1 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:13 ID: p4q7q3
2 : Anonymous2021/08/15 10:20 ID: h90l1pd

I think roguelites have caused me to stop having elixir syndrome, when you do hundreds of runs and have each death take away everything, you get used to just using everything you have as soon as you need it.

ID: h90zkfx

I still die in Jupiter Hell and then see the death log tell me how I had about 8 items that could have saved me 🙁

ID: h9125h1

I spend a lot of time rechecking my inventory for something....anything to get me out of the tight spots that mean certain death in that game. Do I REALLY not have any more stimpacks...I had better check again...

ID: h90l7ub

Cries in Dead Cells

ID: h917zz1

And for those who don't get it, while 0 and 1 Boss cells (The difficulty, with you slowly unlocking more boss cells by completing the previous one and ending the game at 5BC)
Are relatively merciful with heals, Giving you Free Full-refills, Anything in and beyond 2 Boss cells is hell as you'll have to start conserving Flasks HEAVILY (With 3BC and beyond straight up removing free refills) while using alternatives like food, vampirism, etc.
It doesn't help that you can die in a few hits.

Basically, Dead cells goes from Difficult to Don't Get hit: The Game

ID: h90rbm5

You'd think so, but not always. Why waste potion on this boss when I could maybe reach the next boss where I'll surely have to use the potion?

ID: h90wz03

dies on this boss

3 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:18 ID: h90gtxn

The final boss will face my wrath when I throw that 257 bottles of Elixir at him, I can literally choke him to death with just that.

ID: h90gwjp

also 500 wheels of cheese

ID: h91o1uz

In Oblivion my friends and I would go to a very high ledge that would normally kill you to jump from, use the duplication glitch to make hundreds of cheese wheels or watermelons at the perfect time while leaping off, and ride the wave of spawning items down to safety. Good times, good times..

ID: h90u0ae

drops 257 bottles of elixir from your inventory

Crashing the game with no survivors

4 : Anonymous2021/08/15 10:14 ID: h90kn69

When I played Last of Us I went through the entire game with stealth and stinginess, till I got to the last level and people were shooting at me with assault rifles while I snuck around and shivved them prison style only to realise I could’ve blasted through easy with the shit I’ve been hoarding T.T

ID: h90rslf

I'm playing last of us 2 rn and I try to not worry about using ammo etc.
But it pisses me off when I make a health kit and then there's one right around the corner, but I can't carry any more. Don't get me started on ghost of Tsushima and kunai.

ID: h9141ll

it pisses me off when I make a health kit and then there's one right around the corner

I won't make a health kit if I have 2 on-hand already. Finding them in the wild happens just often enough that you're better off dumping the materials into molotov cocktails.

ID: h90w6tx

I just finished Last of Us last week and had the same experience. I used almost nothing the whole game and I just unleashed hell in the last section. Maybe one day I'll learn how to pace my item usage.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:42 ID: h90ieag

And I end up finishing the game not using any healing potion ...not evn low level ones ...I mean low lvl ones are too useless and high lvl ones are too precious .

ID: h90iphs

Same! Yes, i am the dragon born, leader of various guilds, confidant of the literal gods and demons, and my coin pouch defies the laws of physics. But I'll be damned if I'm gonna BUY a health potion

ID: h90tfhz

I just store like 75 wheels of cheese up my ass and eat away when in a boss fight

ID: h90v0r4

Until your stuff is too expensive to sell so you need to clear out the entire store just so you can sell some equipment you tempered for 3-5k and not waste value on it.

ID: h90oy5y

I like to think that some of these are just the result of someone going insane, putting skeletons in poses and dressing them up, and pretending that they're still alive or something.

ID: h90urny

I like to think a true adventurer measures their wealth not in gold, but in their collection of healing items. Who needs to buy items when they can live indefinitely?

ID: h90kd7u

Heal by leveling up is the way to go. either that or have a good white mage

ID: h90sa8p

Why would I use a potion when the mp used to cast heal regenerates over time?

ID: h90l4si

I definitely save level ups for big fights as well

ID: h90sbb2

Of course until you become an alchemist and drinking potions becomes an important part of your gameplay.

ID: h90wolh

I’d rather drain my MP with cura than waste a potion.

ID: h90xx47

You sell them. Potions have some of the best coin > weight ratios in the game. Alchemy is a great money maker.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:18 ID: h90gsv5

Gotta have a backup for when you run out of magic.

ID: h90iay7

Forget magic - consume cheese

ID: h90pgsk

lol I end up eating a shit tonne of food instead of wasting valuable health potions

ID: h90qawa

How am I supposed to carry enough heal potions I'll never use if my inventory is full of cheese?

ID: h90wh4u

Lol I remember being in that situation when playing Witcher 1. I got in a cave and kept consuming apples and not wasting my potions, it took me several minutes to get to full health lol

In that game (IIRC because I have played it over a decade ago) consuming something regenerates your health over a period of time and not instantly.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:43 ID: h90ifc7

I'm in this picture and I don't like it

8 : Anonymous2021/08/15 10:29 ID: h90lne0

145 halth potions and low hp? Better just wait until it regenerates automatically, wouldn’t want to waste the precious potions.

ID: h90xfqn

Potions are instant, natural health regen or spells aren't.

Obviously it's best to not use a potion unless you're in combat.

I actually think Dark Souls had a good solution to the problem, regular health restorations(bonfires) and your most valuable health restorative is restored at the same time. There's no reason to hold onto any other healing items because you always have a steady supply and death is punishing(you lose souls and need to fight back to where you were to recover them as well as losing some max health unless you're willing to burn effigies to recover humanity).
I don't think I've horded any health restoratives in a souls game outside of demon souls(where there is no estus flask equivalent, instead you get grasses dropped fairly regularly by enemies, but there's no way to know for sure when you'll get more).

9 : Anonymous2021/08/15 10:19 ID: h90kyoh

My Potions of Waterbreathing...


ID: h90pxbp

TFW you’re an Argonian

ID: h90rjd2

Dude people play Argonian not for roleplaying???

ID: h90rkd2

Hey look! Free money

ID: h90rlf6

Potion of air breathing

10 : Anonymous2021/08/15 11:59 ID: h90sl0i

I do that all the time, in all the games I play. And I wondered why, for a long time. But I believe that's because of there's no longer permadeath in games. Why would I waste finite resources (potions) when I literally have infinite lives ?

ID: h90sy5a

That's an interesting point, I'd never thought of that.

Like I'll go into a fight without downing potions, if i get clapped, I'll reload the save, THEN eat a ton of food and MAYBE take a potion before trying again.

ID: h90w7an

To save the very limited resource of time

11 : Anonymous2021/08/15 11:56 ID: h90sbeq

I wasn't using potions like you until I took an arrow to the knee.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/15 11:08 ID: h90ogu0

Hello. I'm angikatlo, and I am a hoarder.

Hello angikatlo. Do you have something to share this time?

Yes, thank you. It's difficult. It's painful. But it's getting better. I was getting eaten by a dragon. "I can reload. There's a way to do this without using pots." I caught myself this time. "The why get the pots at all?"

It gets tougher as you are being unraveled by this addiction. So many temporary buff pots. So many mana pots. "I'll need this on something stronger." But it also gets better. I killed a boss on my first encounter today! I did not have to reload, and took way too many mistakes. But I have pots. That's what they're there for, right? Took half of my stash. That really hurt. I almost cried when I had to use my greater potion of health. I wanted to vomit when I used the lesser poison potion only to miss. But it was worth it. It was worth it, and that marks my 56th boss that I used my pots, and my first first encounter win.

Good job angikatlo! That was great!


Good job! How did you do that?

-game hoarders anonymous, probably

ID: h90ult3

So many temporary buff pots.

Fallout, never take drugs, until an enemy pisses you off, then you take every drug in your inventory at once.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/15 10:47 ID: h90mxar

Whenever I use a buff item in Fromsoft game I will die. When I don't use them, I succeed.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:33 ID: h90hsr1

You never know

15 : Anonymous2021/08/15 09:54 ID: h90j73j

Finish game with 99x full hal potions and Elixirs

16 : Anonymous2021/08/15 12:35 ID: h90vuu6

Also, if you use one you never have one when you need it. Did this mistake in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and didn't have enough heal for the last boss, gg.


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