It’s okay Lara, henchmen are there to be killed

1 : Anonymous2021/08/05 17:21 ID: oyn5sk
It's okay Lara, henchmen are there to be killed
2 : Anonymous2021/08/05 19:25 ID: h7ufjgl

In the credits: “Nobody important got hurt in the duration of this game”

ID: h7v5pnl

except for the game developers *allegedly

3 : Anonymous2021/08/05 18:42 ID: h7u96tl

Going entirely by memory, but I think Farcry 3 did this well. Your character starts a bit panicky from the killing but then starts to get more used to it until you become highly proficient at it.

ID: h7uhoxd

Tomb raider 2013 tried to do this as well but failed miserably. She freaks out at her first kills and starts hyperventilating, then two seconds later she kills so many without a flinch.

ID: h7ujvwd

I mean she's super rich so might only feel bad about killing other rich dudes jk

ID: h7v635o

I didn't think it failed at all. The first kill she was emotional, and the shootout right after she had difficulty shooting, swaying and everything. It's after that that she has a conversation about having killed people and how it felt easy to her. I think you're meant to view her emotional reaction as being afraid of herself more than being distraught at having killed someone.

I liked how the animations change over time, with a lot of the skills being quicker way to stealth kill, and finisher moves. Combined with how Lara gets bloodier and bloodier as time passes, I felt it showed well how she becomes a merciless killer.

The trilogy exemplifies this even more, when you compare the first game where she looks out of her depths all the time, getting hurt and ambushed by her ennemies, to the third one where she is hunting people and they're all terrified of her (in that game, the skills you gain are scare tactics like hanging people from a tree).

Sure, it probably could have been better, and maybe the devs could do the first game better now with their experience, but I definitely don't think it went as far as failing miserably.

ID: h7uvnau

I remember she mentions to Ross(?) that she had to kill somebody, and he says to her that must've been difficult and she answers : "I'm surprised by how easy it was."

I'm mostly remembering this from the top of my head and I played it a long time ago but, the first "kill" of the game is that one dude that rescued her and then tied her up. I don't remember the hyperventilating thing you mention.

ID: h7uuv8m

I mean, that's kind of a simplified version but that's apparently not inaccurate. Everything I've read about killers is that the first one is always messy and horrible and it gets way easier after you've passed that moral threshold.

ID: h7ungqh

Ghost of Tsushima kind of does this, but only for stealth kills.

Early on your stealth kills are slow, loud, and messy. As you level up your skills the animations change to be faster and quieter until you're murder Batman.

ID: h7uref9

I want this to be ported to the PC more than anything else.

ID: h7urylx

Farcry 3 was absolutely fantastic! Maybe the only first person shooter storyline that actually had me truly hooked.

ID: h7v10si

I didn't like how irrelevant Vaas ended up being, and how bad the fights against him were. But the transition of the main character from scared white kid into genocide king of the jungle made up for it. It was very well executed. No wonder why the sequels tried to copy it.

ID: h7v038j

I especially loved how even your friends point it out near the end, how you've changed, you're quiet all the time, you've killed so many people, and how you're a borderline monster yourself now because of it and they're kind of afraid of you.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/05 20:00 ID: h7uknvi

This is a hypocrisy that is pervasive in a lot of fiction. The hero murders their way to the top, killing mostly employees, but the big boss gets a moral pass. It's just more elitism. "Kill the soldier, jail the politician"

ID: h7utvoz

The DVD for Austin Powers has an extra scene in the specials where the henchman's family that gets run over by the steam roller gets called to let them know he died on the job.

ID: h7v2fxp

That is one of the only movies I can think of that just gets funnier and funnier the older I get.

ID: h7uvkhj

Now I want a scene where the hero is going to give them a pass and another character kills the bad guy with a line about the hero having just killed a building full of people.

EDIT: Thanks all for the great examples!

ID: h7uwz4g

didn't Deadpool 2 do this or something very similar

ID: h7umtik

It's pervasive IRL as well.

ID: h7up92l

I mean, art imitates life...

ID: h7v24py

It's called Ludonarrative dissonance. The narrative is in conflict with gameplay.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/05 20:02 ID: h7ukzsm

One thing I liked about halo is that the grunts would freak the fuck out when master chief shows up because they recognize him as the demon that has slaughtered countless of them

ID: h7uyawn

A bit off topic, but I love when games have this mechanic. Hearing and seeing the minions acknowledge your arrival, and react accordingly to your level of death-bringing is so damn satisfying. It makes you really feel like you inhabit that character.

ID: h7v1kar

As opposed to games like Skyrim where I will be head to toe in Daedric armor with a sword that is literally on fire, then some bandit jumps out from behind a rock with a dagger and tries to rob me.

ID: h7uz8q0

It's Payne! Whack him!

ID: h7v4u9m

Ghost of Tsushima has a mechanic somewhat similar to this. If you get a kill streak or kill a tougher enemy, you have a chance to "terrify" your enemies at which point they drop their weapons/fall to the ground/run away.

It really adds a flair of realism to the game as opposed to having a bunch of grunts just continually attacking you despite the fact that you're just mowing throught them

ID: h7v40gk

This is why I love Ghost of Tsushima.

ID: h7uy73d

actually that only happens when you kill all of the elites around them. they recognize the elites as authority figures, because of how they were indoctrinated, so when you kill all of them they lose hope an start to panic.

ID: h7v15n5

The Grunts are actually partnered with Elites because of a treaty made during the Grunt rebellion. They used to be cannon fodder in the most literal sense, not even armed. Eventually they got sick of their second-class treatment and coordinated a Rebellion that threatened to end the covenant until the arbiter of the time made peace with them, choosing to train, arm, and integrate them into previously Elite-only units.

ID: h7uytlt

thats when they stop fighting, but when the fight initiates they have voicelines like "demon!! demon!!". they will still fight back until you kill their big homies

6 : Anonymous2021/08/05 19:57 ID: h7ukb0h

I mean, my brain jumped to her screaming at the top of her lungs will sprinting through a compound, "I WILL KILL YOU ALL"...

7 : Anonymous2021/08/05 18:00 ID: h7u2vmh

That's the charm of the rebooted Tomb Raider games.

Playing the games watching Lara act like an innocent damsel in distress trying to survive in a scary and dangerous world... During the cutscenes. As when the gameplay starts she would make Jason Bourne and John McClane jealous of her accomplishments.

ID: h7u69ym

Ah the good ol' Ludonarrative dissonance. The Uncharted games are also famous for that. In cutscenes the lovable rouge, while during gameplay killing hundreds of people without even flinching...

ID: h7ujfh1

snaps neck

whispers "that was your neck." to the badguy.

ID: h7uooif

Good thing Doomguy doesn’t have that problem

8 : Anonymous2021/08/05 20:54 ID: h7ush6b

She didn't spare Mathias, Konstantine and Dominguez. I don't think this meme really represents Tomb Raider

ID: h7uycli

True, the only one she doesn't kill nor want to is Ana, because they had a close relationship before discovering she is evil.

At best, she tried to bring Dominguez to his senses due to respect for Unuratu, but she still killed him without any real remorse when there was nothing else left to do.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/05 18:25 ID: h7u6nk7

"Aw YEAH, Goons!"

10 : Anonymous2021/08/05 21:14 ID: h7uv875

This is wrong. Lara killed all the antagonists and never cried about it. She never undergoes any moral dilemma in the reboots, except in Shadow when she cries to Jonah and that is because she is frustrated in general about her OWN failure. Her character is meant to be very ruthless and delusional for her own gain. In TR2013, she killed Mathias with the dual pistols and never cried about it. She only kept screaming "Sam!" She impales Himiko with no doubt.

In Rise, she killed Konstantin with the knife to the heart no matter how much he tried to manipulate her about her father (the player has the choice to leave him or end him, but he is dead no matter what)

She never hesitates. She does not act merciful to him at all. She wants him to suffer in the flames and abandons him because she is very spiteful of what happened to her father and does not want to deal with him anymore. She literally says "Burn in hell." Ironically, the option to kill him directly is more merciful to dispatch him. Then Lara casually tells Ana "Your brother is dead." Also, in the end credits scene she holds Ana at gun point and is ready to kill her too.

In Shadow, she kills Dominguez with the dagger and does not hesitate at all. The only difference here is she is a bit sympathetic to him but ends him with a simple "Sorry." Lara NEVER says something like "No I won't kill you I'm better than that." She knows she is a killer and embraces it.

The only scenes I can think of that remotely resemble this meme is where the Trinity assassin breaks into her manor, but she was trying to get information out of him! Or when she killed Vladimir in TR2013 but that was self-defense and her FIRST kill! Jonah is the one who had doubts of killing people, but he is NOT the main character!

So why tf does this meme exist. I can understand the argument for ludonarrative dissonance, especially in the first game, but this meme is unrelated. OP either never played the game or did not even pay attention. It is made in poor taste imo.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. If you want to know what Tomb Raider is really about join the lovely


ID: h7v169d

Yea we aren’t happy about this at

ID: h7v3ddn

I got one of the reboot Lara Croft series for free on Steam and I couldn't believe how good it was. Bought as many available as I could during the Steam Summer sale.

ID: h7v1ovp

This guy tomb raiders

ID: h7v0w9w

That's exactly what I was thinking too. Lara in those games is bordering on being a fucking psychopath.

ID: h7v2p2o

Shadow it's not even bordering. Like the trinity soldiers are terrified of her. Then she has that whole sephiroth rage-murder scene.

ID: h7v476w

Yeah that's just part of her character. A psychopath archaeologist who is a full blown mercenary. I really like the take of her character being like a female version of Rambo.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/05 17:49 ID: h7u1a8r

Ludonarrative Dissonance has a lot of syllables

12 : Anonymous2021/08/05 20:52 ID: h7us5lv

Would hardly be the first game to act like the character has morals, only for you to slaughter your way through waves of them once gameplay starts.

Assassin's Creed has always fallen victim to this. Your assassinations try to push this whole moral angle, but completely ignores the thousands of guards you killed for no real reason.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/05 21:22 ID: h7uwg0m

Stop spreading lies about Tomb Raider. Did you even play the games? That is not what happened. Read my other comment if you want to know why this is wrong.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/05 21:05 ID: h7uu375

The scene in Shadow where she exits the water and goes apeshit…chefs kiss

15 : Anonymous2021/08/05 21:14 ID: h7uv8r7

This is why I like the metal gear solid series. You can beat the entire thing without having to kill a single person. The game rewards you for it. One of my favorite sections of them all was the "battle" with The Sorrow in 3. The more people you've killed, the harder it gets. I won't spoil it any more than I have. Anyone who hasn't played it should give it a try.


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