight.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:34 ID: ootk3e
To my fellow gamer in Tampa, your package will arrive safely tonight.
2 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:36 ID: h60qxwh

The system didn't mark this item to be packaged, so it was originally just going to have a sticker slapped on it and be potentially exposed in a driveway. We got your package boxed up and ready. Enjoy my friend.

ID: h627e5q

You the real MVP. Thanks for going extra mile man.

ID: h62ardn

I live near Tampa, any tips on how to find a PS5 around here?

ID: h62bezr

Bruh when I find out I'll let you know

ID: h62bfd4

Follow the USPS guy or any other delivery guy and hope for the best.

ID: h62e11d

This isn’t Tampa-specific, but here’s how I do it:

Follow @mattswider on Twitter, who is a godsend for locating who has PS5/XSX/GPUs in stock. Don’t forget to turn on notifications!

Wait for his notification that Best Buy has them in stock; you can try any other site he lists that has them in stock, but you’re going to have the most luck with Best Buy. Make sure that you have an account ready to go on Best Buy’s site with all of your information, especially payment information, as you’re going to need to check out as quickly as possible.

When you try to add the PS5 to your cart from the site, you’re going to get a grey box that says “Please Wait”. Be patient, as it can take quite a bit of time for it to turn yellow again. Once it does turn yellow again, click Add to Cart. Once you go to checkout, it will prompt you to log into the site even if you were logged into it prior to this point. It’s also going to make you verify either via e-mail or text message — ALWAYS opt for text message, as their e-mail verification is way too slow for this. Once you’re logged in, check out immediately; if you’re fast enough, hopefully you’ll be picking up your brand new PS5 in a few days once it ships to the store!

I’ve managed to buy three PS5s, an Xbox Series X, and an RTX 3090 this way, all without any issues. As long as you’re quick on the draw, you stand a pretty good chance of securing one.

Good luck to you!

ID: h60rw02


ID: h60snr5

Bruh I hope not.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:43 ID: h60s0dg

Thanks, I appreciate it. Real quick while I've got you, can you reroute that to a new address? I'm currently with family this week and don't want it sitting on my porch while I'm gone.

ID: h60sgpi

Lol. Word

ID: h60sqmn

Top notch mate! I'll DM you the new address. This kind of customer service is unheard of, you've made me a [insert your shipping company here] user for life.

ID: h61xbjw

I almost believed this one, then I saw the 7 or so others

4 : Anonymous2021/07/21 17:35 ID: h60zj2n

Praise you sir. You're someone's hero

5 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:20 ID: h623jq0

I only like free roam consoles. I don't support caging them up.

ID: h62484d

It's to protect them from common natural predators, like the KFConsole.

ID: h62aksz


6 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:47 ID: h626y6f

Why does it looks like you've detained it? What did it do? Was it caught smuggling illicit contraband?

ID: h627iki

This specific one tried to escape with copies of Half-Life 3

ID: h627pbz

Impossible...Gabe would have... Too many lost, how did this one get away with so little "reattuning"

7 : Anonymous2021/07/21 16:51 ID: h60t55c

The hero we need

ID: h618hjm

Plot twist the guy from Tampa gets an empty box and op is setting up his new console

ID: h619wkl

Lol. While I have been searching for a while I would never deny my peeps the chance to ball hard

8 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:57 ID: h6286xg

Yeah, I can't believe that a high value, Prime target (lol) like this would be shipped, exposed in its own retail box.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:37 ID: h62czpr

Class act

10 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:11 ID: h629v3f

So when are you sending it?

Or should I drive 11 minutes out?

11 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:25 ID: h62blmg

Who the fuck just ships a PS5 without putting it in an unlabeled box first? I would be absolutely livid.

Seriously though, what retailer is this from? So I know not to buy a new console, when I can, from them.

ID: h62bwlu

Probably shouldn't disclose the retailer, it's not their fault anyway, but I talked to our loss prevention manager and she said that shouldn't happen and would be contacting the packaging plant it came from

12 : Anonymous2021/07/21 23:32 ID: h62ce0e

Must be some mistake I live in Pennsylvania, ill DM you my specific address so you can make the adjustments, thank you kind store clerk 😉

ID: h62d2ai

I got you, sent you my address and social security in case you need to take out a loan for a 4k tv.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/21 22:26 ID: h624885

I'd be fired instantly if I took a photo in our depot and posted it online. Hope your boss finds out you value karma whoring more than security and cans your ass.

ID: h624fc6

Not sure who hurt you, but hope your day gets better

ID: h6253wk

It doesn't require being hurt to understand that a job is more important than Reddit cool points. I'm glad I don't live in Tampa, it's clear the security at their warehouses and packaging depots is nonexistent.

If one of the pickers, packers, sorters, or drivers at my facility took a photo of a customer's order or package for any reason they'd unemployed within the hour. I doubt the actual adults running the place would think Reddit cool points was a good reason to be taking pictures.


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