Shame of the generation?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/08 14:35 ID: p0fqw5
Shame of the generation?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/08 17:43 ID: h86wljj

no, shame of the generation is the fucking disgusting microtransaction systems that prey on children and even adults and are infesting themselves into every aspect of gaming as a whole, even down to the basic design like game length.

ID: h879ntk

Don't forget lootboxes, in game ads and online drm.

ID: h87gnp9

Lootboxes are gamblifying gaming.

Its cigarettes sold to minors kind of scheme as history will record it.

Ads are monetary stream for authors. Realities of market make base price unattractive proposition and alternative is only ads, microtransactions or lootboxes.

ID: h876liz

As someone who loves fighting games, this gen has sucked hard. Fan favourite characters are always paid dlc now.

ID: h87nbhv

Very Elizabeth Bathory!

ID: h877qyw

And they aren’t cheap, either. But that’s not really my issue as it is, my issue is the incredibly predatory profitization schemes.

ID: h87ai8i

Mobile Apps bred a new generation of gamers who are used to the fake free concept and microtransactions. The gaming market grew simultaneously and slowly they fused together, building the monster we have now.

ID: h87jkch

I worry about the generation of gamers raised on mobile gaming who never get a PC or a console so they just think all video games are full of ads and P2W.

ID: h87zsfw

im very worried about my child. i play lots of games and can eye those schemes from miles away, but my children are going to be placed infront of it with little to no barrier. i think its really fucking frustrating that theres so little i can do about it besides deeply monitor their experiences in just about any tech. it happens literally everywhere now. mobile, pcs, consoles, etc.

consoles used to be free of it. you could even buy an xbox one on launch day and not have to really think about this. then fortnite was one of the first big games to really start this shit, and although i link it allot manufactured discontent is a great video on the topic, and as soon as you watch it you start to see that shit fucking everywhere.

its honestly fucking scary.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/08 17:17 ID: h86t55e

What about Anthem? That was pretty piss as well lol.

ID: h87dggu

Expectations for Anthem were low to begin with.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/08 14:45 ID: h869uot

laughs in FO76

ID: h879tbw

Ah I remember that ps2 game.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/08 16:37 ID: h86nx5m

Hot take but I had a blast playing this game on PC. I had 0 expectations though I didn’t look it up before hand just a bunch of friends told me to buy it and I loved it. All my friends that over hyped it hated it, but it was honestly a pretty good game worth 60 bucks

ID: h86xtiz

played it on pc as well with near no issues beside some t poses on npc characters. Best game I have played beside Breath of the Wild in the past 10 years

ID: h877e1x

Same. Still playing it too. Would be nice for the missing bits to be added that were promised but it doesn't feel that broken. I purposely avoid any hype or prerelease info on any game and just play & enjoy each one as I buy them. No expectations or suchlike.

ID: h87av79

I YOLOed it and bought a copy for PS4 on launch day. And… it was a lot of fun, pretty to look at, and very playable. I thought it was going to be a potato-res disaster of a glitchfest, but it was way better than a lot of the reviews said it was going to be.

It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it. The most recent patches have vastly improved it, too.

ID: h87vqxo

Yeah it’s great. People expectations were out of whack

ID: h872mo7

Same here, I played it on series x and loved it.

ID: h87avq7

I thought it was amazing, also played on PC. Was shocked when I saw the hate the developers were getting. It is really hard to please gamers today, they seem to always want more for less money and feel like every bug is betrayal.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/08 15:07 ID: h86ckox

A game about corporate greed ruined by corporate greed. Ironic

ID: h874fvr

Is that what it is about? The game was so hyped and I think I saw a few ads, but I honestly had/have no clue what the game is about other than Keanu Reeves and getting cybernetic implants and stuff.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/08 17:54 ID: h86y0gb

Enjoyed the game quite a bit, on 3rd play through now

8 : Anonymous2021/08/08 18:52 ID: h875l4x

Played on console and completed with zero issues. Cyberpunk was fine, not amazing, but a good game.

Pretty much anything EA touched and all of mobile gaming is what is truly shameful.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/08 18:42 ID: h8747p0

Game’s pretty good on PC and PS5. I think we had much much worse disgraces in the gaming industry than cp2077

10 : Anonymous2021/08/08 16:44 ID: h86ovof

I've got a shit gaming pc and dont have issues with the game. Feel bad a lot of you seem to. It was a great story, excellent action and tons of easter eggs from all sorts of sci fi and cyberpunk style stories. I even found neo dead after falling off his building haha.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/08 18:55 ID: h875w2s

Pretty solid game on PC, did two playthroughs and had a blast both times.

Can’t wait for the DLCs.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/08 15:40 ID: h86gkg4

My favourite part was the reddit hype, followed by the downvotes and slander whenever someone would be like 'hey lets not get ahead of ourselves guys'

ID: h878o6l

Prior to release the Cyberpunk subreddit constantly posted screenshots of Panem bent over the car hood and very glamorized pictures of Judy, with most of the comments ogling over them. Reflecting back on it now, it was kinda creepy.

ID: h86zko7

If reddit hypes the shit out of a game I just assume it's going to disappoint.

I still remember heading into the No Man's Sky release I had this one question no one could answer "so what exactly do you do in this game"

ID: h8705s7

Lol, I've played for hundreds of hours and I still can't answer that question

13 : Anonymous2021/08/08 17:50 ID: h86xk59

I heard it was fine on PC. Our weakass consoles on the other hand.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/08 14:38 ID: h868zy8

"Why you shouldn't pre-order"

Lesson: 88277262829

ID: h86g02p

It’s why I’m refusing to pre-order BF 2042. No matter how awesome the gameplay video was

15 : Anonymous2021/08/08 17:28 ID: h86unt1

Circlejerk of the day?

16 : Anonymous2021/08/08 16:35 ID: h86nn2o

It's not a bad game at all. The launch was a complete f**kup.

I started playing this on PS4 and it was buggy as hell, nearly unplayable before the first round of patches. Finished it on PS5 where it crashed a couple of times but otherwise ran very well. Most of the problems seemed to be caused by the slow HDD not keeping up with streaming. Perhaps they should have skipped previous gen consoles completely.

Definitely enjoyed the game and I intend to replay it when the PS5 patch comes.. some day.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/08 19:19 ID: h878z2z

I got it the day it came out and had a blast.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/08 21:32 ID: h87q98n

Nah it’s just a good Open world FPS. Nothing groundbreaking but on PC loading from an nvme drive the game loads super fast and flows pretty well. It’s definitely not the next evolution in FPSRPG’s like the marketing alluded to. Lots of it feels like GTAV merged with watchdogs which is not a bad thing but definitely not what I expected from the studio that basically changed the landscape of open world games on the last gen (look how similar Assassins creed franchise became to witcher 3 and how all OWG’s utilised horses and invesigation side missions afterwards etc) The real shame is how this “games as a live service” fad took over and made every publisher drain game studio resources to chase that “cultural” zeitgeist game like Fortnite. The same happened in the 3rd gen with “multiplayer” being shoehorned into every other game whether it made sense or not. Hoping for some new good games soon. My pile of shame is very low now. I had hoped to wait a bit longer before playing cyberpunk 2077 as I hoped they would turn it all around but so far they have only managed to make it run good but not really added much to make it feel “special”. Shame, it’s a great looking world.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/08 14:54 ID: h86b0fg

Not at all. It’s really not that bad, just nowhere near the hype level. Yes the poor console performance is to be shamed but it’s an otherwise perfectly fine game.

People saying it’s the worst game of the generation and shit are just drama queens sad their hyped wasn’t vindicated.

Learn to not overhype anything, learn to not emotionally invest yourself a into a product that hadn’t even released yet.

Then you can learn to judge the game on its own merits rather than it not living up to your overblown expectations

ID: h86dd9n

I would imagine the developers and publisher contributed to the hype of the game … hence the backlash. They literally lied about the state of the game leading up to the release.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/08 14:46 ID: h869z6h

I do feel like it will have a no man's sky comeback and become good at some point

ID: h86rnqe

I was enjoying it for quite time as it was. But for whatever reason the game simply didn't like my graphics card. I assume that was the reason anyways. It could have been my processor, my board, or some fucked up combo of all three. It kept crashing. Friend's other cards ran the game just fine. No crashes. I got the shit end of the deal somehow.

That being said, I was able to get a quite a number of missions into it, before issues arise. Nothing went wrong during the first few days of play. Either the the setup would work, or it didn't. But it did. So it only left me more confused.

Anyhow. I'm fucked for the moment, because I can't buy the card I want, and possibly upgrade my entire system in the process.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/08 15:30 ID: h86fdpl

Just completed it on xbox series x, it had only a few issues, nothing to really hinder my gaming experience.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/08 15:57 ID: h86iuy3

It really ain’t that bad. I played it at launch with only a few minor bugs. I was on PC tho and that’s just my own personal experience. But I liked the story and the gameplay was fun. The city is amazing too. The AI tho....absolutely terrible lmao.

ID: h87adeh

One of the things that bothered me are the police cha...police system I mean. They just spawn and shoot and that's it.

How I imagined it and how it turn out to be...

23 : Anonymous2021/08/08 19:59 ID: h87e384

Nah, Mass Effect Andromeda was worse

24 : Anonymous2021/08/08 17:26 ID: h86ucjz

Know what, bring on the downvotes because I am sick to Hell of the same shit being said about it.

I really enjoyed it. I REALLY bloody enjoyed it. Now maybe I got lucky but barring 1 bug on my first playthrough (day 1 purchase - A Like Supreme quest entering Totentaz so couldn't get the concert) that got patched a few days later I had an absolutely amazing first playthrough of roughly 50 hours and got really invested into the story.

Second playthrough was a full 100% completion of 70 hours and again, loved it.

Played all the endings and one in particular (the ending on the rooftop) brought me to tears. The writing and in particular the calls as the credits rolled just hit me so damn hard in a way that no game, movie or book has ever done before. I have nothing but respect for the writers, the artists, the musicians, the voice actors and the developers who put their heart and soul in to creating this and received death threats because of greedy executives who just wanted to make as much money as possible and forced it to be released earlier than it had to.

I know people who followed every single piece of news about it and were so hyped and let down. That is a double edged sword though... they built their own expectations up and said things would be in there because of trailers that didn't even imply things to such an extent that their expectations could never be matched.

Was the game mired with bullshit executive level decision making fueled by greed? 100%. No arguments from me on that point. The entire executive team certainly didn't deserve the disgusting bonuses they received after launch.

25 : Anonymous2021/08/08 19:48 ID: h87cr83

Shame of the generation is perpetuating this ridiculous bandwagon.

Cyberpunk was better than goty last of us part two which won basically every award going.

It didn't work very well for some people. World we care? Shrug. It was an ambitious project. Some games don't run well on certain systems, ala, a challenge every pc gamer has faced for decades.

What cdpr should not have done was release it in subpar machines that couldn't handle it. That's corporate greed 101 and they're hardly the only contender in that competition.

26 : Anonymous2021/08/08 14:55 ID: h86b2sx

Nah, I fucking loved it and put a few hundred hours in already. It's literally never crashed once and never bugs out

When HEALTH kicked in at the end, could be my all time favorite moment in gaming period...

ID: h86fphr

Same here, was really blown away by the depth of characters, and attention to detail.

2 crashes, and 1 game breaking bug that was solved by reloading from my last save. Barely an inconvenience.

But, I had just come from Fo76 where bugs were a way of life.


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