Y’all said she was gonna have pain in her neck, so i got her to switch sides.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/05 18:55 ID: oyp4by
Y'all said she was gonna have pain in her neck, so i got her to switch sides.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/05 19:31 ID: h7ugfng

She's gonna get back problems you need to get her a pro gaming chair.

ID: h7uod8t

Nah, i cut the legs of my table specifically to match the chair.

Gonna get a new table and office chairs if i get a rig for her too though. Might consider it as soon as the gpu market is normal again (like when a gtx 1060 is sub €100 again).

ID: h7v5x5y

Sometime I wonder if it'll ever be normal again....

ID: h7usxf0

Does she not work? Have her buy her own dog, just in case this is a phase.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/05 18:59 ID: h7ubqq5


4 : Anonymous2021/08/05 19:28 ID: h7ug1nj

I feel personally called out by those sim's current stats.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/05 19:10 ID: h7udgow

HURRY EVERYONE! Get in here before it get locked!!


but honey.. that's my good side!

ID: h7v5kqq

wait, why DID the other post get locked?

ID: h7v6fmf

I honestly got no idea as I commented on it asking if using a recliner as an office chair is a good idea (with OLED tv and a lapboard of course), only to discovered that its locked.

My best guess:

people dissing on girls playing Sims (who cares? I would kill to have a SO that loves playing video games) the way she sits (her body, her life, her choice)
6 : Anonymous2021/08/05 21:08 ID: h7uui79

She should add a pool so her sims can enjoy some leisurely swimming

Make sure to let her know her sims will appreciate their swim time more by taking the ladder away too

7 : Anonymous2021/08/05 23:15 ID: h7vbgdw

I don’t know why but seeing people play The Sims 4 makes me want to reinstall it.


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